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Fighting Back! – Season 1 – Episode 37

Hester moved her head to a side and her palm
settled on her forehead. She opened her eyes.

‘Good morning my lady.’ Tobi beamed as she
bent low.
‘Good morning …Tobi. ‘She blinked severally as
she looked up at the unfamiliar ceiling

‘How do you feel? ‘
Hester shut her eyes. ‘Better. ‘
‘What will you like for breakfast? ‘
‘What is the time? ‘
‘5:43.’ Tobi glanced at wall clock.
‘When you wake in the morning, what goes on
around? ‘ Hester sat up.
‘We get to our duties. ‘
Vanessa came into the room smiling. ‘Good
morning my lady, how are you this morning? ‘
She gave her a closer look. ‘Your palm is on
your forehead again. You kept groaning in your
sleep and your palms kept resting on your
forehead. Dear, do you have headache? ‘
‘Did you get to sleep at all? ‘
Vanessa laughed because of the way Hester
pouted her lips. ‘I did.’
‘Are you fine my lady,do we need to send for
the doctor ? ‘.Vanessa sat beside her.
‘No mummy, I will fine besides am not done
with all the medication he prescribed. ‘ She
managed in the voice of a child.
Vanessa chuckled. ‘Okay. So what will you like
for breakfast? ‘
‘Vany …’ Hester groaned. ‘Breakfast shouldn’t
come first in the morning. Do breakfast exist
around here? ‘
She lowered her gaze guiltily and sighed.
‘I suppose that is no. ‘
Vanessa nodded.
‘Everyone should gather in the sitting room in
ten minutes, all duties whatsoever should be
suspended. ‘ She looked from Vanessa to Tobi,
‘It is all changing from today. You can leave me
now. ‘

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They left.
Hester placed her legs on the rug. ‘My God …’
She muttered as she buried her face in her
palms momentarily. She had been groaning
even in her sleep.

She stood and with a palm on her forehead, she
head to the bathroom.

‘I like her Carol, infact I love her.’ Angela said
slicing onions.
‘My dear, I thought she was going time be like
all those spoilt big men children, I thought she
was going to be bossy and all.’
Carol sliced the cucumbers and smiled. ‘She
sing like a Nightingale, the praise and worship,
the Bible and then the prayers, Oh …it made
me realised I have gone far away from God.

There is this peace that engulfed me. I love her
too much and Angela, she is so nice. ‘
Angela sighed as she picked another onion
bulb. ‘Our boss don’t deserve her at all.’ She
lowered her voice.

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‘At all, at all.’ She shook her head. ‘Ehen-hen
Carol, do you know that Aunt Yeni is taking the
day off. Chinwe said she examined her and sent
someone to the pharmacy to get the a list of
drugs for her. She treated Chinwe and she
confessed that all her symptoms are gone.
Angela glared at her momentarily. ‘Nawa o! ‘
‘If you two don’t stop.talking , our gift to our
lady will be starvation. Besides she will to see
you too.’ Vanessa was at the door.
They said nothing more as they hurried.

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Vanessa bobbed her head from side to side a???????
closed her eyes briefly. She exhaled. ‘No my
lady, ?? never expected myself to be here. ??
never expected myself at this point in my life to
be committed a??????? submissive to a man a??????? his
will in every way, that ?? A????? not married to.
As she looked at her and listened, Hester saw
tears in her eyes.
‘After the realisation that ?? was the sacrifice of
my dad failure to meet up with oladimeji’s
agreement. ?? did all ?? knew to flee, ?? left the
state, country, no communication, changed
name, everything. It was like the farther I run ,
the easier he reached me. ‘
‘Ooº°? ?°ºoo Hester!’ She breathed out,’It
was…it was…fustrating, ?? became so depressed
that ?? swallowed half a bottle of sleeping pills.
Hester raised her brows.
‘??? wouldnt wish an enemy to go through what ??
went through, it was more of going around a
triangle, slant , straight, slant yet linked.
Oladimeji is dangerous a??????? never quits.’

Cold shivers ran down her spine.
‘He eventually got me…?a??????? manipulated me.’
She exhaled fighting back her emotions.’???
realised that the more ?? kicked, the more ??
fought, the more ?? got hurt. After a while my
lady, ?? could not help but resign to my fate a???????
took it as my destiny. After all, I am the
preferred among the ladies.’
Vanessa beamed at her. ‘For you my dear is all
different because he loves you so much a???????
care for you. You wouldn’t believe what he did
to scorpion a??????? co because of their silly act. ??
was with him in the hospital a??????? ?? knew how he
sufferred.’ She expected her to comment but
since her expression remained, she continued.
‘?? am very aware of his insensitivity but he loves
you, it will conquer every other thing.’
‘??? don’t think so sweetie a??????? ?? am less
concerned.’ Hester smiled.

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‘Since you are here now, ?? have been wanting
to share my passion with someone who can
really feel me.’ Vanessa told her rather shyly.
Hester sipped the icetea that was brewed with
Ginger. ‘What will that passion be?’ Her
expression was encouraging.
‘Hair, face, body.’ Vanessa used metonymy.
‘Style, make up, fashion.’ Hester stated simply.
‘Woww queen, you are brainy!’ Vanessa
extended her hand for a handshake impressed.
‘You are a perfect epitome of a friend.’ Hester
returned chuckling as she took her hand.

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