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Finding Love (My Heart Desire) – Season 2 – Episode 13

(My heart desire🌷)
Her eyes slowly fluttered open and she saw the view before her upside down, she felt herself spinning and she shut her eyes. Wincing, she opened them back and blinked repeatedly before finally opening it.. She realised she was sitting on a chair and her head was bent and…
She quickly got alarmed as she felt a force pulling her back on the chair and she realised that she had been tied to it.. From her cleavage down to her stomach had thick ropes that was tied over her to the chair she sat on, it burned her skin because of how hard it was tied. She gasped and realised her mouth also had been puffed with thick fabrics and then gagged with a foil and glue. She tried yelling but her voice came out as soft gibberish moans.. Her legs had been tied too to the chair and she felt the rope digging into her flesh as she struggled fruitlessly to help herself, the chair shaking violently; she kept the struggle on for minutes and when her strength couldn’t take it anymore; she gave up and fell back on the chair.. Scanning around the room that she was kept in, she remembered every single thing that had happened. She wouldn’t even call this a room, it was more like a maze cos it had no windows.. Just a small opening at the far end of a wall and from the look, Leona realized that it’s morning. She put a side of her lips on her shoulder and grazed it harshly on the fabric that she had on her shoulder.. That side of the foil came off and she repeated it for the second side, it came off too but with a little more dexterity and she pushed the fabrics that were In her mouth with her tongue and it fell off with the foil; she breathed out repeatedly with her mouth.
Her breathing got hard as she took in the room, shaking her head constantly to keep her hair off her face. She remember packing it before she got abducted, they must’ve taken it off. Leona tried to think of who could’ve done this but she couldn’t recall having issues with anyone that might lead to her being kidnapped. She remembered being weakened after she entered that building and everything played gradually in her head. . That old woman. She must be somewhat behind this but why and who asked her to?
Betsy.. she gasped at the thought. It can’t be anyone else but her. She had tried to kill her once and since it failed she might want to do it again. Leona couldn’t think of anyone else but her. It had to be her even though she still don’t understand why Betsy would want to kill her.
She heard a small moan behind her and she tilt her head back, she saw no one but the moan continued, coming with a cry of pain. She moved the chair with herself, and it turned a little then she saw the person, she strained her neck; viewing clearly.. It’s Betsy. Her eyes were closed but she was waking up, still moaning in pain. Leona observed her, her face had dusts on them, lots of dust and it affected her hair as well.. her legs and hands were tied to a pole and dried blood made a line from the side of her face that was visible up down to her chin. Her lips were dry and thin and her eyes had traces of dried tears. Her dusty hair stood behind her as she stood backward, the pole she had been tied to prevented her from falling. She looked like someone that had been beaten and had struggled while she got maltreated. Her eyes finally opened and the first thing they saw was Leona, she blinked and winced, trying to stand but realizing she had been tied she gave up with a sigh and bent her body straight.. Wincing as her neck snapped at the gesture.
Their faces stayed on each other for a while and Leona looked away.
“What did you do?” Her voice was cracky and soft..
“I don’t think you should be talking to me Betsy after what you tried to do” Leona answered and heard her sigh.
“I don’t know what I did, I walked out of my house to get food for my dog at a pet store and they attacked me on my way. I tried to fight them but they were too strong and they beat me up to unconsciousness and I woke up here” Betsy said but Leona didn’t answer, she didn’t even spare her something as small as a glance.
“Look I’m sorry about the poison stuff, really I had no idea it could kill.. I only wanted to weaken you for a while” she said and Leona gave her a serious look.
“You didn’t know the poison could kill?”
“No, I didn’t know it was poison. I thought it was some kind of sedative.. That was what I was told before I purchased it” she said.. “I swear Leona, I had no idea it was poison that was why I was frightened when Amelia told me what it was. I was too shocked to talk, I couldn’t believe I had almost taken a friend’s life. I’m sorry”
“You’re sorry!” Leona barked “you tried to kill me and you’re saying that you’re sorry, you think I believe your witty lies?! Your guts are really surprising!” She bellowed at her.
