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Fighting Back! – Season 1 – Episode 5

Good evening everybody. ‘ Hester greeted and
continue in her purposeful strides .

The three of them who were seated in the
sitting room anticipating her return, stood as
she came in.
‘Honey how was the date? ‘ Douglas asked.
‘Did you have fun? ‘ Empress inquired.
‘Is he very romantic? ‘ Agatha asked with
glittering eyes.

She was just going to ignore them, she owed
nobody any explanation. She continued her
strides but at an after thought, she decided not
to ignore them.

They watched her with each step she took
making their expectations slip.
‘Oladimeji Adeniyi.’ She tried not to spiteful and
turn around slowly knowing the kind of
expression she was going to see on each of
their faces. ‘That is now a household anthem I
hear in the morning, noon and night. ‘ Her
voice was calm as her gaze swept their faces.

The faces she had known and loved all her life,
her gaze lingered on her father. ‘That has to
Stop… I can’t take it anymore. Unfortunately ,’
Her smile was bitter. ‘I have to realise it just
can’t happen and in line with, Hester got to do
what she has to do. I did not spent all those
years abroad to come home to play around with
the big names in Nigeria. Dad, Mum, I’m
moving out. I will stay in a guest house until I
get an apartment. When I get one, I will
communicate the address to you.
‘You can’t do that! ‘
‘Why not? Independence breeds destruction. ‘
She met her mother’s gaze. ‘Is that your fear
Mum ? ‘

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Empress looked away.
‘That independence didn’t destroy me and be
rest assured this won’t. ‘
Empress couldn’t stand her daughter.
‘What is your problem Hester? When are you
going to learn to enjoy yourself?’ Her elder sister
‘Probably you can start teaching by defining
enjoyment .’
‘Spare me that crap.’ She waved her off with
palm having fixed fingernails of different
colours. ‘Bury kiddies stuff and grow into your
privileges. ‘
‘Hmmmmm …’ She resolved not wanting to say
in spite of multitude of things to say . ‘I. am
moving out. ‘ Hester began leaving.

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Empress and Agatha look at Douglas for help.
‘You are going no where Hester! From today
henceforth till I say otherwise, I forbid you to
leave your room! ‘ He voice was stern and
portrayed no iota of doubt.

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Hester couldn’t believe her ears, she turned
around like she. was in a trance. As an inbuilt
rule, she allowed herself to absorb any shock
before expressing herself. She glared at him.
‘Kasali! Kabiru! ‘ Douglas wasn’t done yet.

Two heavily built guys in grey suit came into
the sitting room.
‘She doesn’t leave her room from today
henceforth. It is an order, I hope you
understand. ‘ He looked from one to other.
‘Yes Sir! ‘ They chorused.
‘Why? ‘.Her palms were opened before her.
‘You are my daughter, I am your father. I have
a right to make decision on your behalf.

Hester was stunned yet pained. ‘No …no, this is
ridiculous Dad and you know it! Is this
influenced? ‘ Her eyes didn’t leave his face as
she searched his expression.
‘I don’t want to hear anything from you.’
Douglas told her huskily.
Her mind went blank.
Douglas was about to sit when he change his
mind. ‘Give me your phone. ‘
‘I beg your pardon!’ She was shakened but her
voice had much vibe to pursue its course.
‘Didn’t you hear me? I said -Let me have your
She made no effort like she heard him.
‘Are you deaf? ‘ He approached her visibly
angered. ‘Let me have your phone now!’
Agatha didn’t blink surprise his father could
raise his voice at his Princess and not wanting
to miss any of it.

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Empress panicked, she had never seen her
husband like that.

Hester removed her phone from her bag,
switched it off and dropped it on the nearest
sofa and without another word, head for the

The bodyguards followed suit.
‘Dearest I was surprised by that show of yours,’
Empress sat and crossed her legs. ‘I never saw
that coming. ‘ She said partly because of the
tense atmosphere.

‘Keep quiet! Just shut up! ‘ He exploded and
left for his bedroom with her phone.
Empress was visibly shakened.
‘Nawa for this kind of girl. ‘ Agatha scrutinized
her nails and then hissed irritated.

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