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Fighting Back! – Season 1 – Episode 52

fear bring about doubt, lost of self, but
standing tall to it brings faith, boost your
energy and gives you victory. ”
The voice of the great friend she had made
within few months came back to her.
“Stand up for what you believe in …fight for
what belong to you and never try to relegate
your Creator to the background. ”
The voice of her best friend father seconded.
‘… stand up to this occasion. ”
The voice of her best uncle followed.
“Sweetheart, there somethings I cherish and
respect about you, you are generous with your
patience but you freak me out anytime you rise
to an situation. ‘
Next was her best friend voice.
Hester blinked severally into reality. Her photo
album was opened on her lap. She flipped it
opened and a photograph of her Japanese
defense instructor came to view. She had being
his best student during her time. She stared at
it until she drifted away once more.
“Hester, from what I saw on your registration
form into this institution, you wanted to gather
this knowledge since it is your leisure time. The
attitude and spirit you put during your training
process surpass mere leisure. You gave it your
best, you made friends with your superiors and
learnt, you took correction with no display of
rebellion, you focused. I hardly get close to my
students but you broke that rule. Eventually
you’re through, you still extend funds, assist
students and watch training classes. Going to
back to your country will leave a hollow in our
hearts Since we don’t when to anticipate your
return. You’re a great person with a good heart.
Contrary to what you’ve filled, I think you will
need the knowledge later in life. I trust you not
to forget what you’ve learnt, remember you
shouldn’t use your power to intimidate others.
My dear child, never stand up against another
except it is the only way.’
Those were the exact words of her master the
day she had come to bid farewell.
‘Dear Lord, the handwriting on the wall is too
clear and bold to ignore, please come to my aid.
Guide me o thou great Jehovah. ‘ Hester closed
her eyes
‘One of these days Chime, you will teach me
how to knot my tie that way. ‘

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‘Thank you sir.’ He gave a low bow to
acknowledge his boss indirect compliment.
‘We are using the black Bentley, Suzuki, Toyota
Camry and Hyundai. You, Precious, Kalu and
Godwin will be driving. You all should be out in
seven minutes. ‘ Ethel instructed.
‘I hope there will be room for me.’
They both look up at the stairs towards the
direction of the voice.
There she stood elegantly looking in a
beautifully designed and decorated anchara
fabric, gele with a bag and heeled shoes to
match. Seeing her make you want to exclaim
Africa Queen.
‘Wow, our lady! you look good indeed.’ Chime
‘Ah-na! I wish I was putting on white so I will
readily walk side by side with you…down the
aisle. ‘ She sang.
‘Our lady! ‘ Chime chuckled and strode out of
the sitting room feeling elated. He was suited
up in white.

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She came down the stairs.
‘You look like the one and only, breathing taking
Queen H. Hester.’ He beamed and gave a low
‘Thanks. ‘ She chuckled. ‘You aren’t looking bad
‘That is what a lady says when she don’t want
to hurt a man by saying the truth.’
‘Ethel, i wouldn’t say something I don’t mean
afterall, you can’t beat me.’ She winked at him.
‘My dear, your dressing is charming my heart
away. I wouldn’t sit beside you in church so I
will concentrate.’
He burst into laughter. He was in native, the
igbo style, he even had a red cap on.

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‘Will there be room for me in the car? ‘
‘Sure. Can I? ‘ He extended his hand.
She gladly took it and they walk out side by

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