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Fighting Back! – Season 1 – Episode 56

The finger that was tracing the encyclopedia
stopped and she look up in the library having
been distracted by shouting and wailing.
Hester stood, hastily arranged the book before
heading out.
He met her halfway towards the direction of the
wailing and shouting. On him was every
indication of anger as he walked pass her
without even a glance.

She look back at the retreating figure with a
worried frown creeping into her countenance.

She continued towards the direction of the
voices she was hearing.
She entered the torture room. ‘Jeez! ‘ She
exclaimed at the gory sight before her.
Whatever happened to them! Her brows
creased as she looked the two security men
Wale and Dominic exchanged glances.
‘Are you going to tell me what happened to
them? ‘ She looked at both of them.
They exchanged looks.
Hester rolled her eyes, exasperation building in
her. ‘Are you going to tell me what happened or
do I find out from another source? ‘
‘Emmmm …our lady… they were punished by
the boss.’ Wale told her.
‘Punishment? ‘ Her brows darkened
thoughtfully. ‘ Ethel cannot do this to them for
‘Yes … that’s true. Our lady …ummm …they …’
His voice trailed off as he glanced at Dominic
once more.

‘Wale please what is it? ‘
‘Our lady …’ He exhaled. ‘The boss discovered
that the ambush that you faced at the salon by
Ola boys was as a result of the information that
Daniel and Kunle sent to them.’
‘What !’ She exclaimed in disbelief and spun to
face Dominic for confirmation.

‘It’s true.’ He confirmed sadly.
‘Oh-my-God.’ She took a couple of steps back.

She remembered how jovial she had been with
them, how she via the sincerity of her heart had
told them where she was headed to. How close
she would have been a captive of Oladimeji
once more. ‘Oh God.’ She muttered as the
painful feeling of betrayal surged through her.

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‘Our lady …please forgive …forgive me… ‘ Kunle
apologized and wheezed.
‘I’m sorry please… ‘ Daniel had bloody saliva
dripping from his mouth.
Hester walked out .
‘Please our lady …’ Wale followed her outside.

She stopped.
‘I know I shouldn’t ask at all considering the
intensity of their offense but please …please
help us.’
‘Wale, they need hospital help. ‘
‘We can’t do that our lady, the boss forbids us
leaving in any of the cars for the hospital. You
are the only that can help.’

She opened her mouth to reject the obvious
request but didn’t have the heart to do so.’
‘Please our lady, please …’

She swallowed. ‘Let me see what you have in
the first aid box. Give me few minutes, let me
get somethings from my room.’

‘Thank you our lady.’ Wale gave her a low bow.
From the top of his mansion, he watched as she
took a walk around the hexagonal shaped
swimming pool and the well trimmed flower
He saw her sit on the chair facing the pool, she
placed both legs up and placed her head on my
knee caps. Even from the distance, he
perceived she was crying.

The same reason she was crying was the same
reason that had prompted him to mete out
same punishment to them -the feeling of
distrust, the feeling of being betrayed of one
that was trusted not just to anyone but a
dangerous enemy.

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Ethel came back to reality with a start and saw
her sitting on a swing and it was moving fast.
He suspected he saw for distraction from her

He stood and head for the ropes with knots, the
fastest way to reach down.

He grabbed one of the swing ropes. ‘Take it
easy darling .’ He tried to reduce the swing
speed. ‘I’m sorry Hester.’
‘I feel awful Ethel.’ She wiped her tears with her
palm. ‘I don’t know Why we can’t entrust our
sincerity with others without the fear of
betrayal. ‘ She stared into space.
? Where do broken hearts go and they find their
way home back to the open arms of a love that
is waiting there if somebody love you,
would they always love you
Ethel sang for her and she was mesmerized as a
smile formed on her lips. How she had thought
he was a wonderful tenor Singer.

The swing movement was now to and fro.
‘Ethel… do you know Where broken hearts go? ‘
Hester was thoughtful.
‘No Hess, I don’t know. ‘ He answered honestly.

‘I wish I knew where they go because my heart
need to visit there desperately. ‘
‘Victoria once said to me, -my bf has got the
most generous heart on planet earth. I kinda
doubted that until today. I marvel that you
treated Daniel and Kunle despite what they
Hester shrugged.
‘There was time when Victoria stumbled on my
diary and saw the epitome of my idea woman.
Guess what she told me? ‘ He beamed pushing
the swing .
‘I wouldn’t know. ‘ She replied nonchalantly.
‘She said her best friend will suit me well and
being with you make me acknowledged the
possibility. She …’
‘You must be out of your mind! Stop this swing
now! ‘
‘Why are you burning up?’ His voice was
‘I ain’t burning up ’cause I don’t have fever! If
you don’t stop this swing now, I will jump
down.’ Her face was flushed and her eyes
‘I believe if you hear the conclusion, you will feel
better. ‘
‘I will feel better when I bring the sky down,
peg your ears on it and put it up for the world
to see the price of being defiant! ‘
‘You don’t have to worry about that, I will get
you a sword.’ HIS hands were still on the swing.
‘It’s a joking matter now but wouldn’t be when
you appear earless at the CNN TV interview for
young African entrepreneur.’
Ethel laughed heartily. ‘I believe Osagie and
Victoria would have made wonderful couples.
Will you like to see what.Osagie and I was back
in south Africa. ‘
‘Photographs? ‘
‘Yup! ‘ He stopped the swing.
Hester jumped down with a smile. ‘I love
photographs! ‘
How relieved he felt that he had made her feel
better. He loved her smile and it made her eyes
‘And Ethelbert? ‘
‘Uh-huh? ‘
‘You voice is soothing when you sing. ‘ She
faced him.
‘Woah!’ He fan himself with both palms. ‘I … I
feel so hot that I need to immerse myself in the
pool before I melt away. ‘
‘Go ahead.’ She fold her arms.’ How long will
that take? ‘
‘The rest of this year .’

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Hester rolled her eyes before bursting into
bouts of laughter.

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