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Fighting Back! – Season 1 – Episode 43

Wale gave her water.

‘Thank you.’ Hester smiled. ‘I am tired of
counting the number of devices in this room.
Can you tell me something I can do which will
be informative? ‘
‘Let me see …’ He drawled thoughtfully. ‘Do you
like to read? ‘
‘I love to read.’
‘Okay then.’ He beamed. ‘I’ll get you a book that
will give you a unique view of Nigeria roads, title
-Nigeria roads.’
‘I will really appreciate that, thanks Wale. ‘ She
was seated on the bed, colour was slowly
returning to her face.

‘I don’t think I have a copy of that book in my
library. ‘ Ethel was at the door.
‘No Sir, it’s one of my personal collection. ‘

replied. ‘Excuse me.’ He left the room.

‘You look better. ‘ Ethel observed as he entered
inside and loosened his tie.
‘Oh.’ She Sipped water.’I have been laughing all
day, Wale told me series of comedies, jungle
stories, adventures and every song that came
with it.’

Ethel lowered himself to a sofa after he had
collected a bottle of water from the fridge. ‘So
you feel better? ‘
‘I am better.’ Hester smiled. ‘How was your day?

‘It was okay, the press conference went perfect.

‘ He replied and removed his blazer.

‘It’s going to be shown on TV? ‘
‘It was broadcasted live and will be shown
repeatedly on various news bulletin. ‘ He
glanced at the TV in the room.’Remember that
is not a proudly Nigerian TV station. ‘
‘I know. ‘ She laughed.

Her phone rang. It was closer to him. He look at
the screen. ‘That is Vanessa, she called
everyday during the period you were
unconscious. ‘He head in her direction and gave
her the phone. ‘I wonder the kind of bond you
formed within four days.

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Hester only smiled and she picked the call and
activated the loudspeaker.

‘Hello Vany, How’re you?’
‘Hester? Is that you? ‘ Excitement built in her
‘Sure.’ Hester chuckled.

‘Darling, I have been worried sick about you. I
heard of all the blood traces at the
underground, heard from Ethelbert that you
underwent surgery and have been
unconscious. How’re you now? ‘
‘I’m fine.’ She exhaled. ‘At least am talking to
‘I am grateful to God. I have not stop praying
for you. ‘
‘How are you and how is everyone? ‘
‘I am fine, they are okay. We all miss you, I
hoped you had come to stay but it is wrong to
wish out of selfishness. Personal communication
with you made me realise you don’t want any
relationship with Oladimeji. The braveness I saw
at the wedding is one of its kind but what you
did by escaping despite all the risk made me
realise how much of it you possess and most
especially, your mind set. Please make sure you
don’t come to this house ever again because
the security is like never before and above all
my lady, I …wish you God’s best.
‘Thank you very much darling, you don’t know
much I need that. ‘ Hester narrowed her brows
thoughtfully. ‘What is the situation like? ‘
‘Commotion, commotion and commotion.’

is the only word I can think of, that is the
perfect description. I do hope it is not much of
a litotes. ‘
‘Please Vanessa. ‘ Hester chuckled.
‘Is Ethel there? ‘
‘Yes he is, he can hear you. ‘
‘Ethel, Thank you very much for taking care of
her. God bless you.’
‘Thank you too.’ He returned smiling.

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‘Yes, God bless him very much for me.’ Hester
Vanessa laughed. ‘How about the doctor? ‘
‘Not around. ‘ Ethel said.
‘Extend my greeting. ‘
‘I will’
‘Babe, take good care of yourself. I will miss you
but I can manage on my own.’
She said her goodbyes and ended the call.
‘So? ‘ Ethel sat beside her.
‘A friend. A captive of Ola and the most
preferred among other females there. If I ever
get out of this whole thing alive, I will rescue
her next.’
‘That’s Nice. ‘ He stood with a smile. ‘Hester
guess what? ‘
‘What? ‘ She looked up at him.
‘The worms in my stomach are dancing igbo
cultural dance and you are aware that is one of
those dances that generates much dust.’
‘I understand. ‘ Hester chuckled.
‘I will be back in no time. ‘ He was at the door.
‘Ethel.’ She called.
He turned instantly because of the tone of her
‘I will like to meet Osagie ‘s family and see
Where he was buried. ‘
‘You want …’ He was surprised.
‘Yes.Ethel, please …’ She interrupted calmly.
‘That will be when the Doctor consider you fit
enough. ‘
‘Thanks. ‘
Her escape was completely successful because
on the day Hester planned her escape, Ethel
had also send his men to find her and bring her
back against all odds. So, without much effort,
they had found her.

‘My daughter I believe in God and I believe his
will. I don’t believe anything happen to his
children without a purpose. Osagie is a special
child and will remain special to us all.’ Mrs
Osahon smiled.
‘Ethel told us about you and everything and for
you to be here as soon as you recovered shows
us how goodly you’re. Osagie hardly does
anything for anyone just like that, he must have
seen something in you that make him go to the
extent of giving his life in defending you.’
Osagie’s father added.
‘There was a time, he called to inform us about
you, it is all okay Hester.’ His mother informed
in a consoling manner.
‘I’m taken aback by the acceptance and
understanding I am receiving …’ Hester knelt.
‘Words can’t explain the way I feel and the relief
you’re giving me.’
They both knelt beside the tomb.

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Hester was dressed in a black gown and her
hair fell across her shoulder. That moment
came back to her, that moment that ended his
life .
Though his burial came with a short notice,
present was the creme de la creme of the
world. He was buried according to standard or
better still in relation to what he loved doing
best. A mini bridge was constructed over his

‘Did you love him? ‘ Onome Osahon, Osagie’s
younger sister asked, a year older Hester.

‘I can’t be with a person I detest for such a long
time. I hardly meet his kind, he mean so much
to me, always will.’ Her tears came down.

She took Hester’s hand. ‘What my mum said
back then is true. Osaz hardly does anything for
anybody except you merit it.’ She looked at his
engraved photograph on the tomb. ‘Back when
we were in South Africa …’ She looked at her
companion. ‘Hester I will like you to listen to
what I have to say to you about Osagie. ‘

Hester nodded.

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