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Filthy Agreement – Season 1 – Episode 5

Episode 5:

Waking up the next morning, Anna felt refreshed and well-rested, albeit a bit conflicted. In the cold light of day, the events of the previous night seemed like a blur to her. A wonderful, delightfully erotic blur. Still, she couldn’t ignore the simple truth of the matter: her son was ultimately the reason why she had cum like a wanton whore, experiencing pleasure like nothing she had felt for a very, very long time. It was ridiculous to deny it: all through her masturbatory session, Anna had kept fantasizing about her boy, expanding the images of Tom fisting his cock into hotter scenarios, wishing it was his thick throbbing meat pumping her holes instead of the cold, lifeless toys.

That thought still made her legs shake and sent her heart all aflutter. A mother getting fucked by her son… It was such a hot, powerful notion. Its inherently taboo nature only made it more enticing.

Even as she went through the sobering motions of her morning routine, making breakfast and drinking coffee as she watched Tom pick at his food and then glumly leave for school, Anna couldn’t bring herself to feel guilty about her forbidden fantasies. She was not exactly comfortable with it all, but she simply didn’t feel bad about it. In fact, she still felt pleasantly buzzed. All through the day, a whirl of incestuous scenarios played out over and over in Anna’s mind, her excitement barely contained by her dutiful attempts to rationalize her surging desires toward her son.

As far as sex was concerned, Anna was no prude and there was little she hadn’t tried in her time. The recollection of her erotic adventures unavoidably brought to mind her older sister, Jennifer. Anna briefly considered giving her big sis a call to talk about her doubts and fantasies, but she quickly reconsidered. If Anna was liberated when it came to sex, Jenny was an absolute demoness. Anna rolled her eyes as she played out in her mind their hypothetical conversation about Tom, knowing very well that her foxy older sister would tell her to just go for it, son or no son.

It was Jennifer who had introduced Anna to Ron, the man she then married, after Jennifer had started dating Ron’s twin brother, Randal, who became Jenny’s own husband. As she went about her daily chores, Anna felt flushed as she recalled the many times during her marriage when she and Ron had got together with Jenny and Randal to have group sex and exchange partners. It had been Jenny’s idea to begin with, of course, and it was Jenny who managed to make it happen during a memorable weekend at their husbands’ family cabin, initiating a long-lasting tradition of foursomes.

Their orgiastic nights were somehow limited by the birth of Jenny’s twins, Abby and Adam, followed soon after by Anna’s twin girls, Lyla and Lori, and then by Tom, but they never stopped. Until they had to. When Ron and Randall died in a car accident, Anna and Jenny were devastated. They found some solace in their children and in each other, but the loss of their husbands was a great blow to both. Luckily for them, the company that Ron and Randall owned was in excellent shape at the time of their untimely death. That, along with their insurance policies and the trust funds they had set for the kids, guaranteed the financial welfare of their families.

As far as their love life was concerned though, the two mothers had reacted very differently to the loss of their husbands. Anna had dated three guys in the seven years since Ron’s death, without even having sex with them. She had eventually come to rely only on her fingers, her toys and some internet porn for her satisfaction. Jenny, on the other hand, had gone through a legion of strapping young studs over the years, trying to fill the emotional void with sex, succeeding just in part. Only recently had Jenny finally started to get tired of living the life of the insatiable cougar.

No, Anna thought with a smile, asking Jenny for advice about Tom would be pointless. Her answer was way too predictable.

Determined to somehow sort out her intense and increasingly overpowering emotions, Anna turned to the internet. At first she browsed through the historical relevance of incest and its ancestral taboo nature, reading about its social and psychological significance. She found little that she didn’t know already, at least vaguely, and nothing that really interested her. After a while though, her attention was caught by other points of view on the topic.

By the time Tom got home from school that day, Anna had cum so many times reading erotic stories about mothers having sex with their sons that she was weak in the knees, physically drained and emotionally overcharged. Luckily her daughters were at college and Tom himself was too out of sorts to pay attention to anything but his battered inner self, because that evening at dinner Anna was sure her naughty thoughts could be easily seen as they darted around in her spinning head.

In the following days, Anna struggled to focus on her son’s emotional problems while she dealt with her own inner turmoil. When Tom was home, she tried to spend as much time as possible with him. She watched movies with him and asked for his help fixing stuff around the house in an attempt to somehow drag him out of his room. She cooked his favorite dishes, wishing he’d regain some appetite.

There were some minor improvements, but nothing really significant. Every night he lay awake for hours, jacking off mechanically as he murmured his lost love’s name, trying and failing to relive the bliss of their time together. Meanwhile, Anna couldn’t bring herself to stop sneaking peeks at her son.

Every night, standing outside his bedroom in her pajama top and panties, Anna watched Tom stroke his hard fat cock. Her pussy got soaking wet and her whole body was flushed as wave after wave of sensual heat washed over her at the sight of her son masturbating relentlessly. After just a few minutes of this secret show, Anna would be forced to retire to her bedroom to tend to her needy pussy, starting her own masturbatory marathon. During those sessions, the horny mother brought herself to climax after climax, her fingers a blur on her clit and her holes stuffed with her toys as she sunk her face in the pillow not to scream out her boy’s name as she came.


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