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Fighting Back! – Season 1 – Episode 47

Hester watched and listened to the news

The Kenyan bridge being Osagie last was
named after him. On and on, it went.

She felt stronger thinking of him, she was more
determined to take care of herself so his effort
won’t be in vain. Sometimes in the future she
would set up something in his honor.

Hester drummed her fingers thoughtfully on
the bed.


Hester hesitated.

Ethel turned to look at her. ‘What’s up girlie? ‘
‘I can’t Ethel.’ Her expression was sad. ‘I can’t
face them, I have abandoned them for too long
It really amazed him, the way she felt
responsible and took responsibility for the
littlest things. ‘My parents will understand, just
open up okay. Since my mum called to deliver
the message, you’ve been walking about like
someone who has guilty sentence shadowing
Without waiting for any sign of conviction, he
took her hand and led her into the expensively
furnished sitting room of the ex president of the

Hester glanced around, it was only with few
differences she noticed. She knew the mansion
like the route from her hand to her mouth.

The memories all came back, she exhaled.

‘Sweetheart. ‘ Akudo Onyemakazi, the wife to
the ex-president after the first lady was
assassinated when he was in power called and
descended the stairs smiling with open arms.

She was the mother of both Ethelbert and
Victoria. Ethel spent his early days in the South
Africa living with his eldest half brother.

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He had three half brother and a sister.

Ethel embraced his mother.’Good morning
sweet mum. ‘ He looked at her.’You look
charming. ‘
‘You have me to thank for that. ‘ Franklin
Onyemakazi strolled into the room.

‘Good morning dad.’ He gave a low bow.

‘How’s my boy doing? ‘ He beamed. One would
hardly believe he was in his early seventies. He
looked trimmed and fit.
Ethel shrugged. ‘I can also Thank mum for your
splendid look.’
‘YES you can sweetheart. ‘ Akudo answered and
Franklin laughed heartily.
Ethel glanced back at her. She was looking
down at her toes.
‘Hi darling. ‘ Franklin acknowledged her
presence with a smile. ‘It has been quite a
while. ‘ He sat.
‘A very long time. ‘ Akudo seconded.
She went down on her knees and lowered her
gaze for few seconds.
Ethel sat and they watched her.
‘All I can say is that am sorry and I hope you will
find it in your heart to forgive me.’ She looked
up at them and her eyes were filled with tears.
‘After my last visit here, my family begin to
pressure me that Oladimeji guy. When I refused
to have a relationship with him, my father
grounded me, I couldn’t leave my room. The
whole situation got me broken hearted and
confused, the few family friends I had couldn’t
change my parents mind. Before I realised it, I
was to be married to Oladimeji. It was on the
wedding day I stepped out after being
grounded. ‘ Her tears fell off. ‘From there to
Kenya. I know if I had contacted you, you would
have felt bad and tried to help me …I don’t
want your effort to be met with
disappointment. It has been very devastating
for me, I have been so confused, all I can say is
that am sorry.’ She opened her palms as an
expression of plea. ‘Help me dad, help me mum
…help this guilt of mine …’.She sobbed.

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Ethel looked at his parents.

‘My darling girl.’ Alison stood and helped her up.
She embraced her. ‘I understand you Hess, you
never offended us really. Besides, we have a
mind set of you.’
‘Yes Honey.’ Franklin agreed. ‘I must commend
you for the way you’ve upheld yourself. ‘ He

Hester wiped her tears feeling relieved.
‘You’re still my baby girl. ‘ Akudo led her to seat
beside her.
‘Thank you very much.’ Hester sat.
The refreshments came.

‘Do you know Kendall McGrath? ‘ Franklin asked.
‘Yes. He is an an attorney, a friend to Victoria
and I. He also lives on our street. ‘
Akudo voice became calm as she observed
Hester. ‘Victoria is a testate. ‘
‘She had a will? ‘ Hester was completely taken

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The news was also new Ethel but he remained
silent knowing it was Hester that was
‘Yes sweetheart, it was oblivious to me until
Kendall called few days ago. He said that a
couple of days before you two left Hollywood for
Nigeria, she did it.

Her facial expression became blank.

‘My dear girl, ‘ A smile spread across her face.
‘Her will is simple and straight forward. To me, it
portray the love, trust and bondness you too
share. Based on her will, everything that has
the name Victoria Franklin Onyemakazi has
been willed to you, bank accounts, inheritance,
property, stocks, shares and all are now yours
for you and the execution of the dream you two
had in common. ‘
‘So it shall it be. ‘ Franklin added.

For his younger sister to have considered her
worthy of all that was hers, he knew Hester
must have mean a lot to her. The respect he
had for took a new dimension.

Hester blanched.

‘Darling? ‘
She was quiet.
‘Hester? ‘
‘Yes …Yes ma.’
‘Are you all right? ‘
‘I don’t know. ‘ She said choking, it almost
ended in a whisper.
‘It okay honey, all the paper work and
documents are all ready. ‘ Franklin told her.

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