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Fighting Back! – Season 1 – Episode 39

They strolled along the hallway.

‘While I am away, I expect you to take charge of
everything we have started, let it continue. ‘
‘Away? ‘ Vanessa stared at her, panic building
within her. ‘Where are you going to? ‘
Hester laughed. ‘You don’t even know what’s
up, so you think Oladimeji will let me go after
the first night? ‘
She exhaled relieved. ‘I get it, honeymoon. ‘
Vanessa chuckled joining in the excitement.
‘Uh-huh. ‘ Hester smiled. ‘When I come back
this way, I won’t be the same. ‘
‘I know. ‘ She returned calmly. ‘I will be waiting
for you. ‘
‘Forget me jur. ‘ Hester sq££zed her palm
reassuringly. ‘At least you can take time away
from being a guardian angel. ‘
‘I will miss you.’ Vanessa smiled sadly.
‘I will miss you so very much.’ Hester returned
and meant it.
Vanessa looked ahead. ‘I can’t go with you any
further. ‘
‘Thanks for coming with me.’ Hester beamed
and they embraced each other.
She took few steps into Oladimeji’s bedroom
corridor, turned back and waved.
Vanessa waved back knowing her lady was not
really happy . She shrugged and begin to walk
back as tears formed in her eyes. Over the
years, as she came in terms with her fate, she
had grew fond of him despite all. She was never
going to rival his choice no matter what
because she felt a great deal of peace and
secure around the aura she possessed.

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‘My sugar…my sugar heart!’ Oladimeji lurched .
‘?? have been waiting for you!’ He belched.
The smell hit her nose, she stepped back and
‘Sugie…sugie heart…care…care for my drink?’
He went over a??????? pour from the bottle he was
holding into a tumbler. With staggering feet, he
went over to her a??????? gave her the tumbler. ‘We
are one…so drink me… all of… all of me …my
drink!’ He laughed heartily and gulped from the
bottle, he belched once more .

She watched him calmly knowing he was
heavily drunk.
He dropped his bottle, turned to look at her a???????
open his arms. ‘Sweet …sugie heart, come to
me… come and meet my third leg Sugie! ‘ He
advanced towards her. ‘Come let’s make a
baby.’ He staggered back, hit his leg against
the bed stand a??????? slumped on the bed.
She waited, then moved closer to him carefully
as though the floor was about to give away.
‘Oladimeji?’ she knelt close to the bed. ‘There
are some things ?? wud like you to understand…’
She placed the tumbler down.

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‘We will first sort this from your own
perspective…Oladimeji…? Oladimeji…are you
listening to me?’ She waited.
He turned to his side a??????? began snoring.
She glared at him in disbelief. The sight before
her was contrary to her earlier plan. She took in
that moment a??????? allowed her psychological
instinct prevail. She stood, looked him over and
glanced around the room thoughtfully.
Dear lord in heaven, plaease come to my aid!
She inhaled deeply and exhaled before heading
for the door.

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She looked down the illuminated corridor, since
the minor part of her plan had been so easy
without any effort from her, she was still going
to use her psychological instinct for her major
Knowing their boss was very engaged, she
knew they had nobody to monitor their
activities, definitely, most of them would be out
of duty relaxing a??????? enjoying themselves the
way they knew how to do it best.

She took strides accross the corridor.

The second, third and fourth …

Hester saw him and knew he was dozing from
afar. Her strides slowed, she smiled and
appeared unhurried.

As the footsteps approached, his eyes fluttered
opened and he scrambled to his feet.

Appearing as though his form of conciousness
a??????? presence meant nothing to her. ‘Weldone
o.’ She acknowledged a??????? acknowledged and
walked pass him .
Sleep vanished from eyes a??????? deep confusion
took charge as he watched her walk pass .
‘Emmm… excuse me.
She turned expected with a charming smile.
‘Our lady!’ He recognised her. ‘What are you
doing here?’ He was apparently surprised.
She appeared momentarily taken aback by his
question. ‘Oladimeji said ?? could stroll, so here ??
am … strolling a??????? ?? must say its been
outstanding so far, ?? mean the sights!’ She
‘Strolling…strolling?’ He stared at her not
carried away. ‘Strolling?’ He looked the way she
had come from.
She knew exactly what was going on in his
mind. ‘What is the problem?’
‘??? think you have passed where you should
stroll. You have to go back .’
‘Why? ‘
‘I know you should go back.’ The guard
returned firmly.
‘Okay. ‘ She began to go back the way she had
come. He went along side.

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If she did have an objection, it was not
expressed because in no time, she stooped as
though her right shoe lace had loosed. Her
beautiful, wine colored, long , fitted at the waist
and flared at the hem gown prevented him
from discovering her bait.

He had no choice than to wait, since her
spectacular presence had sprang up a number
of thoughts in him, in no time, he was lost.

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