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Fighting Back! – Season 1 – Episode 50

She stood, legs slightly apart waiting for them.
Silence prevailed.

The door opened after a couple of minutes and
as soon as he stepped in, he slipped losing
complete control Since it was unexpected and
there was nothing to cling to for support.

As he came to a confused halt, she registered a
kick to his forehead and he was put out of his
confusion once and for all.

Hester quickly picked his gun.

The other entered and before he could fathom
what had happened, he slipped with such a
force that propelled his companion forward.

‘poo! ‘ He exclaimed in disgust and a scowl.
‘Stand. ‘ She pointed the gun to him.

He struggled to his feet, walked slowly and
carefully to the nearest wall to support himself.

She swing the cord she was holding towards his

He groaned in pain as it landed on his back.

She continued until he was wailing, pleading
and bent over writhing in pain.

‘Could someone please help me inform their
companion out there that they need help.
Amazed by her actions, one of male attendant
volunteered. He went through the back exit.
She watched from the window.

He came in and slipped, but because of the
previous falls, it wasn’t as slippery as before. His
grip on his gun was still on the gun as his
butt0ckz his the ground.

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Hester sent the cord to his palm in quick

He let go of the gun as swing both hands trying
to get rid of the pains that now possess them.
He stood and she sent him back to the floor by
pulling the towards the direction of his left leg.

He fell on his back.

She began giving instructions. ‘Take the
unconscious guy to their car. Yes please both of
you can help.’
‘You help him up, can’t you see your companion
need urgent medical attention. ‘

‘What is happening here? Where is Hester? ‘
Ethel glanced around at their faces.
‘Sir …sir, she is not around. ‘ Kalu replied.
‘Not around. ‘ He said and a frown creeped and
overshadowed his countenance. ‘Where is she? ‘
His voice was calm.
‘Emmm … sir, she …she …’ Precious began
‘What the in the world is going on here?
Dominic, Wale, talk to me, what’s happening! ‘
He demanded losing his cool. He turned to his
personal assistants.
They all got to their feet and they panicked.
‘Sir she left by 10 am in her car, she told me
she was going to shop and make her hair.’
Dominic explained and lowered his eyes.
‘Ten am! ‘ Ethel screamed, just to be sure.’ He
looked at his wristwatch. ‘Jesus Christ! ‘ He
exclaimed. ‘How come none of you called me to
inform me! ‘
‘Sir …Sir, you were in an important conference.’
Wale stammered.

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‘I don’t need you to remind me because I’ve not
forgotten already!’ He snapped. ‘What is wrong
with you Wale? What happened to you thinking
out of the box! I left this house by 7am, did I
spend the entire time in conference, couldn’t
you have send me a text message. ‘
‘I’m very sorry sir.’
‘Wale and Dominic, saying am disappointed is a
lifetime understatement! Both of you are aware
the effort that was put in to rescue her. You are
aware of what she went through in the course
of her escape. You all saw the breakdown her
health experienced. What if other commitments
had come up and I had to lodge outside ehen?
No one would have bothered to tell me. You all
would have sought solace on a rocking chair. ‘
‘Not so sir, we would …’
‘Keep quiet Dominic, what more time are you
waiting for!’ Ethel interrupted sharply. ‘ six
hours fifteen minutes is gone. Did she spend all
those hours shopping and making her hair? He
paused momentarily as if waiting for an answer
None of them could meet his gaze, they knew
there boss was hardly angered and when he
was does, it was usually for a good cause.

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‘I expected better of you all, I trained each and
everyone of you not to take chances. I am
disappointed and we will have this conversation
again later in a different way.’ He heaved and
loosed his tie.’ Everyone get down to your
various system and …’ It dawned on him.
‘Chime? ‘ He called.
‘Yes sir. ‘
‘Did you attach the tracker I gave you for her
car? ‘
Their breath hung.
‘Emmm …Yes sir.’ He replied and exhaled
knowing he would have been the first recipient
of his boss anger.
‘Get down everyone, let’s find her car. Stop
looking at me as if I’m suddenly growing braids,
we haven’t got time! ‘
‘Is somebody looking for me? ‘

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