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Fighting Back! – Season 1 – Episode 59

I don’t hear you Oladimeji. I can’t continue
to hear the tales of your obsession and
madness. I don’t understand Why you chose to
exist in a reality that only happens in your
head! I am not married to you by any
standard. Please I beg of you in whatever you
believe in most, stop pestering me!’
‘Hester you are mine, nothing you …’

Hester tossed the phone to another sofa in the
balcony and started sobbing.
He had been behind all along and had listened
to her end of the conversation. He picked the
phone and walked away.

‘Hester …Hester hello? You had better not
hang up on me! You know what I can do to you
…you wouldn’t dare. Hello, are you there …?
‘What can you do Oladimeji, what do you
intend doing Mr Don’t Dare Me? ‘
‘Who am I speaking with!’
‘Take a wild guess Oladimeji. ‘ Ethel beamed.
‘Why did you collect the phone from her? ‘
‘I see no reason Why you should sweat
Oladimeji. It’s about time we both have a one
on one talk.’
‘I don’t have anything to say to you Ethelbert,
give the phone back to my Sweetheart. Give
the phone back to her now! ‘
‘Take it easy colleague, we can’t exchange
anything that can draw blood via the phone. ‘
‘I wonder who has been feeding you with
rubbish! I am not afraid of you Ethelbert! I do
have things to trash out with you. Hester
shouldn’t be under your roof, she is mine, my
property, she belongs to me! You had better
not touch me ,you had better not get
physically attached to her! ‘
‘Oh you’re still at her that?’ He chuckled. ‘I’ll
advise you come over and learn far more than
that. ‘
‘I am not joking Ethelbert! You had better not
fool around with me, it’s deadly …very deadly.

He chuckled. ‘Hester does not belong to you.

She made that fact clear before the world that
you’re not worthy of her. I am wondering
Adeniyi, when last were you examined by a
psychiatrist because you have lot of mental
issues that needed to be brought under control
before you need ropes. I can still send you that
tape. ‘
‘Shut up Ethelbert !Shut up! Just keep quiet! ‘
‘Sometimes I can’t help but be so sorry for
you. How can you be a president when you
can’t respect the simple request of a lady?

How will you handle the request of the
Nigerian population? Listen …’
‘Don’t lecture me you jerk! We will see the
greatest when the time comes. Goodies like
you are good for nothing than to be munched.

‘I don’t waste my block heads like you.’
‘Are you crazy? Do you know who you’re
calling block head? ‘
Ethel laughed heartily knowing he had hit a
soft spot. ‘Hi baby baby, heard daddy has been
treating you good. He took you to the
amusement park the other day, were you able
to count the number of swings, I guess not. I
hope you didn’t poopoo on your body again.

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‘He said with a voice laced with mockery and

‘I’ll never forget who you are baby president. ‘
Ethel burst into laughter.
‘I don’t have time for …’
‘As a matter of fact Adeniyi, for your own
good, stay away from Hester because before
you lay a finger on her from now henceforth,
you will have me to contend with. Do I make
myself clear! ‘ His voice roared like that of a
soldier. Hester would have been startled if she
was close.

‘You can’t… ‘
Ethel ended the call and head for the sitting

‘Oladimeji is taking advantage of your
emotions. He can only do that via calling. You
have to change your sim. ‘
Hester lifted her head and wipe her tears. She
shook her head.
‘I can get you another. ‘
‘No Ethel, the sim is inbuilt, all of friends near
and far can only contact via that. That phone
is multifunctional and has saved my life a
number of times . It is the last gift I received
from Victoria and I can’t part ways with it
because of that Oladimeji. ‘
Ethel looked down at the phone. ‘I understand.
There will be another way. ‘

Hester exhaled and walked out to the balcony.
Ethel followed her and stood in front of her.
‘Oladimeji is a chameleon, I don’t believe he
just changed like that. ‘
‘I know Ethel.’ She looked up at him.’I’ll will
get ready for whatever might come up.’
‘Hester I am coming with you.’ He held her
‘Ethelbert. ‘ Her voice had a plea, ‘we don’t
have to keep arguing about this. I don’t want
you to get involved. ‘
‘I’m afraid Hester, I will be involved come
Wednesday. ‘ He looked away from her to the
view of the spring out of the balcony.
‘I wish I could convince you otherwise but I
see your mind is made.’ Hester shrugged and
took his hand. ‘Let’s go eat lunch.’

Hester took a bird view of what appears to be
a ground floor parking space . ‘This building
appears to be empty but it suit all description.

‘Let’s check up, if we get same there, we’ll
have to leave immediately. ‘ He took in the
environment before heading up the stairs.
They had been no sight of any vehicle as they
approached the building.

