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Fighting Back! – Season 1 – Episode 46

HI Sweetie. ‘ Hester chuckled.

Ethelbert came and lowered himself on the
sofabed and faced the large screen.
‘Princess? ‘
‘No, this has got to be a joke, is this a candid
phone or is someone trying to pull my legs? ‘
‘Jay come on …’ She drawled and adjusted the
‘My darling princess! My sucre banana! ‘ He
hailed. ‘How’re you doing? ‘
‘Great darling and you? ‘ She beamed.

Splendid love because my everyday for the rest
of the year has been made by the sweetest
voice to me.’

‘I’m blushing cyan and violet.’ She chuckled.
‘The babes are in dilemma. As if the money is
not enough, the good look is taking our breath
away, as if that is not enough, the sweet talk is
making our head touch the sky.’

He laughed softly. ‘I know you too well, Hess,
how is Nigeria? ‘
‘Cool and my ex? ‘
‘Serene. ‘
‘How are your folks? ‘
‘We all well. We miss you.’ He replied.
‘Words can begin to describe how much have
missed you all. ‘ She told him and meant it. ‘I
need a car, what is my bill? ‘
‘My angel needs a car and she wants me to bill
her.’ He burst into bouts of laughter.
‘Jay come off it. It isn’t a joking matter. ‘
‘It is dearest! I can’t bill you …my parents will
think I have lost my mind if they get wind of it.
Personally, I will go have my head examined. ‘
‘I understand completely Jay, knowing you and
the quality of car you will send to me, please
forget pal basis. ‘
‘I ain’t forgetting anything Sweetie, I will send
you a car next week and give you a call later to
give you details. ‘
‘Jay …how do I express my gratitude? ‘
‘You saved my life Princess, what more
gratitude do I expect. I love you very much.’
‘Jay.’ She chided.
‘I love you with all my heart! ‘ He giggled.
‘You are cheating and it’s unfair. ‘
‘I don’t much but I know I love you that may be
…’He begin to sing.
‘love you too dear. Thanks Jay. ‘
‘Cheers Hess. ‘
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‘This chick got them connection! ‘ Ethel looked
up at her from the photographs of the car he
had been viewing on her system.
‘Hold it.’ She halted and both palms descended
on her waist. ‘I ain’t a product of mother hen,
watch ya tongue. ‘

He grinned mischievously. ‘Pardon me my lady,
I almost for …’

She delivered a blow to his side and posed for
‘I’m sorry …’ He bent over and clutched his his
side. ‘Oouuch! ‘
‘You are a pure case of pot calling kettle black! ‘
Hester pulled a chair and sat. ‘Be careful. ‘ She
pursed her lips.
‘I said I was sorry.’ He grinned. ‘I could help you
claim the car.’
‘You see …you see what am talking about. ‘ She
laughed as he pouted like a spoilt child.’I don’t
mind. ‘
‘What’s the story? The story behind this rare
affection. ‘ He focused on her.
‘Hmmmm …’ She sat back thoughtfully.
‘As a medical student, ?? studied a??????? practiced
parri passu. ?? was driving home from my
hospital when ?? witnessed a fatal accident.” . ??
rose to the occassion because ?? knew the guy
was hanging loosely to life. So, before the
paramedics arrived, ?? performed a major
surgery on him right there at the corner of the
road. ?? eventually followed him to the hospital
a??????? assissted in other things .’ She paused
momentarily. ‘In essence, with God help, ??

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saved his life.
‘How were you able to achieve all that on the
road? ‘ Ethel asked.
‘??? always have in my car a standardised first aid
box. Later ?? discovered he was the only son of
Daniel JacksII, as at then his name was among
the list of the ten wealthiest a??????? most influential
men in the world. ‘

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Ethelbert nodded knowingly.

‘His family invited me for lunch in his palace
after his son’s recovery and Mr Daniel offered
me …’ She laughed . ‘a huge amount of money.

I rejected it but he wouldn’t take no for an
answer. He did wiring of the money because …’

‘Because you thought your bank account will
blow up.’ Ethel concluded smiling.

‘Tell me about the media report. ‘
‘For two full moon, my photographs with
various headlines and in different newsprint was
all ever.

‘Was that your greatest publicity? ‘ Ethel Sipped
from the tumbler.
‘Nope …’ She paused. ‘My greatest publicity
was when I was appointed the Youth
Ambassador on Health. ‘
‘I loved your maiden speech, it was like nothing
I’ve heard before. It was innovative, powerful
and homely. ‘

She went wide eyed .’You watched the
‘I read it in a magazine and have kept till date.’
‘That publicity exposed me and gave me
opportunities to learn and achieve a lot. I also
met with lot of celebrity. Same publicity that
kindled Oladimeji interest in me.’
‘Woah! ‘ Ethel exclaimed and then studied her a
while. ‘You should contest as a beauty.’

Hester smiled. ‘I have heard that a number of
times. On three occasions, I had received the
MBGN form as a gift but I’m not interested. let
others do the honors. ‘ She replied simply and
stood. ‘How about you Mr Pot-calling-kettle-
black, you should contest too.’
‘Na …’ He replied and burst into laughter.


Agatha glared at her mother as she digest the
news. ‘She escaped via an underground? How
on earth could she have achieved that! ‘
Empress exhaled before sitting and facing the
dressing mirror. ‘I don’t know. He said there
was blood everywhere and she left four of his
men unconscious. ‘

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Agatha gasped in utter shock. ‘Seriously mum,
am beginning to get scared. How are we so
sure she has not gotten herself tangled with the
dark world. ‘ She sat on the bed and shook her

‘Agatha! ‘ Empress chided and turn to look at
her. ‘ When Oladimeji said blood was
everywhere, It was actually her blood. Since
when do people from the dark world bleed. ‘
She raised her brows.
‘Hmmmm …Mmmmh. ‘ Agatha bobbed ger
head from side , she hissed before crossing her
legs. ‘I hope she is alive. ‘.She reached into her
jeans trousers pocket and brought a packet of
gum, she put one into her mouth.

Her brows creased with a mixture of worry and
anger. ‘I don’t know how my own daughter will
be handed a golden egg and she decided to
smash it . Hester has a way of getting on my
nerves and on that wedding, the last straw
broke on the camel back. I am yet to recover
from the embarrassment she caused me. ‘
‘As in … mummy. That girl unbelievable! What
else could a full blooded Nigerian lady ask of? ‘

Agatha said spitefully. ‘ I lost my class amidst
my friends because of her silly decision. ‘
‘When I have brought myself to forgive her, she
will hear from me.’ Empress said and faced the
‘Who will hear from you? ‘ Douglas entered the

Agatha rose to receive his briefcase. ‘ Welcome
‘I was about Hester.’ Empress stood and
approached him.
‘We have done our part, the rest is left for
Oladimeji . ‘ He looked from his wife to his
daughter.with a stern expression. ‘I don’t want
to hear talks about her anymore. ‘
Empress and Agatha exchanged glances.

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