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Fighting Back! – Season 1 – Episode 42

‘Sir, we …we don’t know but she escaped. ‘
‘Escaped! ‘ He roared and the hall echoed his
Their heart beat quickened. They were all
gathered and on their feet.
‘That should be an impossibility. ‘ He shook his
head. ‘Escape. ‘ Oladimeji repeated and paced
still finding it hard to believe. ‘How come? How
did that ever happen? ‘
‘Sir, she escaped through the underground. ‘
One of his inner circle bodyguards said.
‘Underground! ‘ He practically screamed. ‘It is
not possible to escape through the
underground not with the codes and all! ‘ His
gaze swept their faces. ‘I don’t want to consider
the underground because it’s really crazy, it is
absurd she should have never gotten close to
that place. ‘ He closed his eyes. ‘I said it on the
day she stepped here that excuse of whatever
form left my dictionary. So you forgot so soon
what I did to scorpion and Co.’ He faced them.
‘I need explanations fast, how did she pass the
trio security that should be on every corridor?
What happened, what the hell happened! ‘ He
worked his fingers through his Afro hair.
A grave yard silence engulfed the hall.
Oladimeji was burning with rage, he
approached one of his officers and gave him a
slap with the back of his left palm. He did same
for the couple of persons next to him. He
checked his blazer, in his hurry, he had
forgotten his gun. ‘God damn it! Where is that
gun! Sting go and get me two clubs from my
office. ‘
He immediately left.

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They all began perspiring in the airconditioned
‘While we are waiting for him, I will like to see
pictures of the happenings of last night.’ He
removed his blazer and sat before the screen.

One of camera operator lost control of his
bladder and it gave way.
‘Boss …we …we …I’m very sorry Sir but we
didn’t put on the cameras. ‘
He jolted out of his seat as if he just sat on fire
and grabbed the sword hung on the wall.
They all bow. ‘Please boss, have mercy.’ They
chorused .
Sting entered. ‘Please boss, have mercy.’ He
pleaded knowing how his boss could be in
He glared in anger and after few seconds, he
tossed the sword to him. It landed close to his
feet. Oladimeji stormed out of hall still shocked
at his misfortune.

He entered his room and wept at his mistake. ‘I
lost her again. ‘ His whole body shook as he

His eyes were closed and his head was buried in
both palms.

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The Doctor glanced at Ethel after checking her
blood pressure. ‘Mr Franklin, she is going to be
alright. ‘
‘Seems like that is going to take forever. ‘ Ethel
looked up.
The Doctor sat. ‘The injuries, surgery, the shock
that led her to be unconscious is a major
constituent of the delay.
‘Don’t …please don’t …don’t take me back.’
Hester swing her head from left to right.’ I don’t
want to go back to him …kill me …pull the
trigger …don’t take me back to him.’ Her eyes
didn’t open and tears rolled down her cheeks.
The doctor stood and placed a palm on her
Ethel shook his head sadly. ‘I understand what
you’re talking about. ‘
‘She will slowly come around. ‘
Ethel stood, head for the balcony and stared
out blankly.
Ethel was down on his knees in his bedroom.
Tears flowed down his face. ‘Sometimes dear
God …it’s all difficult …’ He sobbed.’The pain,
the loss, the depression, loneliness, dear Lord in
heaven, I don’t know how to move on …please
help me, heal my broken heart …lead me. Let
your grace and your healing virtue be sufficient
for Hester. I don’t know what she is passing
through but you know it all …please help her
come back alive. ‘

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His heart was heavy.

She lifted her hand and rubbed her eyes.

Hester blinked severally.

‘Do I put out the light? Do you have headache? ‘
‘I’m fine. ‘
Hester looked at the doctor, she looked at her
side and saw the infusion hung up. She looked
at her other side and saw him.
‘Hello Hester .’ Ethel smiled.

It all came back to her. How long has it been…?
She attempted to sit up, because she felt weak,
she mustered energy.
‘Ooooow! ‘She exclaimed and fell back. She held
her side.
The doctor was beside her. ‘Take it easy dear.’
She closed her eyes and bit her lower lips in
pain. ‘What …what happened to me? ‘
‘You were operated upon. ‘ The doctor said.

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She remembered and her eyes welled with
tears. She turned to look at Ethel. ‘Where is
Osaz? ‘
Not knowing if she was in the best state of mind
for his reply, he looked at the Doctor for help.

He nodded.
‘Osaz has been buried. ‘ His voice was calm.
Her tears came down and her lips quivered. ‘I’m
sorry Ethel…, I didn’t mean …’
‘No Hester.’ Ethel took her hand in his. ‘I saw
the note and I understand. You’re in no position
to cry. Please don’t …’
She sobbed.
‘Hester please, it’s all okay. Stop crying …’
When she didn’t stop, the doctor fetched a
‘What is that? ‘ Hester took in the action of the
‘It will help you relax.’
‘I want triple. ‘
‘Triple is an extreme dose. ‘ The doctor was
taken aback.
‘Triple is deadly. ‘ She corrected his mild
grammar. ‘That is exactly what I need. I
thought I would never open my eyes to this
world again …’
‘Come on Hester please …’ Ethel pleaded
knowing the doctor was a bit hesitant.
‘If you can’t give me triple, don’t give me at all.’
With that, she closed her eyes and drifted to

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