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Fighting Back! – Season 1 – Episode 8

‘What is it with you skipping your lunch, dinner
and then breakfast. Do you intend to start a
marathon fast? ‘
Satisfied with the style of hair, she gathered it
into a fancy hair clip. ‘I don’t disrespect my
elders not even their instructions. ‘
‘I gave the order with your meal time as an
exception.’ Her father told her with a blank

‘I discovered being in could be more fun than
being out. I am also making a discovery of what
will happen if I don’t eat while my right is
violated.’ She set her combs back in its set.
‘Princess, this is much more …’
Gracious Lord in heaven, do I have to go through
this…? ‘She closed her eyes and waited. ‘No …?
Okay. ‘ She open her eyes and stood. ‘I’ll like to
use the ladies. ‘
‘Oh no …’ He groaned knowingly
‘No? Can’t I?’ She asked few steps away from the
rest room with a broad smile on her face.
‘Is that going to take forever because I have an
interview in forty five minutes. ‘
‘Yes Dad, it will.’ She continued her strides.

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Douglas exhaled dismayed, his mission

unaccomplished. He shrugged and walked out.
‘Aunty Hester, you can’t keep doing this to
yourself please. ‘ Aunty Joy sat on the bed.

Hester sipped from the tumbler of water
containing glucose. ‘Mama the Ma stop worrying
yourself, I will be Fine.’ She continued reading
her mails.

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‘I am passed the stage of worrying about you, I
am afraid, I really am.’ Her forehead creased.
Hester faced her. ‘Afraid? for me? She went wide
eyed baffled. ‘Mama that is uncalled for. I am A
okay. ‘ She beamed in reassurance.
‘You are not fine my dear girl.’ She held her
gaze.’ I’m sure about that because the sparkles
that once graced your eyes are gone and that is
one out of many. You are handling this violently
and that is wrong. ‘
‘Violently. ‘ She said and laughed. ‘That is
strange, I am not posing around with a gun nor
a knife.’
‘You are sacrificing your body on the altar of your
displeasure. ‘
Hester exhaled and lowered her gaze. ‘You know
me so well.’ She looked at her once more. ‘I am
disappointed, so disappointed that I don’t know
what to think. My family has given a shock, right
now I’m still dazed ‘ Her voice came out almost
like a whisper. She shook her head,’Feeding is
the last thing on my mind. ‘
‘Oh my dear child, you’re hurt.’ Aunty Joy took
both palms in hers. She was sad. ‘I see no reason
why you should be confined! ‘Her anger was
portrayed in her voice. ‘There is a better
approach. ‘
‘Don’t bother Ma,it won’t change anything. ‘ She
said flatly.
‘How can you say that? ‘ Aunty Joy stood. ‘We
will continue later, there somethings your
mother want me to attend to at this hour.’ She
pat her back fondly.
‘Okay.’ She managed a smile,’ Thank you. ‘ She
watched her leave. Hester stood and the portrait
of her Dad and her on fifteenth birthday just
before she left Nigeria to study medicine and
surgery caught her attention. She moved closer
unconciously and her eyes got clouded. Her
smile, his smile, their happiness but when she
raised her hand to touch it, she felt like she was
about to touch a furnace, she retracted instantly
and head for the balcony upset with herself.

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