“Believe it or not Leona, I’m telling the truth”
“If you are then why did you even want to sedate me as you claim?”
“Cos I wanted-” she shrugged “I wanted to talk to Damien and I didn’t want you interrupting us. Just so you know, I like him and when I saw you guys kiss.. I was jealous, I just wanted to talk to him. I wasn’t even thinking when I added the liquid to your coffee.. You can call me a maniac if you want” she said and Leona gave her a suspicious look.. It was obvious to her that Betsy was lying but she couldn’t read it in her expression.
She grimaced at her and looked away, not saying anything.
“We need each other now Leona. Those people that attacked us, I saw their faces and it’s obvious that they’re blood suckers.. They are probably going to kill us and if we don’t help eachother then we can’t get out of here. Let’s keep the hatred aside and focus on getting out of here first” Betsy said and Leona gave her a look then looked away.
She’s right.
The door creak open and Laura walked in, seeing her Leona’s eye’s widen in shock and her mouth hung open but no word came out.. Laura gave her a lopsided smile and pushed her gaze off her. A huge guy stood behind her, extremely body built and his abs found way to pop out from the tight shirt he had on.
“Looks like our little guests are awake” Laura smirked, clapping her hands. “Tell me guys, how was your nap?” She asked and earned a glare from Leona that made her laugh.
“From the looks on your faces I can tell it was pretty good” she smiled at both of them “So, I’ll be bringing a little guest to squat with you both since her room has been used to store our ammunitions, I hope the both of you don’t mind?” She gave them a concerned look that was fake “It’s not like you have a choice anyways but I’m just asking cos your new roommate can be rough and stubborn sometimes but she’s very pretty” she smiled and whistled with her mouth “bring her in Dora” she called and almost immediately the door opened and a tall woman with broad shoulders and fake hair walked in, she had a big scar on a side of her cheek and as she stepped in. She pushed a lady along. Leona’s gaze flew to the supposed guest and she gasped..
“Amelia!” She yelled and Amelia’s dull face slowly tilted up and she saw her, her face brightened up..
“Leona!” She screamed both weakly and enthusiastically before tearing away from the woman’s grip and running over to her, she hugged her and Leona didn’t know if she should feel relieved that she finally saw Amelia in good health or be sad that they had to meet In an awful and helpless way. The woman pushed Amelia away and took another chair that had been brought in, she tied her tightly to it and stepped away.
“Why did you bring us here, you fuckin bitch!” Betsy asked and Laura first gave her long blank look before laughing out like she had said something very hilarious.
“Fucking bitch?” She repeated, walking to her and a moment later there was a resounding slap sound, Betsy cried out in pain after it.. “That’s for cursing in front of me. And just so you know I get easily provoked. If you test my anger , I won’t hesitate to put a bullet through your skull” she spat at them after leaving Betsy.
“Really Laura, what exactly do you want from us?” Leona couldn’t help herself before she talked and Amelia gave her a questioning look that asked how she knows Laura..
“The Queen finally speaks up” she teased with a face of mockery. “Well, I don’t want anything from either of you”
“Then why are we in and tied like criminals” Amelia spat out at her.
“Okay firstly, I won’t tolerate any of you yelling at me!” She flashed a warning look at Amelia.
“Well suck it up bitch” Amelia replied her coldly and she smirked.. Moving toward her..
“Wait,” Leona said, making her stop “why exactly did you abduct us?” Leona asked, hoping it’d take her mind from Amelia and it did cos she suddenly walked back to her former position.
“You are the only one I wanted but it’s unfortunate that your friends had to get involved too”
“And why do you want me?” Leona asked.
“Because it’s the only way I can get to Liam” she said.
“Liam? Why?” Leona asked.
