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Forced Marriage – Season 1 [Episode 1 – 5]

Forced marriage

Forced marriage

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Story Title: Forced Marriage (+19)

Episodes: 5


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episode 1


Mom go down there and tell dad that am not getting married especially to that rude boy” Anna roared angrier moving too and fro in front of her bed

Her mom looked at her with dismay


“For God’s sake Anna your 27 years and I haven’t even seen a gift from a man.. I think your father is right” she replied and Anna stopped then looked back at her.


“As you have said Mom.. I am 27 and can choose for my self can you and daddy stay out of my life” she replied angrily and her mother stood up from her spot and held out her hand slapping her hard across the face

“This you call your life, is something I gave you 27 years ago so don’t you dare talk to me like that ever again ” she said as Anna held her cheek

She couldn’t believe her mother had just slapped her even at her older stage but as usual African mothers can even beat you up when your 50


“Oh and your not going back to USA.. Your remaining here in Ghana and getting married to Richard ” she added and walked out leaving Anna alone in her room.

Anna couldn’t believe this was all happening to her

She didn’t want to get married now in fact all she did was work so hard

She wanted to be independent and free and then marry a man of her choice but it seemed like now it was a dream unarchived.


Arranged Marriage even the word made her angry especially the fact that all her life even since growing up she and Richard hated each other so much

How would even her dad not find another nice man for her



Mr Steve’s house was a place of laughter and smiles

He always made sure to see everyone around smiling but now the tension was up high as Richard sat on the couch looking at his parents who sat across him in their graceful living room

“I can’t believe your deciding for a 36 year old who to Marry” he said and his mother looked at her husband who smiled at the way words came out of his son’s mouth


“Am your father you know and in fact she’s my best friend’s daughter” he replied and Richard laughed making both of them look at him in confusion

He found it amusing to this extent “Am not sixteen Father but am 36.. I think mom needs to remind you the year I was born in” he replied and his father stood up in anger glaring at his Son who looked up at him

“Are you insulting me young man.. ?” He asked angrily and Richard kept quiet

“Well Richard your getting married and don’t try to go against my rules” he added and walked away.

Richard looked at his mother and then covered his face with his hand and sighed

What happened to parents of these days?

And especially the girl Anna who was his best friend’s girlfriend during high school

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