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They had parked their car a couple of street
away and came via foot.
They got to the top of the two storey building.
They entered the first room, it was large and
empty like a warehouse.
Hester entered first and looked out of the only
window and inspect the environment.
Ethel was close when the iron door that served
as their entrance began closing as if on cue .
His gymnastics came to play as he swiftly
somersaulted twice. He fell short of calculation
and thinking because of the little space left for
the door to close. Without thinking, he placed
his right arm between as a wedge.
As the door pulled, the pain hit him, he
gnashed his teeth and groaned resisting.
She turned around on a heel and was shocked
at the sight before her. She ran to the door
and put her hands at the space between and
pulled with all her might.
He didn’t remove his arm.
‘Remove your arm, damn it! ‘ She screamed.
He removed his arm and fell. He held his arm
as the burning pain raked through his entire
being from the arm. He gnashed his teeth.
She removed her arms and the door slammed
‘Oh God! ‘ He exclaimed.
‘What in the world is wrong with you Ethelbert!
What is wrong with you!’ Her eyes shone in her
exasperation coupled with the fact that she felt
like beating with both fists until until she was

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‘I was trying …to prevent the door from
‘From closing? ‘ She nearly shrieked. ‘If you
can’t feel the weight of the door, can’t you feel
it? ‘
He looked at her a bit taken aback by her
outburst, ‘That is the only way we can leave
Her chest rose and fell. ‘Says who? ‘
‘I just had to do it. Now we are trapped by
Oladimeji. ‘
‘Don’t ever do it again! Don’t ever sacrifice Any
part of your body like that irrationally!
‘Why are you sounding like I did it because of
you. ‘ He sat and tried massaging his arm.
‘You did it because of me, you did it because
am the major one at stake. Oladimeji knows
better than to do anything silly to you. You
what? ‘ She paused momentarily, ‘That’s Why
am angry, It is not worth it! I don’t worth it
because I don’t appreciate it and please don’t
do it again. ‘
He opened his mouth to protest but couldn’t.
This was a version of her, he had never seen.
She took three steps forward and took deep
breaths. ‘Let me see your arm.’ She stoop.
‘No Hester. ‘ He stood. ‘I’m… I’m fine.

She stood and looked at him with raised brows
baffled at his response when his facial
expression and the way he held his arm said
‘Really am okay. ‘ He managed a smile.
She said nothing more as she walked back to
the large window and pointed. ‘This part has
no fence.’
He stood beside her.’ I have an idea, we will
climb over the window and escape through
that bush.’
She nodded as she had already thought of that.
‘Jump? ‘ He turned to her suddenly. ‘Hester
you don’t have to be afraid. I’m well aware of
the height but you’ve to jump. I’ll jump first
after which you, so I cushion you.’
‘Hmmmm …’ She could have smiled but she
maintained a calm face as said ‘okay. ‘
He climbed over the window and helped
through it so they could Stand at the little
platform it provided.
He jumped and rolled over over at landing. He
stood, wince and swing his inflamed arm
before beckoning to her with both legs apart.
She jumped and calculated somersaults, she
landed on her feet.
‘Whooah! ‘ He did not hide his shock at her
precision. ‘Hester how in the world …’
She pulled his okay arm. ‘Let’s get out of here
before they come after us.’ She glanced back
and saw a head peering at the window. ‘Ethel
we have to run.’

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A gun shot rented the air.

They took to their heels.

‘Let me have the Jeep keys. ‘ She said in
between breaths.
Feeling the hotness of his arm and the
shakiness, he couldn’t object as he granted her
Sweating and panting, they got into the Jeep.
Hester buckled her seat belt and turned on the
Ethel sat back and closed his eyes
She set the Jeep in motion. She glanced at him
with a knowledge of the possible damage and
pain he was going through. She was aware he
was trying hard to be brave.
‘Dearie am sorry about your arm but you have
to strap your seat belt. We have to race now
because we won’t be allowed time go without a
‘That good for nothing …’ He sat up and jerked
his head back.

‘Strap your seat belt dear.’ She changed gears
waiting for him to be safe before executing her
He obeyed. ‘Hester are you sure you can …?’
‘Can you keep quiet for me dearie. ‘ She
interrupted calmly. ‘Four eyes are better than
two, you can watch the road with me. ‘She
took a turn. ‘Better still, say -go Hester! Go
Hester do your thing.

Ethel flashed her a smile displaying his perfect
dentition. How could anymore be so calm in
such a situation.

She knew one of the cars was vehicle distance
away, two were five cars away and was nine
vehicles distant .

She looked at the traffic light as it became red
and like a bolt from the blue an idea occurred
to her.

Who are you?

Hester Douglas Tobechukwu.

Who is beside you?

Ethelbert Franklin Onyemakazie.

You mean you two are …?’ Her thought trailed off as she left the one lane
drive swiftly and cautiously, thankfully she had
left a considerable space in front of her.

She sped up.

‘Hester, what are you …?’
‘Hold your breathe.’
At the round about, she accelerated and it
generated blurring dust . Before the road users
could digest the sight before them.
She had joined the moving lane and swerved
into a short cut.
‘I didn’t know a road was here.’ Ethel looked
out through the windscreen.
‘Bless Wale heart for giving me that book on
Nigeria roads and special thanks to the writer.

‘Mtcheew! They can’t follow us.’ He almost
Hester smiled sweetly. ‘You can take a nap
Ethel sat back and exhaled. He closed his eyes
with a smile on his lips.

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