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Fighting Back! – Season 1 – Episode 9

‘Talking to people without communication flow
wearies me, Mum let me be.’ Hester blinked
severally, she was lying on her side with the
duvet pulled up to cover her arms and her big
teddy bear.

Empress stooped and touched her face. ‘Darling
you can stop doing this to yourself. It does not
appeal to me please. ‘

She smiled weakly. ‘I …I am not a free born of
this house and …’
‘Cut it Hester, how can you say such a thing! ‘
‘When the order first came, you approved it by
standing and saying nothing. ‘
‘That is not true Hester. Darling please make my
day, come and eat, darling please …’ She
drawled sweetly.
‘Hmmmm …’ She muttered before looking at her
mother through glassy eyes. ‘I … I am not the
one to make your day. I asked of you earlier and
I was told you went to your Senator friend
birthday party.’ She smiled. ‘The style, the
blinks, the fashion … the glitz and glamour, the
cream de la creme. I know you Mum, my pain,
my pining away is nothing to you compared to
pleasure and fun you had.’ Her voice was slow
but steady.
‘You’re impossible Hester! You’re impossible! ‘
She hit her fists on the mattress, loosing it in
guilt. ‘I can’t take this nonsense anymore, I will
just call the doctor! ‘ Empress stood.

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‘And the doctor will say – Mrs Tobechukwu, she is
okay but her not eating, is the major problem.
The solution to her exhaustion lies there. Don’t
waste the doctor’s time Mum. ‘
She took quick breathes to calm the anger
brimming in her. ‘You are impossible Hester! ‘
She matched out and did slammed the door.
Hester eyes closed.
‘Big bros! Big bros!! ‘ Kasali stood at attention as
he hailed and then, he saluted.
‘Bros! Bros!! ‘ Kabiru seconded in the Same vein.
‘How una de? ‘ Christopher Tobechukwu
chuckled, he shook hands with them. ‘All these
my powerful juniors, nawa o! I dear gnawing una
build up, wetin una dey carry self? ‘
‘Bros leave that thing o jare.’ Kasali laughed
‘Kabis! Kabis! Easy o.’
‘Na so. ‘ Kabiru chuckled. ‘How family? ‘
‘Kampe my brother. ‘
‘You are here to see your baby. ‘ Kasali stated
‘Yes o, hope say una no dear trouble am.’ Chris
retained his smile.
‘Our power reach?’ Kabiru stated.
He head to her door. ‘See you guys.’
‘Welcome Sir. ‘ They chorused.

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Chris was in charge of his eldest brother security
for a long time before he opened a textile
company and got married.

He hit the brass knocker twice before entering
since, he got no response. He stopped short at
the sight before him. Her duvet was drawn up,
her face was pale and her closed.
He covered the distance and pecked her.
‘Hi boyfriend. ‘ Her eyes were still closed.
He moved a chair close. ‘Hey sweetness, were
you dreaming of me? ‘
‘I don’t dream anymore. ‘ Her eyes blinked
severally and then she was able to focus. She
smiled weakly. ‘How is my wife and baby? ‘
‘Splendid. ‘ Chris studied her for a while. ‘You
look far different from when I came for you at the
restaurant. Though things have not been in best
condition for you. How come nobody told me you
now a shadow of yourself. ‘ He was sad.
‘I wasn’t expecting myself this way.’
‘I heard everything that happened …’ He took
her hand in his. ‘I’m sorry My sweetness, I really
am. I understand how you feel but just because
some things went wrong does not mean you
should go down too.’
‘You don’t understand bf, my own daddy .’ Tears
filled her eyes. ‘ My heart is heavy.’

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