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Fighting Back! – Season 1 – Episode 58

Hester rolled into bouts of laughter. ‘I’m trying
so hard for my intestines not….not to
disconnect. ‘
‘I’ll bring them back together with superglue,
you shouldn’t bother about that.’ He smiled.
She supported her abdomen with her palm as
she rolled into yet another bout of laughter.
‘When the day of birthday came, our friends
attended and variety of female attended, you
know what I mean? ‘
Hester nodded.
‘The celebration progressed smoothly until two
ladies started arguing about which was Osagie
girlfriend. In no time, they were the centre of
all attraction. ‘
‘What did Osaz do? ‘ Hester sipped her fruit
Ethel shook his head in remembrance with a
smile. ‘He set the video of his phone to work.
A couple of minutes later, he wanted to get his
video device inside the house and asked that i
continued to cover the happenings. I thought
he was crazy and I told him so, knowing how
wild ladies fight can get especially when the
reason is a man.’
‘Especially when the guy has the brains,
popularity, wealth and even good looks.’
Hester added.
‘That’s right. ‘ He acknowledged. ‘He ran into
the house and came out with a video recorder.
Nobody attempted to separate them since it
was a reality show with no fee attached. They
pushed each other, hurled insults, exchanged a
couple of slaps, one poured a glass of wine on
the other, the other retaliated with a bowl of
Then, they sighted that the reason for their
fight and their temper got to it’s peak and they
both advanced towards him. With a straight
face, he shunned them before going to the
platform and gave a three minutes talk on
public comportment . At the end he was

‘And the girls felt like the greatest fool in the
planet.’ Hester chirped in.
‘I believe they will take a break from parties
for two months. ‘
Hester chuckled. ‘That’s if they are wise.’
He picked the fork and ate from his
plate.’Listen to the best part. ‘ He drank water.
‘Later in the day, Osaz made a confession -the
don, when those ladies de approach me
shuuuu… ,na by God’s grace that video no fall
from my hand. I bi wan ran outside. In fact ,I
don die go sef , na scope I just use.’ He tried
mimicking Osagie
Thankfully there was nothing in her mouth, if
not, she would have choked as she laughed

Hester crossed her leg and looked intently at
the large plasma screen TV in the sitting room.
‘That lady acts so well and she is very
beautiful. ‘ She pointed. ‘Ethel what is her
name? ‘
Ethel glared at her momentarily. ‘You don’t
know her?’ He was sitting across her seeing the
same nollywood movie.
‘You sound like the world knows her save me.’
‘She has won the award for the best actress in
Nigeria for three years back to back. She has
been the exclusive face of nollywood. She has
even won a Grammy. She is Africa finest and
rep even international.’
‘How cute! what is her name?’
‘Natasha Williams. ‘ He studied her expression.
She shook her head, the name not ringing a
bell in her head.
He helped her. ‘ She was Oladimeji lover for a
year and half, they were even engaged to be
married. They were seen together in almost
every occasion until Oladimeji publicly
announced their disengagement with
preinforming Nat.
Hester bit her lower lips to prevent herself
from cursing him. ‘Good grief.’ She frowned.
‘He is ruthless Hess. She was so heartbroken,
she trimmed and suspended work for a couple
of months. She announced publicly that she
would have to nothing to do with an intimate
relationship with any guy. It was her
profession and nothing more.’ He grinned. and
then chuckled.
Hester eyed him. ‘You are not about to burst
into fits of laughter when there is nothing
‘I remember a story linking Osaz to our
discussion. ‘ He flashed his white set of teeth.
Hester looked away, exhaled and then
‘A couple of weeks later, Osaz and I got a guest
invite to PROJECT FAME. We got to the car park
after the show, Osaz sighted a pink sleek ride
in which the plate reads -NATWILLS. ‘
”Who is NATWILLS? ” Osaz inquired.
“That should belong to Natasha Williams. ”
“Natty …Natty …that means should be in there.
” He smiled mischievously.
‘What’s up Gem? ‘
‘I will go in there and come out with Natasha,
if in five minutes am not out, you can leave
with the car.”
“Are you sure you are ready to loose half of
your head? ”
“My Don, to every stubborn lady, there is
stubborner man. ” He laughed and walked
away gallantly.

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Hester rolled her eyes.
‘In three minutes, he came out hand in hand
with her with his smile reaching his ears not in
anyway handicapped. ‘
Hester smiled.

‘We chatted and he invited her for a drink, she
agreed and for fortyfive minutes, we were
together. Subsequently, Osaz went out with
her a couple of more times. Yet bet the
tabloids glared with photographs, headlines
and captivating story. Osagie could be very
dramatic. They became good friends.’
‘Osaz was a goal getter. ‘ She commented

‘While I was away in South Africa, Natasha met
me and told me she found out I could lead her
to where you are. Said she wanted to relate
with you.’
Hester uncrossed her legs.

