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Fighting Back! – Season 1 – Episode 53

The Suzuki precede the Bentley were Ethel and
Hester were and the other vehicles followed.

Ethel was silent throughout the entire ride even
as he listened as Dominic and Kalu who were in
front commented on the sermon, sharing what
they learnt.
He glanced at Hester who was relaxed with here
eyes shut. She had sat beside Chime in church
and they were before him. He saw her wipe her
tears during the sermon.
No matter how he tried, he couldn’t
comprehend Oladimeji driving force. He felt
sorry for her, imagine loosing two friends within
a season.

Based on Oladimeji terminating the life of his
best friend, he was not going to let it be swept
under the carpet.

He would carry his research and strike in due

Rumors were flying about the President son
having a hand in the assassinated construction

He coughed once, twice and spat blood. His T
shirt was soaked in blood and one of his eyes
was filled with blood.
‘Don’t torture him anymore, take him out and
butcher him. ‘ Oladimeji stopped spacing, his
face was so distorted in anger that one could
never believe he was actually handsome. His
eyes were red due to sleeplessness and the
nightmare he had been having for the past
couple of days, in fact since he heard the
rumor, he had not been himself.

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‘Boss …boss please have mercy on me, they are
…are no rumor. ‘ He inhaled deeply and
sobbed. ‘I shot him boss …I never knew he was
Osagie Osahon. ‘ His whole body shook.

‘You are wooden headed! . ‘ Oladimeji screamed
exasperated before slapping him. ‘Oh you’ve
ruined me!’ He wailed. ‘ Are you blind! Do you
need a telescope to you he was the one!’
‘I’m sorry boss …I never knew, please have

‘Out of all the whole none entities in a Kenya,
you chose him to pull a trigger! ‘ He glared at
him hysterical.
‘I was only following … order.’

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He placed both hand around his neck and
sq££zed it.’That order will kill you! You
bastard, before you ruin me, I will completely
destroy you and you will be a thing of nought. ‘
His grip tightened.

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‘I don’t feel too good.’ Hester sat back and
closed her eyes.

She had mumbled but he heard her. He was
driving the car and she was seated in front with
him while Godwin and Kalu were behind. They
were coming from a book launch in which Ethel
had been invited.

‘Do you want out? ‘ He glanced at her.
‘It is not a sick feeling Ethel, it is a feeling that
something is wrong. ‘ She adjusted herself on
the seat and peered at the rear mirror.
The guys behind looked at the rectangular clear
space of the tinted windscreen while Ethel
glanced at the rear mirror not slowing down.

‘We are being followed, I’ve noticed those grey
vehicles from the express. ‘Ethel announced.
Hester exhaled. He had noticed too, how could
he have been so calm.

‘We have to inform the rest, we have to turn
back at the next diversion. ‘ Godwin said. Wale,
Dominic, Chime and Precious were in the car
preceding with Dominic driving. ‘
‘We can’t turn around, they will block the road
or there be obstruction of traffic, besides, the
next turn will be too bumpy. There is a close
nearby, we will head for there so we can
prepare for them. Kalu call Wale and inform
him. He looked at her as he changed gears.

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‘Don’t panick Hess, you don’t have to worry
since we are all here.’ She said for him

Ethel could not help but smile at her statement.

‘I was actually going to say Hess, don’t be
nervous, just stay close to us.’
‘I don’t know if I have problem with grammar
and interpretation because I doubt if there is a
difference between the two.’
He only beamed respecting her instinct. He
reached out and gave her hand a brief sq££ze.
She said a short prayer in her mind.
‘Sir message delivered. ‘ Kalu reported and
patted his gun.
Ethel glanced at the mirror once more before
saying a prayer in his mind.

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