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Fighting Back! – Season 1 – Episode 4

‘Why should I respect that when she didn’t! ‘Oladimeji retorted
‘Sir you said you love her, if you really love her, you will let her be.
If you beat her angrily, it may mar everything. ‘
The guard words touched a soft spot and he looked at him. ‘ Are
you sure it won’t bridle her tongue? ‘
‘I’m sure Sir.’
‘You can leave me alone now. ‘ They let him go. ‘It is your lucky
day! You better thank your God! ‘ He said on top of his voice! ‘
Hester totally ignored him as she stoop and hit one of the tyre. ‘…
three of them Bf,.. I’m serious …I have two spare… Okay …I’ll be
expecting you …love you …’ She laughed and ended the call.

The four vehicles were in line and the sirens began blaring.

Hester exhaled.

‘Don’t tell me you about to change that. ‘
‘What does it look like? ‘ Hester looked up at the stranger towering
her before she continued to Jack the car.
‘You shouldn’t do this to yourself, you could easily ask the security
men to aid you.’
‘They offered but I turned them down. ‘
‘You did! ‘ He was amazed and looked at the tear rubber sleek
ride.’Three tyres! How come? ‘
‘Some urchins did it. ‘
‘In this place? With all the security …? Quite hard to believe. ‘
‘If you heard of street urchins then you must have heard of
executive urchins. ‘
‘I understand why you refused their help.’ He laughed easily. ‘I
better watch out for the sake of my bentley. ‘
‘Exactly! You just read my mind ‘ She suspected he must be an
international model and probably bi-racial. She roll the tyre to a

‘Would you also turn me down? ‘ He smiled and his face light up.
‘It is a marvel that a beautiful girl like you will change tyres when
some guys would mind. ‘
She stoop once more. ‘Are you offering? ‘
‘I am.’
‘That makes a powerful duo, handsome guy, beautiful lady. I will
take you help gladly. ‘ Hester smiled charmingly.
He undo his cufflinks and rolled up his sleeves. He rolled the tyre
to the other side of the car.

He got the tools he needed from his car.
Eventually, they were through.
They washed their hands under a nearby tap. Hester brought out
bottled water from her car and gave him one.
‘What happens to the last tyre? ‘
‘My uncle is coming for me.’ She met his gaze with a smile. ‘I
was wondering if my cute helper has a name .’
‘Alexander. ‘
‘Mine is Hester.’ She extend her hand. ‘A pleasure meeting you.’
‘I feel special meeting you . ‘ Alex winked and she chuckled.
‘I appreciate your help. God reward you.’
‘Welcome. ‘ He look at her thoughtfully. ‘I am here to get a few
things if by the time am back and you’re still here, I’ll order for a
tyre. ‘
‘I agree, provided you don’t walk in and walk out.’
He laughed and pecked her. ‘I love your style. ‘ He walk
away,gave her final glance and continue his strides.

She watch him Leave. It wasn’t going to be all cloudy after all.
She beam.

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