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Fighting Back! – Season 1 – Episode 44

‘When we were children, my father was strict
and difficult. He didn’t care about our
aspirations, he gave us all his aspirations for us-
Onome you will become a lawyer, Osagie you
will become an accountant.’ Onome illustrated.
‘Same applied to our big sister and three
brothers. Since my mother couldn’t convince
him otherwise, she only encouraged us and
wiped our tears. My dad is now a retired military
‘Is it club, horse whip, koboko, cane, we have
them all in my house. No one dares to
misbehave or defile his orders. So, my elder
ones danced to his tune. Come Osaz turn to
choose a department that will pattern his
career, he dared my dad. He told him simply, I
don’t want to be in the commercial
department, I don’t want to be an accountant,
he gave the announcement in the sitting room
when we are all present. My dad only laughed
and told him he didn’t mean it. Osaz repeated
the same statement. ‘ Onome swallowed.

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‘We all feared for him due to his various
opposition. My dad thrashed him to the extent
he could not sit and lie on his back. We all cried
for him, we begged him to change but he
wouldn’t hear of such. It was war in my house,
it got to a point that my big sister couldn’t take
it anymore, she decided to report to that police
station, but the fear of what her fate will
afterwards weakened her.

One day we all watched as my father beat him
until he bled, staggering, Osaz left the sitting
room and came back with my father’s double
barrel gun. “Kill me dad, Since you can’t allow
me be what I want to be in life. Kill me so that
you will quit stressing yourself, for as long as
breath is in me, a construction engineer is what
I will become.”
‘We all thought that would be last words of my
brother but that day marked the beginning of
happy days for my family, that moment
brought revolution to my home. My father
declared him free to do what he like.

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Hence, two of my elder ones changed careers .

I am event planner but in all, he is the
wealthiest. Osaz will forever remain in our
hearts. ‘

Hester smiled. ‘Thanks for that, I also have that
to cherish about him. The greatest failure is not
trying at all.’
‘Look at the epitaph. ‘
Hester looked across the bouquet of Lovely
flowers of various colors to the epitaph. ‘Short
but dynamic and fulfilled. ‘
‘Dynamic to himself, family, friends, professional
colleagues Nigeria and the world as a whole.

What other fulfillment can one think of? ‘
‘I guess none.’ She replied but felt a pang of
guilt. Tears welled in her eyes.

‘Stop crying Hess, if you don’t stop, I will join
you. Besides, you’re not fully recovered. ‘
She kissed her bunch of flowers and placed
them on the tomb with closed eyes. ‘Thank you
very much Osaz, I will never forget you.’ She
touched the tomb white stones. ‘Never will I …
may your wonderful find rest in the b0s0m of
our maker.’
Onome stretched her hand, Hester took it and
she helped her up. She supported her with a
hand around her waist.

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Ethel had never seen anyone cry so much in his
entire life. Oceans and sea, what was her tear
gland made of!

Taking glances while driving back home, he had
watch his companion cry all the way. No sobs,
nothing …just tears that kept running down her
He didn’t comfort her because at first, he
thought he understood but later he discovered
he didn’t …at all.

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