“Who’s Liam?” Amelia asked.
“Cos he’s my boyfriend and-
“You left him,” Leona completed for her and Laura gave her a questioning look “yes, he told me about you. You broke up with him back in America and now you’re back cos you want him back” Leona said in disgust “You think dragging me here will bring him to you?”
“Aw pretty, you’re getting it wrong. Well it’s good Liam told you everything but you’re wrong about me wanting him back sweetie.. I only want his money, lots and lots of it. That’s why I’m doing this, if I get the money Liam would be as much as useless to me” she said.
“But..he doesn’t have as much Money as you sound. You can’t get as much as you want from him, he only sell cupcakes” Leona said, eying her.
“Ooh.. Looks like he skipped that part when telling you about me but don’t worry, I’ll fill it for him”
“What’re you talking about?” Leona asked with a grimace.
“Liam isn’t what you think he is or what he’s been telling you that he is. The Damien you know, is Liam Gonzalez, his name’s not even Damien, he lied about it.. He’s just Liam Gonzalez” Laura revealed and Leona’s face turned blank at the revelation.
“What?” Amelia talked “you’re saying that Damien is Liam Gonzalez, like the Liam Gonzalez that we all know? The billionaire?”
“I’m not saying, it’s the truth. Damien is Liam Gonzalez, CEO of Glamorous Accessories. He’s been fooling you all along, he has a mask on that hides his real face and if you know him closely like I do, you’d know it’s him even with the facade” Laura said and walked to Leona who was still speechless. She tilt her head up with her index finger under her chin.. “And do you know why he’s with you? He’s trying to get back at me for cheating on him in America . He’s still very much in love with me, he told me when I went to his quack of a house, he’s using you to get back at me. Liam doesn’t love you Leona”
“That’s a lie!” Leona yells, tears clouding her vision. “He loves me”
“Then why did he lie about his identity to you, why did he pretend to make you Fall in love with him? Why couldn’t he at least tell you his real name? You claim he loves you yet you don’t know him. He’s been lying to you Leona; on purpose. Or you think it’s possible for a guy like him to date you?, he didn’t tell you anything about his wealth cos you’re worth none of it so he used you like a worthless scumbag that you are!” Laura spat and the words stung Leona’s heart, the tears forming in her eyes fell.
“Stop it!” Amelia told Laura and she smirked.
“For a girl as pretty as you, it’s surprising that you can be so stupid. No wonder Liam got you so easily even though he acted like a poor guy. You must be one cheap girl or did he pay you to act in front of me?” Laura teased.. More tears fell from Leona’s eyes.
“I said stop it!” Amelia yelled, struggling to push herself out of the chair to reach Laura but the ropes pulled her back and with pain.
“Tell me honey, how many times have you had sex with him? How many times did you shamelessly give yourself to be used!?” Laura said to her and Leona boiled with hurt, she trembled.
“At least he didn’t miss the fact that she was way better off than you in bed and that’s why he kept coming to her for more” Amelia answered her and Laura face turned red in anger..
“I’d really love to plant a bullet in that nosy head of yours!” Laura said angrily, walking to Amelia.
“You win!” Leona quickly interjected, making her stop. “Liam used me and I’m just as stupid as you say, or maybe more cos I didn’t even notice any of it,” Leona gulped the hurt that threatened to falter her words ” I gave my body to a guy that I know nothing about” she stopped to sob. “I’m shameless! I admit it”
“No Leona, no. You’re not shameless, you were in love and-
“In love?” Leona repeated, cutting her off “yeah, you’re right. I was stupidly, senselessly and dumbly in love” she said and laughed awkwardly.
“He must’ve had so much fun with you” Laura interjected, earning a glare from Amelia who was fuming in anger..
“You shut it up, bitch!” She said to Laura who laughed..
“Yeah, maybe this time I’m a bitch but at least I wasn’t used shamelessly” she mocked before walking out of the room.