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She uncrossed her legs and said nothing.
‘I did everything to dissuade her yet she was
bent on meeting with you. I think she has not
gotten over Oladimeji and wants to see for
herself what Oladimeji is so crazy about in
you.’ Ethel stated before glancing at the
‘Hmmmm …’ Hester resolved thoughtfully.
‘Oladimeji is still available for her, I won’t see
her. The last thing I will not do is to fight
another lady for a man.’
‘Not even for love …?’ He raised his brows.
‘Love worketh no ill to his neighbor! therefore
love is the fulfilling of the law. Fighting is an
I’ll and a show of undiscipline.’ She stood.
‘Goodnight Ethel, it’s time for me to sleep. ‘
It was pass noon.
‘Wait Hess, remind me of the Bible passage. ‘
‘Romans thirteen verse ten, cheerio. ‘ She head
to her bedroom.

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He sat back and his brows narrowed

‘Though we may not see every time we call his
name, He will be there for us.’ They all sang.

They were having a vigil to conclude the seven
days of fasting the entire household had
embarked on. They had converged in the
sitting room.

‘Oh Let’s sing it. ‘ Ethel compelled with closed
‘Though we may not see every time we call his
name he will be there for us. It is well …it is
well …it is well in the name of Jesus, it is well
with our soul today. It is well …it is well …it is
well in the name of Jesus …it is well with our
soul today. ‘ Their hands were joined as they
‘With Nigeria …’ He said.
‘It is well …it is well … it is well in the name of
Jesus …it is well with Ni-ge-ria today. It is well
…it is well with Ni-ge-ria… ‘
‘Do something new Lord in our lives make a
start, do something new Lord, do something

With raised voice they sang the new song.

Ethel knelt in their midst as the Mummy J took
over the prayers.

‘… there was a scheme that was organised at
that time and since I was a citizen by birth, I
applied and it was approved. I was in the U.S
ARMY for a couple of years.’
‘Seriously? With the law and criminal justice
you did in SA. ‘ SHE was flabbergasted.

‘There so many of my photographs and portrait
you’re yet to see. Probably I’ll take you for an
excursion in my bedroom. ‘ He winked at her.
Hester smiled but retained the serious
expression on her face. ‘ There are sometimes
when our physical and mental abilities help us
a great deal and sometimes it doesn’t mean a
thing, it doesn’t hold water. ‘ Her brows
creased. ‘ By all standard, I think you’re
qualified to be a presidential candidate. From
the day I met you, something told me you
might be the savior and deliverer Nigerians
have been longing and praying for.’ She smiled.

‘I have always prayed for my country, for the
well being of her but you made my prayers
became focused and direct. Lord let him be
your vessel of honor, let me be the one you
will use to bring smiles on our faces, the very
one you will use to draw those who have
strayed due to what they are passing through
back to You.’
He listened raptly.
‘I love Nigeria with everything in me and every
time I hear news that suggest we are going
down, I’m broken. ‘ Tears formed in her eyes.
‘I know how many people would have willingly
given so much for me to stay back in
Hollywood. The hospital reviewed my contract
and wanted to almost double my pay when I
wrote that I was leaving. ‘ She paused
She paused momentarily. ‘I knew I will never
be fulfilled with the knowledge that the
country Where am giving my best is near
perfection and mine is …’ Hester shook her
head. ‘no where at all. That became the bond
between Victoria and I, choosing to suffer for
a while for our country to be better. ‘ She
paused momentarily. ‘There have been good
and bad leaders. Some actually had good and
positive intentions but lost it not willingly.
Considering this nation of ours alongside the
top position, there are lots of distraction,
corruption, challenges, responsibility, idols
and so on. Physical and mental abilities can’t
solve them all. You need something more …
something more than everything you will face.
You need the power that every gods, every
human, everything trembles before, a power
they all acknowledge.
‘Dear you need the Invincible ,the possessor of
the power that conquers all.’ She was
emphatic. ‘Let him saturate you, let him fill
your body, spirit and soul. Let him take charge
of your every abilities. ‘
Ethel exhaled and closed his eyes briefly.

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‘Let’s share what the Holy book says in the
Proverbs eight. ‘ She used her phone Bible.
‘The fear of the Lord is to hate evil :pride and
arrogancy, and the evil way and the froward
mouth, do I hate. counsel is mine, and sound
wisdom! I am understanding! I have strength.

By me Kings reign and princes decree justice.

By me, princes rule, and nobles, even all the
judges of the earth.

I love them that love me and those that seek
me early shall find me.

Riches and honor are with me; yea, durable
riches and righteousness.

My fruit is better than gold, yea, than fine
gold; and my revenue than choice silver.

I lead in the way of righteousness, in the midst
of the path of judgment.

That I may cause those that love me to inherit
substance; and I will fill their treasures.

The Lord possessed me in the beginning of his
way, before his works of old.’
She took his hands in hers. ‘Let him possess
you in the beginning of your way. Seek him
early, see He can help with everything only if
you ask him.’ Hester stood. ‘Ask him now.’
He held her back.’ Let’s ask him together. ‘ He
eyes had become glassy with tears.

Hester got down on her knees.

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