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Fighting Back! – Season 1 – Episode 6

Hester left the open on purpose and took
several steps into the room.

Their eyes took in the room in admiration.

‘Kabiru and Kasali, you’re intruding on my
privacy. ‘ It was cold and calm.
‘Your father asked us to ensure you didn’t leave
the room.’Kabiru replied, he was of more
‘Get out of my room now.’ Her voice remained
but her eyes dared them.

He thought of her,she had treated her better
than a mere guard, she never snob him like her
sister. He had given him few health tips the day
she caught him smoking. When he had her
father’s pronoucement, she knew she didn’t
deserve that unless her life was in danger. He
respected her. He nudged his partner. ‘Let’s

They left the room and close the door behind

She dropped her bag on the bed and kick her
shoes. She stood at the middle of the room
akimbo. She heaved but that didn’t how
troubled she felt. There was only one way to
calm herself.
Hester got down on her knees and bury her
face in her palms. ‘Dear Jesus,I don’t
understand all this, but please let peace be still
in this situation. Give me calmness of spirit …’
Her voice trailed as it became shaky.

Having had a cold shower, she was simply
dressed in a blue Caribbean and a white top
pampered with different colours of balloons, her
long hair fell across her shoulders. Hester stood
at the balcony adjoining her room deciding to
view her environment.
The brass knocker sounded for the third time.

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The door opened and Empress came into the
room and was surprised to meet the room

‘Hester? ‘ She called expectantly, ‘Hester? ‘ She
repeated and check her library, toilet and
bathroom. ‘Hester? Hester? ‘ She was to leave
panickingly When she sighted her through the
slided door.
‘Oh darling! ‘ Empress was relieved as she head
for the balcony.
It evening and view the sky and loved the
breeze that carressed her face.
‘Darling I was looking for you.’ She entered the
‘I couldn’t possibly have escaped with the two
able bodied men outside. ‘ Her look was still at
the sky.

‘We care about you Esther, I care about
you.Darling are you listening to me.’
‘Why? I know how much not with the discovery
channel lurking every corner of the Douglas’
‘You sound upset, you know that you caused …’
‘Let me tell you how upset I am,’ She
interrupted calmly, ‘if I don’t get my phone in a
couple of hours, there are no limitations to what
I will do even if this room is filled with guards. ‘
‘Are you threatening your father? ‘
‘Call it threat Mum, I careless, he is violating my
fundamental human right as an adult. I need
my phone …’ She paused momentarily, ‘ in the
next couple of hours.’
Empress couldn’t even read her facial
expression, she had backed her throughout the
conversation. She turned to leave.

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Hester turned that moment, she sensed
another had entered the room.

Hester felt the presence of another and entered
the room.
‘Hester what is your problem? ‘ Agatha stood
with contempt on her face.
‘Agatha what are you doing in my room? ‘
‘What is that suppose to mean? ‘
Hester sidepass her mother. ‘I told you not to
enter my room without consent.’
‘You are very funny girl, I am a free born of this
house. ‘ She swirled like she was on a runway. ‘I
can enter anywhere I so desire.’
‘Oh yeah? ‘ Hester gave a short laugh. ‘I am a
slave in this house, at least Daddy made that
clear yesterday. This is the only privacy I am
entitled to and you …’ She raise an index
finger.’will respect it. You must knock. ‘
‘So knocking is your problem? ‘
‘Yes it is my problem Agatha! Daddy don’t enter
without knocking, Mummy actually hit the
brass knocker thrice before entering. So who
are you not to knock? ‘
Empress went wide eyed at that piece of
‘Be careful Hester, mind the way you raise your
voice at me. I ain’t your mate,respect me.’ She
pointed her warning finger.’
‘Respect is reciprocal. Since I came back, I have
not stepped into your room. You complain that
am this and that, leave me alone and respect
yourself!’ She retorted.
Agatha clapped her hands and laughed
haughtily. ‘Another Mike Tyson in the house.

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Are you going to beat me if I don’t stop? ‘
‘Get out of my room now! ‘
‘What! You are crazy for real.’ Agatha glared at
‘I’m sure your ears don’t need to be cleaned
with warm water or probably some cosmetics.
Get out of my room now! ‘
‘Darling, take it easy.’ Empress pat her at the
back sensing anger from the sparkle in her
Hester shook herself free as she advance
towards her sister ‘Mummy if she don’t leave
my room this moment, she will be recipient of
something she wouldn’t be able to explain. ‘
‘Come on Aggie, let’s go.’ Empress held fuming
Agatha firmly and force towards the door.

‘Oooho! Mummy leave me alone! Leave me let
me teach her a lesson.’ Agatha protested.
‘Come on Sweetheart, you don’t have to get
furious, she is your baby sis. She doesn’t mean
it.’ Empress soothed.
‘I mean what I said about my phone. ‘ Hester
called after them.
Hester grabbed a remote and pressed a button,
one of her favorite song began playing, she
increased the volume until there was space for
nothing else.

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