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Finding The Pleasure – Season 1 Episode 4

Episode 4:



Mom was another problem. She was old school. Somehow we were are supposed to know about sex without ever talking about it and people with health issues are supposed to not need it. I asked her to arrange for her daughter to have more privacy. That somehow, we needed her to relax more and not be so depressed. She finally paid attention when I told her some patients killed themselves in this state.


The next week a smiling, still unsteady Ariana entered my office. “I’m in love Dr. James. I’m in love with a pearl rabbit. He sure goes through the batteries though.”


We talked for a while. This had helped. Her fingers had not. Her own erratic movements had kept her from concentration and release. She told me how her room now had a lock and a stereo to drown out the hum. Never had she touched me before, but today she hugged me with tears in her eyes and said, “Thank You.” She meant it. I had actually helped a patient improve the quality of her life.


Ariana’s brother was a worldly, intelligent man. He didn’t seem to fit with his mother. He was in his mid-forties, divorced and successful. “Can you take the time to teach your sister how to use a computer and surf the Internet?”


“Yes, I can do that. I can get her a computer. I’ll enjoy that. She told me what you did for her. She is happier. Thanks”


“I want her mind busy. It will keep her from thinking about the pain. The more distractions the better.”


“Do you really want her to look at porn?”


“Only if she does. She hasn’t had a chance to develop that way. Her age and surging hormones are making her face how much she has missed. She is sad and depressed. But maybe some of the thousands of subjects on the internet can keep her mind off her pain a few moments. Any relief will help.”


“You know she is a virgin at 32?”


“No, I did not know that but it explains a lot. We are all designed to touch and love to be touched.” My words sounded strange off my lips. Did I really say that? Maybe that was Rick. “Set up an appointment on your way out for about a month. If you bring her, instead of your mom, it might help. I only want to talk some more and see how she is doing.”


I did not have the guts to try another experiment with another patient. I waited to see Ariana. I read the business pages. Rick was first touted a savior, now they weren’t sure. Some of his decisions were being second guessed.


I knew that would not bother him. He had always been hired for the long range fixes that others could not do because they folded under pressure. I knew he would succeed. There was never a woman in the pictures. I wished I were there with him.


Ariana walked more confidently into my office this time. I looked straight into her eyes and she blushed. “Do you want your brother to join us today?”


“That would be OK, but only if he wants to.”


Frank was ill at ease at first. “How is she doing at learning the computer?”


“Pretty good. Most of the time we still use it together.”


This time he blushed and she held her breath. “I’m her doctor. Can you tell me what is going on? Ariana, you are looking better. Your gait is better and you are not jerking as much today. Is that just today, are you taking more medications or do you think things are better?”


“Definitely better. I am more relaxed now. When the pain flares up, I have other things to try instead of just more drugs. My toy and now Frank……………” She trailed off and looked shocked at what she had said.


“Yes, now Frank?”


We talked around the subject then Frank said, “One evening we had looked at porn and Ariana asked if she could see me. I showed her and she touched me. I’ve done the same with her. But nothing else, I swear.”


“Frank, if it helps, I’m all for it. You are both caring and beautiful adults. I’m not the morals police. Are you both safe and disease free?”


Ariana jumped in, “O we would never—-”


Frank interrupted her, “Ariana isn’t on the pill and I’ve never been checked for STDs, but we haven’t done anything either.”


“All that is fine. Let’s just be careful.” I gave Ariana a prescription for birth control and Frank one for blood tests and told him where to go that was discrete.


“Ariana, I think we should go back to our regular appointments, unless you notice something of concern with your disease. Email me, keep me posted.”


Her hug was warm, soft and knowing. Our nipples touched and stood. I had never been titillated by another woman’s touch.


Over the next month, Ariana emailed me about twice a week. Each email showed more confidence and skill. Each email thanked me profusely to the point of embarrassing me. I already knew the answers to all the medical questions I needed to ask her so I had her brother and her meet me in a small conference room. I left my medical smock in my office and met with them as just another person, maybe a friend, maybe, someone who could learn something from their last two months.


Frank and Ariana arrived holding hands, with him providing her strength and stability. Both were smiling like young lovers. They were both reluctant to open up. I practically begged them to give me the details of their last two months. Ariana was alive, ignoring much of her pain, looking lovingly at her brother and full of hope for the first time since I had been her doctor.


