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Flora – Episode 18



Peter’s POV.

“Please Flora,come out” I pleaded.

She didn’t respond.

“Will you? ” I asked.

“I won’t ” She yelled.

“Fine! I’m sorry” I really am.

“You scared me, you really did.I thought i had commited murder by mistake” She said yet, she didn’t open the door.

“I’m really sorry.I guess i was just being childish” I said leaning on the door.

She opened the door and i nearly fell..

“Are you really gonna stop acting like you’ve got no memory?” I asked staring at her.

“Of course”

“Pls don’ know,if you do…”

She interrupted;” Alright,Alright,i won’t”

I smiled.Obviously,she wasn’t upset.

“So am i forgiven?” I asked.

She scorned sarcastically ; ” What do you want for lunch? ” She asked instead.

I smiled.

“Forget about lunch,i want you ” I said.

“Me? ” She exclaimed.

“Your smile”

She smiled.




“How could you ruin your party Peter” Francis yelled at me.

“I didn’t ruin it, mom did” I replied.

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“We got the news, you were caught kissing your housemaid”

I was mute.

“Are you daft? ”

“C’mon, I’m not”

“Don’t give me a flimsy excuse”Francis shouted.

“Don’t you wanna hear me out? ”

“Say something fair”

“Listen, i love her”


“Is that fair enough? “I asked.

“Peter” Vincent finally spoke after being silent for a while.. I noticed he has been staring at me since we

“Vincent,Peter’s insane.. You’re in love with an housemaid? Does that even make any sense?”

“You’re dating Monica.aren’t you? ” Vincent asked.

I was shocked.

He found out so soon?

“When did you become a cheat Peter?” Francis said.

He’s not aware..

“Vin-cent..” I kinda stammered.

“You have a explanation? What do you wanna explain?

Why you’re dating the lady i love?

I thought you’d never do that” Vincent shouted.

Jeez, he’s mad at me.

“I think i’m lost here” Francis said obviously confused.

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“Vincent, i swear down. It’s not my fault,i didn’t planned to..I.. ”

He cut in sharply.

“My fault? ”

“I didn’t ask her out, she did”


“Don’t tell me, you’re actually expecting me to believe that? ”

I swear down” “And you agreed? ”

I was mute.

What have i done?

Flora is not aware too.. What if she finds out?

“Listen Vincent, I don’t love Monica” I said.

“Guys,I’m confuse here. Can someone at least make this clear?”Francis screamed.

Vincent scorned and muttered something i did not hear and then he walked away.

“Peter, do you have something to tell me? ” Francis faced me.

“Maybe later” I replied then i hurried to catch up with Vincent.

Seems like he doesn’t wanna listen to me not even my plead.




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