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Fighting Back! – Season 1 – Episode 38

‘Okay.’ Vanessa smiled. ‘Should ??…? Yes, she is
right beside me …..’ Vanessa handed her the
‘Hi sweetheart, how are you doing?’
‘Great a??????? you?’
‘I’m fine, I hope you are well taken care of.’
She chuckled. ‘That’s an understatement
Oladimeji, ?? am over taken care of, in fact, ??
have added ten pounds.’
Vanessa burst into laughter.

Oladimeji chuckled. ‘??? A????? glad to hear yhat
sweetheart, ?? love you a??????? ?? will talk to you
‘Take care ..later.’
‘Yea… you too sweetheart.’ Hester handed the
phone back to Vanessa.
‘That’s the only coming a?? leaving ?? have
known. Though ?? have heard that there is an
underground towards that area of the building.’
She gestured as they strolled. ‘?? believe there
should be one because oladimeji has created for
himself many enemies, beside the house is too
big just to have one entrance a??????? exit.’

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Hester thoughtfully digest the information.

‘Cleaning or some special activities don’t go on
around there?’
‘No and only few of his few of his bodyguards
have been there. ‘
‘Quite interesting’. Hester turned her attention
back to her strolling companion with a beam. ‘??
hope you have prepared your praise a????
worship songs a??????? have gathered every prayer
‘Yes. I am going to be in charge and I intend it
to be power packed.’ Vanessa said
‘You know why?’
‘Your sweetheart is coming tomorrow.’

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‘Yes, a???? more Vany, it has to be special, very,
She laughed, ‘?? will do my best a??????? hope that
God answers all request.’

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‘Faith is a substance of things hope for…’ Hester
‘An evidence of things not yet seen.’They
chorused together.
They laughed.

‘Darling, let me help you dress up.’ Vanessa
dropped the gown on the bed.
‘Oh my! ‘ Hester exclaimed and looked away
from the mirror. ‘I will soon be so spoilt that I
wouldn’t be breath without saying -Aunty Vany
come and help me.’
‘And what is so bad about that. I have always
longed to have a sister. ‘
Hester smiled. ‘I am going to be a big girl for
the last time and I will dress myself. When I am
through, you will check me out and if you are
satisfied, you can do it yourself. ‘
‘Okay, I will be in the sitting room. ‘ Vanessa

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Touched, she closed her eyes and heaved. She
was the kind of sister she wished she had and
she was already fond of her.

The emotion passed quickly as she picked the
dress, wore it. She placed a beaded hair band
around the slender knife handle and inserted in
her full and well packed hair. She went ahead
to support it with a hair clip.
She took in her reflection, it was perfect.
She got on her knees. ‘God please …’ Her tears

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