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Fighting Back! – Season 1 – Episode 51

They all turned towards the direction of the
voice, and there she was at the door all of a
sudden with a charming smile.

Despite the rebuke they just received, they
were thrilled to see her.

Unknown to him, he let out a sigh of relief. He
could have embraced her.
Hester took in the room before walking in. ‘Hi
everybody. ‘
‘Our lady. ‘ They chorused acknowledging her.
‘Hi boss.’ She flashed him a smile.
‘Hi Miss Actor. ‘ He returned teasing her
‘I have something to tell later but for now, can i
check out somethings about Oladimeji via this
control room?’ She stood in front of him with
her head tilted to a side with one of her best

He nodded his approval and she expressed her
gratitude and sat.

‘Who will assist me? ‘
‘I will.’ Dominic offered.
‘You look stunning. ‘ Ethel acknowledged before
heading to the fridge.
‘Thanks.’ Hester beamed.

She called the codes and they set to work, what
appeared on Dominic’s screen was projected.

‘Symbols, that are difficult decode.’ Dominic
commented after a number of unsuccessful

‘Seems Oladimeji delight in using technical
symbols. I marvel at his techniques. ‘ Wale
‘Osaz will always say that the only good thing
Ola did with his life and his father wealth is to
be a guru in system engineering. ‘ Ethel was
seated on his seat , he looked away from the
projected and drank from the bottle of water.
Hester nodded slowly as his statement clarified
some of the things she had noticed in
Oladimeji’s in the course of her escape.

‘I suppose those are high profile security
symbols. ‘ Hester said.
‘Yes Hess.’ Ethel wheeled his chair close and
stretched his hand to do some typing on
Dominic’s keyboard. ‘ That represent a
warehouse. ‘ He announced after about 30
seconds .

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Hester looked at the projected screen and dual
symbols in a scrutinizing manner .
‘This other ones appears to be a nut case.’


said after few seconds.

They nodded their agreement.

‘Kalu get me my laptop. ‘ Ethel instructed.

‘Kalu wait …’ She stopped him when he was at
the door. ‘Those three symbols at the right
represent firearms and ammunition. Dominic
please excuse me.’ She wanted to confirm.

He stood and they exchanged seats. Soon a
different display on symbols was on the screen.

When it was zoomed, half of the guys in the
room exclaimed. Blinking was – High profile

Ethel raised his brows taken aback.

‘What in the world do Oladimeji need all those
for? ‘ She pondered aloud.

‘The election. ‘ Ethel was calm but conveyed his

‘The election? I don’t understand. ‘ She gave
him her full attention.
‘I don’t think I will be far from the truth to say
that Oladimeji intend to become the next
president of Nigeria by peace or war.’
‘That is true boss. ‘ Precious agreed.
‘Heaven forbids that he becomes a president. ‘
Dominic said with a frown.
‘Are you saying that for my sake? ‘ Ethel
Dominic shook his head with a bitter smile. ‘if
that happens, I will opt for Any other country in
Africa, in fact, I will readily choose Iraq because
in no time at all, Nigeria may become a branch
of Hellfire. ‘

Hester shivered slightly despite the sweatshirt
she had on.
Since somewhere in their various minds, they
knew his statement was far beyond any form of
joke, they displayed no sign of amusement.
‘Is Dimeji that loaded to afford those weapons? ‘
She was brainstormed.
‘I am aware he owns a couple of business. ‘
Wale said.

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‘His finance and aid from his father can’t afford
him such luxury. Do you realize what it takes to
ship those from wherever to Nigeria. ‘ Ethel was
‘I think he is into illegal business. ‘ Kalu
‘I think so too.’ Chime seconded.
‘There is only way to find out, our lady help us
with the last two symbols. ‘ Wale implored.
Ethel stood and rubbed his forehead. ‘There is
no need for that. ‘ He frowned. ‘I know what
that represents, Demeji is into drug trafficking. ‘
‘What! ‘ Hester gasped.
‘Yes. I’m going to find out all there is to know. ‘
He head out to the balcony with a new

‘That is serious Hester. ‘
‘That has to stop. I can’t continue to belly
Dimeji and his excesses. I am going to sue him.

‘You said what?’ He braced up his ears so he
could hear her well.
‘I will sue Oladimeji. ‘ She repeated with a
serious expression.
Ethel burst into laughter.
‘What …what is amusing you? ‘ She was taken
‘You …you don’t understand. ‘ He went down
from the sofa to the floor still laughing.

Now, she was confused. ‘Ethel, is something
wrong, are you all right? ‘ She frowned worried.
Her statement seemed like a fuel to propel his
laughter. He laughed hard and long.
She stood upset. ‘Fine! You can laugh all you
want since an now an object of amusement. ‘
She turned to leave.
He grabbed her hand. ‘Hester please …’ He
burst into another bout of laughter.

‘You don’t have to plea. It’s a free world, you
can laugh all you want. Leave me alone. ‘ She
tried to remove his hand but his grip became
‘Dearie I’m sorry, I really am.’ He stopped
laughing and cleared his voice.
‘Can you leave my hand now? ‘
‘If I do you will walk away. ‘He stood.
‘Yes I will, I need to take a nap.’
‘Oh my darling is angry with me! ‘
‘It is not a crime to laugh. You will offend me if
you don’t leave my hand now.’

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He let her go. ‘I shouldn’t have laughed, it is
just because i couldn’t help it. Please forgive me
and sit, please …’

She forgave him and sat.

‘Thank you.’ Ethel beamed and sat beside her.

‘Shey you bi yankee babe? ‘
‘Ethelbert please …’ She rolled her eyes.

‘You bi Yankee babe.’ He was affirmative.

She smiled. ‘I believe you’re not saying that as a
joke, hit the nail on its head.’
‘You’ve a great psychological instinct. ‘
‘You’re a psychologist. ‘
‘Wait up girlfriend, tell me something I don’t
know. ‘
‘Studied it online and have a certificate to that
effect. ‘
‘Did you…?’
‘Let’s finish one first. ‘ She interrupted calmly.
‘You’re a Yankee babe because you want to use
oyibo method here. Suing Dimeji won’t work.’
She exhaled before sitting back understanding
‘Come on Hess, you can’t blank out that way. ‘
‘What is your advice to me? ‘
‘If you can’t beat them, join them.’
‘I can’t join him, the option left is to beat him.
Oh my …’ She muttered.

He watched her.
‘I will like a quite moment to myself. ‘
‘Should I excuse you? ‘
‘No, watch the soap opera, you will narrate it
later.’ She stood and head for the stairs. ‘Thank
you Ethel.’
He nodded and his eyes didn’t leave her until
she was out of sight.

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