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Fighting Back! – Season 1 – Episode 41

Hold it !’ A voice said.

She frozed.
‘Turn around. ‘
She brought out the guns and face him, she
pulled the trigger of one and a bullet flying.
He dived to the ground and closed his eyes.
She fired another shot before covering the
distance between them. His gun was still in his
Well aware of the chaos that was brewing in the
building, she decided not to waste time.
‘Which way lead to the underground? ‘
‘I …don’t know. ‘
She didn’t believe him.
‘Stand …no …place your hands on your head.
Lead the way to the underground… Wait.’
She unbuckled his sheath and tossed the gun
to the ground.
‘Any silly move, you become a gory sight. Now
go …’
He obeyed.

Few minutes later,
‘That is the door, it’s coded and I don’t know
how to open it’
‘We have come this far and does not mean I
can’t still blow up your brain Frank, that door is
not coded, it requires a Hampton and I know
you have been in there before. ‘
‘No …no ma.’ He trembled knowing he was
doomed if Oladimeji ever find out.
‘Place your hand on the screen or I’ll make do
with your dead palms!’ She ran out patience.
He obeyed and the door began to slide open. ‘I
can’t open the rest, please … don’t make me
because I can’t. ‘ Tears rolled down his cheek.
She believed him and shot him.

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He fell.

She entered in knowing he would survive. She
hadn’t hit any majors.
The door closed behind.

She saw cameras but it didn’t matter to her.
She got another door and saw it was coded.
She brought out her phone, opened an
application, she allowed to the screen of her
phone to touch the screen on the door.
She withdrew her phone and typed in what was
displayed on screen.

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The green signal and it then it opened.

She did same for the second and third,
And then,
She climbed down the ladder and came face to
face with an open deep space.
She saw the control button and the platform.
Hester stood and the platform and pressed the
control button.
It spread opened with great force that made
her loose balance and sent her rolling
dangerous on the steps that had now formed.

The mistake,
She shouldn’t have stood on the platform.
Hester landed bent over , hot tears stung her
eyes. She gnashed her teeth as pain threatened
to torn her being apart.

She coughed and spat blood, though she
couldn’t see it, she felt. Her vision was blurred,
she blinked severally. She knew she must have
fractured something or things.
No I couldn’t have come this far to be caught …
to go back. She blinked severally. God please
help me…

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Her fighting spirit returned, she gnashed her
blood stained teeth as hot tears rolled her
cheeks. She placed one hand in front and then
a knee, …. she crawled slowly …stopping in
between to take deep breaths.

She got to a wall and struggled painfully to her
a hand came over her mouth.

Hester slumped into unconsciousness.

‘She is badly injured, very injured, a thorough
check up has to be carried out.’
‘Doctor… do everything possible okay? She
don’t look good to me at all.’
The Doctor nodded. ‘The major problem I see is
her leaving today. ‘
‘Today Doctor, today, even if it is in the middle
of the night. I don’t mind moving the hospital
over, surgery or no surgery. ‘
The doctor stared at Ethel knowing he meant it.

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