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Fighting Back! – Season 1 – Episode 40

She moved noiselessly and her arm grabbed his
neck tightly. ‘Shhhhh …’

It was the feel of the cold blade of the knife on a
side of his neck that took him out of his earlier
‘Get down on your knees slowly, with your
hands outstretched, remove that gun out of it’s
sheath and toss it backward. ‘
He didn’t move.
‘If there is sunlight, your breath will fluctuate at
the glittering of this knife.’ Her voice was calm
as the pointed edge of the knife penetrated his
The message got clearer in his head. He had
been at the wedding venue, he had heard the
story of her last outing with Oladimeji. He knew
little ‘of her capabilities but he couldn’t just
She chuckled. ‘You are thinking of doing
something silly abi? ‘
It was a rule or probably something that
everyone who knew the business
acknowledged, the more hilarious, the more
He obeyed.
‘I have two questions for you.’ Her voice was
He became all sweaty.
‘What is your name? ‘
‘Lu…cky. ‘
‘Which route is the safest to the underground? ‘

His eyes almost popped out from its socket.
‘I …I don’t know. ‘
She picked the gun and cocked it.
‘I swear my lady, I have not been there. ‘He said
trembling. ‘Please …believe me.’
‘I will simpler question Since you can’t answer
that. Where are the guys? ‘
‘I … I …emmmm….in the left wing, the hall way
is painted green.’

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She allowed silence prevailed, then she hit on
his shoulder and knocked him out with the butt
of the gun. She pulled him to a corner.
She began running. Then she saw the stairs
then she went down through the snake-like rails
until the end.
The place was quiet as she walked through, she
saw coded doors.

He heard the noise,with the gun properly
positioned in front of him, he looked through
the junctions.

Then he saw the leg slide before him but
couldn’t stop himself because it was
unexpected. He jumped and landed
unbalanced, his gun went before him.
He stood hastily and was suprised to see her,he
forgot his gun.
‘who are you?
He stood surprised to see her, he forgot his
‘Who are you? ‘
‘I’m someone looking for the underground. ‘
Hester turned and began to leave.
But he was fast, he grabbed her the arm and
spun her close.
‘Who are you? ‘ His voice was icy.
‘I am looking for the underground, can you help
me?’ She met his gaze.
With both hands holding her neck, he pushed
her to the wall. He didn’t know her.
Her right leg went to the wall before her body
to absorb the force so she doesn’t feel pain as
he pushed her against the wall.
‘For the last time woman, who are you and
what are you doing here? ‘
She was quiet.
He hit her back against the wall. ‘Open your
mouth and talk, beautiful women don’t freak
me out, open your mouth and talk! ‘
‘Guys with smelling mouth reminds me of a
faeces drain.’

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His grip around her neck tightened. ‘I am going
to kill you! ‘
‘With her right leg, she kicked him on his left
leg. He released her. She kicked his leg once
more and he went on a knee with a groan.
He grabbed her gown and dragged her down
with him. With enclosed fist, she delivered a
blow to his jaw, as he head went back, she gave
him a backhand slap across his chest.
He doubled over and coughed blood.
She glanced around.
He stretched both hands above and touched
the gun.
She saw him too quickly, thankfully, the
corridor wasn’t rugged, she slide down.
Before he could lift his hands, she was behind
him, she grabbed his neck.

He fired forward desperate for breath. As the
grip tightened, he dropped and held her arms
all futile effort to free his neck so he could

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She let him go eventually.
Massaging his neck restlessness, he coughed
and pant for air.
She picked the gun and towered him.
‘You are …you will die in that underground. ‘He
spat blood.

Smiling, she waited for him to look at her. She
allowed herself go and landed his knees on her
He cursed and wailed .

‘Which is the way to the underground?’
‘I’ve …I’ve not been there.’
‘You as good as dead! ‘ She cocked the gun.
‘No …it’s towards the east, trut …truthfully I
have never been there.’ His eyes were clouded.
‘I want you to tell me, I will get there
successfully. ‘

He didn’t answer.

She kicked his side.
‘You will not die …please …please …’ He closed
his eyes and gnashed his teeth.
She knocked him out with the butt of the gun.
Knowing the shot could have served as an alert.
She began running, she saw the switch box
and turned it off.

The light out.

She fetched a small torch from a bag she
carried across her.

She heard what she assumed as footsteps.

Spontaneously, she jumped on a pole and slid
down. She jumped on another and she did
‘Hold it!’
Hester froze.

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