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Filthy Agreement – Season 1 – Episode 4

Episode 4:

Anna had liked Victoria a lot. She had encouraged and supported the two teenagers, happy to see them happy and gladdened by the positive effect that Victoria had on her son. Thanks to Victoria, Tom had really matured emotionally, becoming more confident about himself and relaxed around women. Anna was well aware of the sexual aspect of their relationship, and she did nothing to impede it. She never had anything against Victoria and Tom being alone together in his room. She actually preferred knowing that the two of them were having sex under her roof rather than in the backseat of Tom’s car somewhere.

Anna didn’t want Tom nor Victoria to think that sex was something to hide or be ashamed of. When she had the birds and bees talk with Lyla and Lori first, and then later with Tom, she had tried to explain things in a direct and honest way, without hypocrisy, focusing on the emotional importance of sex in a person’s well-being. Anna considered sex to be a natural and beautiful experience and she wanted her daughters and her son to live it joyfully, without guilt.

She tried not to be too dramatic about Tom’s situation, but as the days passed and he just kept getting worse, Anna seriously began to fear for her son. He was depressed all the time, his grades were plummeting and he was a wreck, physically and psychologically. Beside crying and lying catatonic on his bed, the only thing that he seemed to be interested in these days was masturbation.

Under normal circumstances, Anna wouldn’t have worried about that. After all, she had told him herself that it was normal for a boy his age to masturbate. But that was before. Now things were quite different. Often, when she went to call him for dinner, Anna would pause before knocking on Tom’s door, hearing the unmistakable sounds of porn videos playing on his computer.

At night, when she lay awake in her bed knowing that her son was tossing and turning in the grips of insomnia just down the hall, Anna had sometimes got up and silently stood out of his bedroom, looking at the light filtering under his door and pressing her ear to the wood. Unfailingly, she would hear Tom’s groans as he jacked off over and over again. What worried her was not the fact that he was masturbating, but rather the absence of pleasure in his voice. He actually seemed to be sighing and sobbing dejectedly when he reached his peak, instead of moaning in delightful release.

One night, determined to discover just how serious the situation was, Anna stood outside Tom’s room for almost an hour. Going as far as to carefully open the door just a crack so she could peek inside, the baffled mother watched her son fist his big cock to three subsequent orgasms, all of them apparently joyless, judging by his facial expression and glum vocalizations. All the while, Anna watched slack-jawed as Tom jacked off, cumming all over his abdomen and chest. After each peak, he slowed his motions but kept stroking himself until he was hard again, mindlessly repeating the whole sequence until he came, whimpering Victoria’s name while shedding bitter tears.

That night, as she squirmed restlessly in her bed, Anna couldn’t stop picturing Tom lying on his back and automatically jacking off over and over again. It wasn’t the first time she had seen Tom’s penis, but she had never seen it fully erect before, let alone throbbing and spurting those thick long ribbons of pearly white cum. Conflicting emotions kept Anna awake. First and foremost, there was worry. What Tom was doing wasn’t natural nor healthy. He wasn’t just seeking release anymore, but masturbating compulsively while taking no joy in the act. This wasn’t good at all, Anna thought, realizing she needed to intervene somehow, soon.

As she pondered though, the image of Tom’s fat veiny dick and those massive loads of creamy seed jetting out of his slick purple glans kept flashing before her eyes. He was so big, long and thick, just like his late father had been. He also looked more and more like a young version of Anna’s deceased husband Ron, with his brown hair, dark green eyes and handsome yet kind face. Anna tried to get to sleep, to no use. She just couldn’t dispel the mental images of her son’s toned youthful body, his cock jutting proudly upwards, throbbing and still plump even after he shot his load in the air, sending his abundant sperm splattering all over his chest, leaving streaks of milky cum to dribble down along his well-defined abs.

Seamlessly shifting from concerned mother brooding over her heartbroken son to aroused woman thinking about a handsome young stud, Anna found herself fantasizing about Tom. The vivid memory of his raging boner just wouldn’t leave her alone. She gasped and shook her head as she was hit in full by the realization that she was having sexy thoughts about her own son. Yet, that forbidden thought sent a thrill through her voluptuous frame. Her body spoke a language of its own, one that Anna knew very well how to interpret. Her pussy was wet, her face was flushed, she was tingly all over and aching to be touched, to be kissed, to be taken and filled and made love to until she would scream out in climax. There was no denying it: her son turned her on.

Breathing hard, feeling drunk on inexplicable and unprecedented lust, Anna reached for the dildo she kept in her nightstand. Closing her eyes and allowing her excitement to take over completely, she let her dirty thoughts flow as she pressed the glans-shaped head of the plastic toy against her puffy, engorged labia. She was so soaked that the sizable dildo slid inside her pussy in one smooth gliding push. Purring, spreading her shapely legs wide open, the horny mother pumped the dildo in and out of her gushing hole in a increasingly faster rhythm. With her other hand feverishly working her clit, Anna fucked herself as she recollected her son’s masturbatory session. Her first orgasm hit her surprisingly fast, sending warm waves of delight rippling outwards from her quivering pussy.

Overcharged rather than sated, her mind awash with deliciously naughty thoughts about her handsome and well-hung son, Anna kept diddling her clit and stuffing the dildo up her needy cunt for a long time that night. At some point, high on lust like she hadn’t been in years, she reached into her nightstand drawer and grabbed a slim tapered vibrator. After licking its silver surface until it was glossy with saliva, Anna brushed the toy along her dripping labia, coating it in her vaginal secretions. Panting, Anna pressed the vibrator against her winking sphincter and carefully eased it into her anus. Her tight little rosebud was so drenched in her dribbling pussy juices and she was so rabidly horny that she had no problem taking the second dildo inside her shivering body.

With both her holes stuffed and her clit humming in constant pleasure under her frigging fingertips, the overexcited mother brought herself to climax after climax, moaning and biting her luscious lips not to scream out in pleasure, until she finally lay limp and panting, so drained that she was barely able to reach for the bedside lamp to turn it off before falling asleep.


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