Leona’s breathing became heavy and audible in the room.. She couldn’t bring herself to believe any of this even though it was the truth.. Laura wouldn’t lie about something like that.. Damien or is it Liam now, had used her and she in turn had given her body to him shamelessly. The money her father had gotten.. It was him and he had taken everything back by playing with her feelings cos he didn’t want her to go to someone else and had also gotten her that job and apartment so he could make her fall more. True, she had given him her body only once but she felt like the most worthless slut on earth.. Falling for him and believing all his lies while telling him the truth.. He didn’t even find her worthy enough to know his real name.. If he hadn’t mistakenly written it on that paper then she’d never had known he was Liam. A huge lump formed in her throat and she gulped it.. She felt the urge to scream her lungs out, to release her feelings in it but she couldn’t bring herself to open her mouth.. The whole thing still shocked her..
“Leona! Look at me. Leona!” She heard Amelia call but it died down in her ears as soon as she heard it..

“We found this smartphone at an old abandoned house close to the address you gave us” a policeman said to Damien. Elisabeth snatched it from the officer immediately..
“Yes.. This is Leona’s phone. It’s hers!” She cried. “What happened to my daughter?” She asked, grabbing the policeman’s arm. Liam noticed his perspiration from the afternoon sun as he tried to calm Elisabeth down.
“Madam. We’re going to find your daughter, you have to pull yourself together” he assured, rubbing her palm on his arm. Damien pulled her to himself..
“The investigating team have searched to see if they’re fingerprints in the building cos we believe that’s where the whole thing must’ve taken place but so far they’ve found none. Do you have any suspects Mr Gonzalez? Maybe an enemy of Leona and Amelia or a kind of weird friend that can do this?” He asked and Damien shook his head..
“I don’t know of any” he said and Elisabeth agreed with him..
“Okay then. We’ll keep checking for clues. Please inform me if you finally remember someone that could’ve kidnapped her” he said and Damien nodded. They shook hands and he walked away.
“Damien.. Will Leona be fine?” Elisabeth asked him calmly.
“Yes. Of course she will and we’ll find her, I’ll do everything in my power to find her, I promise you” he said and she nodded, sniffing. Her phone suddenly started ringing and she took it out from her pant pocket..
“It’s my husband. I’ll be back” she said and stepped away to answer the call. Almost immediately, Liam’s phone rang, checking the caller ID, he walked to a corner before answering.
“Yes Harold”
“Sir, we found Miss Brigham’s current location” he said. “I called you because I think something strange is going on there”
“Like what?”
“I’m not sure Mr Gonzalez but when I arrived at the spot, I saw Miss Brigham’s walking with seven people, five men and two women and from their looks, I think they’ve all been to prison recently” he said and Liam’s brows furrowed.
“Where did they go to?”
“A warehouse”

“Okay everyone. It’s lunch time” Laura walked in dramatically and two women followed behind her with trays that had food in them. Leona looked away as the women began unpacking the plates of over cooked potatoes and steak.. She dropped Leona’s and Amelia’s food on their laps and left Betsy’s on the floor, close to her. She dropped bottle water each beside them..
“Loosen them up a little but make sure their hands and legs are tied” she said and the women went to work.. They loosened the rope on their body, leaving thick red marks on it before tying their hands to their backs..
“How do you expect us to eat when our hands are tied?” Betsy asked.
“With your mouth. I’m sure you’ve all seen how dogs do it. And if you feel the food isn’t good enough for your taste then just kick it off but be rest assured that it’ll be the last thing you’ll be having all through your stay here. I’ll bring a little company to watch you all and help you with the water . Bon appétit ladies” she said with a sarcastic smile and walked out the two women went with her.
“Okay before anyone else comes in, we have to think of something” Amelia said.
“Something like?” Betsy asked.
“Anything that’ll help us get out of here” Amelia replied her harshly then paused to think.. “Yes!” she said with a smile.
