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Forced Marriage – Season 1 Episode 2

episode 2




Anna sat next to Richard in the magistrates court.. She looked up at her dad to stop this but there was no single piece of sorry on his face.

The papers were pushed in front of them to sign and she looked at Richard who also didn’t seem to have pleasure in what was happening

He really wanted to stop this but as a son he just had to be with this ugly spoilt brat of a woman.

Anna thought of a Richard as a disgusting pig

In simple terms the house will be burnt down in two days if they are living together


Richard grabbed a pen and looked at the papers reading through and then he signed pushing it to her

He knew that his parents would be insisting on this so he managed to bribe the judge making the papers fake but only he knew


Anna picked up the pen and signed the papers bitterly. Before pushing it in front of the judge

It was all done and Anna couldn’t believe she was married of all times

She and Richard are husband and wife.. She married a bastard and fool of a husband

They didn’t spend too much time in the Administrators office and soon they were out

Anna looked at her parents maybe it was time to say good bye and join one hell of a marriage.

She hugged her mom and looked over at her dad

“I really hate you ” she said hugging him too

“I love you too ” he replied and she felt frustrated before pulling

“Take care of your self old man and her” she said to her father

“Don’t worry I can handle my chilli” he replied earning a slap on his arm from his wife.

She walked away to where Richard stood waiting for her “get in” he ordered closing the car door after him


“Mtcheeew ” she replied walking to the other side and got in to the car

They didn’t say anything as they swerved into the road

” I can’t believe I just married you” he said trying to bring down the silence

” yeah I can’t believe am stuck with you for the rest of my life” she replied laughing a little

It wasn’t for happiness but a sad laugh

“Am not that bad you know!!” He replied

“Tell that to yourself” she replied as he drove towards his House

“How is Andrew?” She asked out of the blue then he glanced at her only to see her looking out the window as if a part of her was crying

He looked back at road

“You still love him” he asked grabbing her attention and she looked at him

“That’s personal” she replied and he smiled

” your talking about your ex in front of your husband that’s bad sweetheart ” he said

“I rather talk about my ex than a serial player who I call a husband” she replied and he looked at her with anger

“It’s not playing.. It’s called one night stands” he replied and she laughed as they swerved through the gates to his compound


“As if I care” she replied as the car came to a halt. He stepped out of the car and opened the boot while she followed

She reached the back of the car as he placed her cases down

He closed the boot properly and started walking away without carrying any

“Are you not going to help me like a gentle man” she asked and he laughed


“Sorry sweetheart I don’t do gentle.. I was only cleaning my car.. I think you can carry your stuff properly.. You got arms” he replied walking to the shade of his house as he pulled out the keys

She felt like crying or she just needed an axe to teach her husband a lesson



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