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Filthy Agreement – Season 1 – Episode 3

Episode 3:

Tom was so enamored with his girlfriend’s round little butt that, even after he came inside her, he rarely got soft. Every time they had sex, after he slipped his still turgid cock out of her sperm-flooded asshole, Tom would play with Victoria’s gaping sphincter. He loved to watch his cum bubble out of her reddened dilated butt-ring and dribble down her asscrack. He often pushed his leaking seed back into her rectum with his fingers, making Victoria coo and squirm with lascivious delight.

He was always so turned on after he fucked Victoria’s ass that he soon had to get off again. Wishing he could buttfuck her for a second time but knowing she was too sore to take him again so soon, Tom would settle for rubbing his plump dick between her asscheeks, teasing her slippery dilated anus and humping her buttcrack until he came once more, shooting his load all over her firm curvy tushy and her arched back, aiming some spurts straight into her slowly shrinking rosebud.

Even at school Tom was always reaching his hands to Victoria’s ass, caressing and fondling those round little globes that he had come to crave so much. Victoria giggled at her boyfriend’s passion for her butt, but she never stopped him. She loved the feeling of being desired like that, and soon she started choosing her jeans and skirts so that they accentuated the protruding curve of her ass.

To Victoria, the naughty and somehow forbidden nature of anal sex made it incredibly hot, and it quickly became a favorite of hers. She came to love the way Tom prepared her asshole, devotedly licking and sucking her rubbery orifice, tonguing and fingering and finally lubing her little pucker with great care before easing his shaft into her well-prepared sphincter. She grew to find pleasure rather discomfort in the unusual sensation of having her asshole stretched out and filled up with her boyfriend’s thick, pulsing cockmeat. Most of all, she loved it when Tom’s big cock swelled even more and he came deep inside her ass, pumping her rectum full of his abundant seed.

Week after week, their relationship blossomed. They were young, in love, horny all the time and quick to mutually satisfy their needs. Tom was happy like he had never been before. Unfortunately, like all light and carefree dreams, his idyllic relationship with Victoria came to an abrupt end.

Victoria was pale and her eyes were puffy and red from crying when she told him the dire news, one morning in front of their school. She was moving. By the end of the week she would be gone. Her father had got a major promotion: his bosses were so impressed with his recent work that they had appointed him head of the company’s European branch in London, effective immediately. He wasn’t glad about uprooting his family and moving to England just like that, but this was the kind of opportunity you just don’t throw away. So they were leaving, in just a few days.

Tom was devastated. He couldn’t believe his ears as he listened to his girlfriend’s broken words. Just as abruptly as she had come into his life, Victoria was now going to disappear. He held her tightly in his arms, embracing her to mitigate his desperation as she started crying again after relating the sad news.

Unprepared, panicked, dumbstruck, Tom and Victoria tried to make the best of the very little time they still had. But, try as they might, a looming sense of sadness and impending calamity tainted their every second together. They held hands and hugged all the time, but that only reminded them that soon they’d be pulled apart. They had sex at every chance, but their passionate urgency was heavy with inconsolable resignation. They kissed softly for long languid minutes, but most of the time the sweetness of their lips was mixed with the salty taste of their tears.

They considered staying in touch via videochat but they didn’t really believe their relationship could survive this blow. They were both smart enough to know what this sad situation meant: it was the end for the two of them, simple as that. So they broke up, doing the mature thing and hating everything about it, crying and hugging and saying their last goodbyes at the airport on a cruel sunny afternoon.

Following Victoria’s departure, Tom fell apart completely. Before his mother’s saddened eyes, the heartbroken teenager spiraled down into a post break-up depression as bleak as only an eighteen-year-old who has just lost his first love can experience. His will to do anything at all was gone. He barely ate, he hardly slept, he stopped going out with his friends entirely and he cared nothing about school. He spent all his time holed up in his room, broken and helpless.

Anna watched her son go through all of this for a while, letting the grieving process take its due course, trusting that Tom would eventually pull through. But he didn’t. As the days and weeks passed, the boy just seemed to sink deeper in his despair, unable and, much to Anna’s dismay, unwilling to shake off his blues. She shared his pain and she sympathized, well aware that she couldn’t expect him to just forget about the whole thing and act like Victoria never existed.


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