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Fighting Back! – Season 1 – Episode 60

SHE dropped the tray containing a tube of
neurogesic ointment, anti inflammatory drug,
vitamins and strong analgesic. Also, his meal.

‘Any injection? ‘ He looked up at her. He was
lying on the bed.
She beamed. ‘Don’t tell me you’re scared of
needle. ‘
‘The sight of it send shivers down my spine. ‘
She laughed as she pulled a chair to his bed
side. ‘Tell your spine not to shiver. Sweetie sit
up, let’s eat.’
‘It’s been such a long time I felt so much pain.’
He glanced at his arm and sat up .
She propped the pillows. ‘That is part of the
reason why your temperature is on the high
They ate, she practically feed him.
She gave him the drugs which he took.
She massaged his arm with the ointment and
she teased him while on it.
‘I now see the reason why the hospital back in
Hollywood was willing to pay fat to retain you.’
He told her when she came in from washing
her hands.
She grinned. ‘I thank God.’
‘Thank you so much Hess.’
‘You can lie now.’ She adjusted the pillows and
pulled up the duvet. Giving him a lingering
look with a self satisfied smile. She bent over
him and kissed him on the cheek. ‘Thank you
for today Ethel.’
It was with great deal of control he didn’t
bring her closer and kissed her, more of fear
of what her reaction will be.

‘I will be downstairs if you need anything . ‘
She picked the tray. ‘Sleep well.’

”Just shut up Hester! Shut up! You’ve got a
dangerous partner and I will ensure you regret
it! I hope you know what happens when love
becomes sour because you will get a first hand
experience of that! No one steps on the hive of
a bee and escapes its sting, no one arouse the
lion and get away with it. I am Oladimeji
Adeniyi Gbolahan, the beast who has the ability
to sting and tear apart! I am taking revenge for
you trampling on my love and that is your
pool of blood! ”
She stood and paced in her room, she couldn’t
stand the phone conversation of the day
before replaying in her mind.
She head out, she had to know the truth.
Hester met him in the garden writing .
‘Hi Hess.’ He looked up as she approached.
‘What is wrong? ‘ He noticed her countenance.
‘Ethel is there something you need to tell me? ‘
He narrowed his brows thoughtfully before
looking back at her. ‘I …I don’t understand. ‘
‘Please Ethel, about yesterday, did anything
happen? ‘ She searched his expression.
‘Nothing Hess.’ He stood to face her. ‘I went
about my appointment in my law firm.’ Ethel
was concerned. ‘Talk to me, what is it? ‘
‘Oh no Ethel! ‘ She sighed and shook her head
slowly. ‘Did you come across Dimeji? What did
he say to you? What did you say to him? ‘
‘Oladimeji? ‘ He appeared surprised.

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‘Stop it already! Stop playing around! ‘ She was
pained and her voice was sober. ‘Talk to me, I
need to know what happened between
Oladimeji and you.’ She was pained and her
voice sober.
He frowned. ‘What did he say to you? ‘
‘Why are you doing this Ethel, Why?’ Her eyes
were clouded with tears. ‘I told you severally
not… not to get involved. ‘
‘I did not say anything to him.’ He blurted like
it was going to make her feel better.
‘Yeah.’ She nodded with a skeptical look. ‘I
Hope for your sake that you are telling the
truth.’ She turned around and begin to walk
away as the first set of tears dropped.
He was instantly overwhelmed with guilt. ‘Wait
Hess …’
She didn’t stop
He watched her head for the gate.

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Guys, everything is set. I have to go. ‘ She
gestured to the table. She had dished the meal.

‘Our lady, aren’t you eating? ‘ Precious looked
at her.
‘No, I came to help serve the meal and to say
Goodnight to you all.’ She smiled.
‘Are you all right our lady? ‘ Dominic expressed
‘Yeah.’ She smiled as her gaze swept all the
faces except his. ‘Sleep well everyone. ‘
‘Good night our lady.’ They chorused smiling.
She departed.
‘Dan, give us the prayer before our meal.’
Mummy J said.

If only he knew he wouldn’t have come to the
table. Now that he was seated and served,
leaving the table would give those at the table
ideas. He closed his eyes and prayed for

He strode into the sitting room as soon as the
news bulletin was over .
‘Hester, I have been waiting for you.’
She stood. ‘I’m about to go to the room.’ She
head for the staircase and mounted it .

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‘Please wait, I have something to say to you.’
He followed and stood at the bottom of the

She stood and turned right in the middle of
the stairs . Her arms were folded and her head
tilted to a side. Her lips pursed.
‘I went to see Oladimeji today. We …we had an
exchange but it was majorly talk.’
She waited but when he didn’t continue, she
spoke. ‘If that is all, goodnight. ‘ She turned to
leave but he stopped her once more.
‘Hester, I sort out personally issues, political
and we …we discussed you.’
As she listened, her expression neither
encouraged nor discouraged as she watched

‘I don’t have to wonder what kind of
conversation you two had because he had
promised to see me in my pool of blood.
Thank you Ethel. ‘ She mounted the stairs.
‘Pool of your blood. ‘ He blinked severally and
looked away. ‘Wait Hess …I …I need to explain
everything to you.’ He took a couple of steps
She halt to look at him once more. ‘I am
stopping because I don’t enjoy walking out on
my elders but really, there is nothing to talk
about. I gave you time to, remember. ‘ She
disappeared up at the curve part of the stairs.
His spirit sank as he lowered himself to sit and
buried his head in his palms.
This wasn’t good at all. How was he going to
apologize to her. Oladimeji was an epitome of
bad news and cowardice. He sighed.

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