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Finding The Pleasure – Season 1 Episode 5 [Completed]

Episode 5:



The next day a trembling, much humbled Tom called Rick again. As usual he put everything on hold in his multibillion dollar company to talk to her. He was protecting his feelings from more hurt from her. Her own body and soul were screaming for him but her pride still held her back. Right before their call ended, Rick said, “Tom, you know I’m yours. All you have to do is come to me. Things might be a little different from now on, but for my lifetime you are the love of my life.”


Tom had had quite a few lovers before she met Rick. She knew many men could please her body. But now we were talking about completing her being and her soul. Now she felt hollow. Her job did not fill her like it did. There would always be sick people for her and generations of other doctors to administer to. She realized she could be the best doctor but still have to reach out and claim some personal life for herself.


While Tom flew to New York, unannounced, to see Rick, she tried to remember all he had told her about his family and the time while he was growing up. Strangely she could remember him asking questions about those things related to her. She could not remember his answers about himself. She had been so self-centered, so self-important that she had not listened.


Did he have brothers and sisters? What were his dreams as a child? Slowly, during the five hour coast to coast flight she realized he was devoted to her every thought and she had not made time for him. He had stuck with her, believed in her, supported her and waited his turn. During the long flight she remembered their wildest nights and tried to remember his confessions. He had disclosed a lot but she did not remember much; her life was more important.


When Tom called Rick from the airport, he was excited, happy and a limo was there to pick her up so fast that the driver must have been ticketed ten times. Rick could not come home before six, so the driver and maid deposited her into the guest room of his penthouse. It was beautiful, expensive, with servants and a drop-dead gorgeous redhead of about forty with her hand extended out to greet her.


“Tom, I’m Aubrey, Rick’s slightly younger sister. I’m sure you have a lot of feelings about me considering what he has told you about our time growing up together.”


Tom’s mind was painfully empty of memories from Rick’s stories.


Aubrey’s hand was warm, her body exuded sex to either male or female; she was not only beautiful but instantly likeable. Tom felt Aubrey and she had been friends forever after only an hour.


About four Aubrey had already watched Tom unpack, complimented her a dozen times and suggested they make dinner together so it would be ready when Rick got home between six or seven. Tom could not believe how Aubrey’s body enticed her. She had felt the same thing during Frank’s and Ariana’s story.


Rick swept through the door and only Tom was in his thoughts. Her hugged her, swung her around and kissed her a dozen times passionately. Tom was embarrassed by his display in front of Aubrey.


Food was not what he wanted. He bathed and enticed Tom to his king sized bed. Strangely, Aubrey was there; her clothing was in the closet; her perfumes were on the dresser and her smell was on her husband.


Aubrey was part of the invisible woodwork while Rick licked and fingered his wife through two climaxes and fucked her through a third. Still he had not cum. In some mind swirling insanity that seemed normal, Tom’s face was pushed into Aubrey’s soaking cunt and Aubrey’s lips were sucking Tom’s recently cum filled pussy. Rick urged them on. Tom’s climax on Rick’s cock and Aubrey’s tongue made her clit too sensitive but now her ass was being stretched by her husband’s rock hard cock.


Aubrey whispered to her, “Last night and this morning, Rick filled me with his cum. He only talked about wanting you. Suck me hard and pull his cum out of my body and swallow it. That is where he wanted it anyway. He has wanted his cum in you instead of me every day for the last year.” Tom sucked, drank and swallowed from Aubrey’s flowing pussy. She had never felt so naughty, so dirty and so fulfilled as long as Rick’s cock was in her body when she swallowed everything Aubrey was feeding her.


Rick took two days off and kept Tom fucked, loved and satisfied beyond her wildest dreams. His praise and professions of love were endless. She freely gave every inch of her female body to him to please and for Aubrey to rub his cum into her skin. She had never felt so complete.


Sitting at the kitchen table on Friday, Rick apologized to Tom, “I have to go into the office today.” He reached for her and she straddled him, sinking his cock into her body so she could feel its head under her belly button. “Don’t leave me. Be here when I get home. I love you.


Maybe Aubrey can clear things up.” Tom did not hear his words that clearly, she was fucking her husband and her body was sucking the cum out of his balls. He slumped over into her shoulders and caressed her breasts. She felt a tear roll down her neck before he wiped it up and pretended it did not happen.


Pressed and perfectly dressed Rick was about to go out of the front door when his robe clad wife hugged him. Her robe was open and streaks of their combined cum streaked and were drying on her belly and breasts. She asked, “What does Aubrey have to say about us?”


His eyes were full of hurt, rejection and fear that she would leave him again, “I have begged you for a family for ten years. Only work mattered to you and only you mattered to me.


“If we live together again, Aubrey must be with us. For four months she has been carrying your, mine and her son. She knows I wanted him to be growing in your womb but she wanted to give me this gift. I want a daughter and another child. I want your love.”


Aubrey had heard his confession. Tears were freely rolling down his cheeks when he left to meet his limousine. Aubrey opened her robe too so her nude body could press into Tom’s nude body.


“He loves you more than life. He turned to his sister when you rejected him. Don’t you know what you have? He is one of the most powerful business leaders in the world. This morning you reduced him to tears.”


Aubrey’s two center fingers of her right hand drove up Tom’s cunt. They stayed busy, thrusting, pressing into her g-spot and her thumb working against her clit until Tom’s legs gave out. Aubrey guided her to sit on a kitchen chair.


Two hours later Tom struggled to wake up. Her mind raced with dozens of pieces of knowledge. At the top of the list was Aubrey was pregnant with her brother’s baby boy. The baby she should be carrying. Now she had to decide. Her husband had thrown down the gauntlet, sister and son versus sister, son and the wife who he loved more than life.

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