Frank started, he was beet red and his hand was nervous over hers, “About a week after we saw you last, Ariana was in pain and we were trying to talk about fetishes and look on the web for distractions. We were on an oral site and her body twisted and she cried out.”


He had tears in his eyes.


“I reached up to grab her sweat pants and pull them off her. She lifted her hips and moaned in pain. She was searching for anything that would help. I went down on her. At first she was dry and tense but she suffered and let me lick, kiss and suck her pussy. Gradually, she slid forward and I sat with my legs under her desk chair. We both adjusted it until the height was perfect.


I felt pain ripple through her neck and back. I was driven to give my sister some relief. She got wetter and her cries of pain changed into moans. Her legs flared and wonderful juices flowed from her. Her hands tangled in my hair and pulled my mouth into her very hard. It had to hurt her because it hurt me.”


Ariana added, “The more you kissed and licked, the more the pleasure balanced out the twisting, jerking pain. I tried to rub into you and try to make it even better.”


“Her lips opened and sucked my mouth into her. I struggled against her strength to suck and lick her clit. It was as if we were fighting like we did as children. Then her body stiffened and she squirted the most wonderful juices into my mouth and down my neck. I was shocked and in awe of my sister. My mind left me and she could not push me away.


I kept drinking from her and licking her until she climaxed again. Still I could not stop and she curled around my head so her body, her hands and her thighs could hold me still. Her tears dropping on my head brought my sanity back. I had never been so out of control before.”


“Frank rose up on his knees and kissed my face. He licked my lips and I licked his. I loved tasting my pussy’s juices mixed with his saliva. Neither of us had to say anything. We both knew we had the same fetish for body fluids.”


Dr. James was maintaining an outward professional decorum but her own cunt was contracting and releasing, begging to be touched and soaking her skirt and the conference room chair. She could smell her own juices and worried for a split second if Ariana and Frank could smell her too. Then she hoped they could.


“Without help, I stood and stepped past Frank. I laid down on the floor and spread my legs and reached for him. “Fuck me, Frank.” I was soaked and too horny to breathe. I watched him strip for me and this time I knew his rock hard cock was jerking to take my virginity. It dripped pre-cum. He had let me touch him, taste his pre-cum and then let me watch as he jacked himself off into his hand.


“Now I felt his weight on me and his thick cock press into my belly. The smooth helmet parted the lips of my pussy. I said, “Yes,” and he pushed. His bell lodged inside me. My eyes pleaded with him and he pushed. It hurt but he did not go inside me. Again he tried. It hurt more. My back twisted and my stress made my body hurt in every cell. I grabbed his head making him look directly into my eyes and I screamed, spitting into his face, “Fuck Me!””


Frank was still blushing but his cock was rock hard. I wanted to reach out and hold it while his sister finished her story, but a tiny ripple of climax went through my body as more juices flowed from between my legs.


“I saw fire in my brother’s eyes. He lunged forward hard enough to break concrete with his cock. The pain doubled me over. I had never felt anything so wonderful. It balanced the pain that is always throughout my body and for a fleeting second I was pain free. Blood ran from me, coated his cock and balls and stained the floor.


I screamed into his face again, “Fuck your sister. You always wanted to.” I thought he was going to rip me apart and make me stretch inside until I split. It was the most wonderful pain. He wanted to be compassionate and gentle. I screamed again, right into his eyes, “Fuck Me!”


I asked, “Did he do what you asked?”


“He went wild inside me. I hurt and could barely get my legs to work for a week. My hips hurt. Every day that week I pleaded for him to fuck my hurting body. Every day was better than the day before. Last night, he fucked me twice; I was dripping with his cum.


He went down on me and filled his mouth with our combined juices and then rose up to kiss me. We traded our treasure back and forth until we each had swallowed tiny bits until it was all gone. We woke up just in time to come to our appointment with you. We did not have time to bathe. I can still feel streaks of his cum drying on my skin and pulling it tight.”


For the first time in her life, professional Dr. James came from just words and not being touched. Ariana held her. They cried together. Then Ariana said, “Thank you for being more than a doctor.”


As the three were leaving the conference room, Ariana became the doctor, “Tom you can get sick tomorrow or lose Rick’s love in his next unfinished heartbeat. Nothing is more important in a woman’s life than the love of her man. In my case, my brother and the vibrator you gave me. They kept me from ending my life. Thank you.”

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