“Do you have an idea?” Leona asked and she nodded.
“Here.. Try turning your chair to this side” she said to Leona who gave her a blank look before shifting the chair with her body until she was looking at a wall, she sighed seeing the plate of food still on her Laps but has shifted to the end of it almost falling.. Amelia turned hers too and their back faced each other.. She pulled her chair toward Leona’s, hoping that they didn’t hear the creaky noise the chairs were making.
“Try reaching for my hands to lose the ropes” she suggested and they both struggled until their hands touched.. Leona tried effortlessly and Amelia’s rope fell, she did the same for Leona and hers dropped too. Amelia breathed out..
“Now let’s go back to our former positions before they see us” she said and they adjusted their plates back before pulling their chairs to it’s former position.
“I don’t think this is a good idea guys” Betsy said.
“That’s not our problem” Amelia answered rudely, taking off her hair pin.
“Leona, I need you to act like you’re having an attack when someone enters” she said and Leona gave her a suspicious look.
“And I’ll-” she didn’t complete her words before the door opened and a hefty man stepped in. Amelia gave Leona a nod, to do what she had told her to. The Man stood in front of them..
“Are you guys eating or what?” He asked in a cold voice and immediately they all bent to their foods.. From the corner of her eyes, Amelia signaled to Leona to start and Leona sighed out before raising up her head. Getting the Guy’s attention, she started making her chest rise and fall, her mouth hanging wide open and gasping for air.. Seeing her, he rushed to her.
“Hey! Are you okay?” He bent over Leona and swiftly, Amelia dug the sharp point of her hairpin deep into his neck and almost immediately, he paused in pain before falling, blood gushed out from the spot and his breathing became shallow. Leona’s heartbeat raced at the sight and Amelia quickly untied her legs, Leona followed and they both stood up..
“Untie me too, please” Betsy pleaded and Leona gave Amelia a look but instead she dragged her out through the open door.
“C’mon Amy, we have to help Betsy” Leona pleaded.
“There’s no time for that” Amelia replied, peeping for anyone, seeing no one she walked down and Leona followed. They stood at a corner close to the main entrance and peeped.. A woman stood there , guarding the main door. Amelia rested on the wall, going into thoughts.. She finally found an idea and looked at the woman, walking back and forth, ready for battle. Amelia whistled with her mouth and pressed her body to the wall so she wouldn’t be seen. The woman turned at the noise, looking around, finding nothing she went back to work. Amelia waited for a while, when she didn’t walk past them, she whistled again and waited, seconds later the woman walked past them to check if she was being called.
Amelia and Leona quickly walked out of the huge doors. They arrived at a vast area that only had sands on the floor and few trees… Amelia breathed out in relief..
“Let’s go” she said.
“I’m scared for Betsy Amelia, what if those people kills her?”
“Well hello. She almost killed you too, that’s called karma and in times like this you consider yourself first before anyone else, especially an enemy. C’mon” Amelia pulled her and they started walking..
“It’ll be hard to find a road here, we need to start running” Leona said and Amelia nodded..
“Not so fast bitches!” They heard a sharp yet distant voice and they stopped and turned. Betsy was running toward them. Leona sighed in relief..
“Betsy, I was so worried you wouldn’t es-
Her words trailed off and a frown rested on her face when Betsy pulled out a pistol, stopping few steps from them and pointing the pistol toward them.. Leona froze at the sight..
“You are worried about someone that kidnapped you?” Betsy smirked “You didn’t get less stupid” she said.
“I knew you were up to no good” Amelia said in disgust.
“You’ve always been the spoiler as always, the biggest bitch with the brains. That’s why I’ll help my sister plant a bullet in your head and take you down first” she said before pulling the trigger, a gunshot sound echoed repeatedly and Leona gasped as a bullet moved past her.. With a heart thumping loud against her chest, she slowly tilt her head backwards and saw Amelia fall to the ground, blood pouring beside her..


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