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Fighting Back! – Season 1 – Episode 36

‘Are you sure you are okay Sweetie? ‘ Oladimeji
moved a chair close to sit opposite her.
‘Yes.’ It came out as a whisper, she had lost her
He beamed. ‘I can’t believe you are now finally
within my reach. ‘ Then he sobered. ‘I have
really missed you, your disappearance almost
killed me…. I am glad to have you back. I love
you. Baby …I want to be mother of wife
beautiful children. I want to you my first lady.’
He was also a presidential candidate. His gaze
scanned her face and lingered on her lips. He
brought his face close to kiss her.

Hester turned her face aside.

Oladimeji laughed to cover up his
disappointment. ‘In as much as I will love to
make you mine, I understand you are
exhausted. I will be traveling tomorrow morning
and I will be back in three days. Then we
consumate our marriage in memorable. ‘ He bit
his lower lips and openly feed his eyes with her
clad body.
Hester sneezed.

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‘Bless you sweetheart. ‘ He beamed as he stood
and pressed a bell on the wall.
Soon, a fair skinned, beautiful young lady who
was three years older than Hester hurried in.
Oladimeji assisted Hester up. ‘ Sweetheart meet
Vanessa, she is charge of the ladies and their
activities. She is going to be your personal
assistant. Vany, meet my lady. ‘
‘Hi Hester.’ Vanessa gave her a charming smile
as she took her hands in hers like they have
know each other for a long time.
Hester managed to smile better than she had
done in the past couple of days. She instantly
liked her.

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‘My lady, I longed to meet you.’ Her smile still
‘I love your smile. ‘ Hester said.
‘Ah …Thank you.’ Vanessa chuckled.
Oladimeji love the fact that they had got along
well. ‘Vany, take proper care of her, she is my
heartbeat. ‘ He placed a right hand across his
‘I will, very well.’ Still holding, she gestured and
they walked side by side.

Hester sneezed once more

‘She is beautiful, isn’t it? ‘ Oladimeji voice was
low in the bedroom as he watched her.
‘Yes Sir.’ One her attendant was there with her.
He beamed. ‘I could spend the rest of my life
watching her like this, only I have to go now .’
He pecked her and adjusted the duvet.
Oladimeji stood, ‘Those idiots could have killed
her, cater well to her needs.’ With eyes still on
her face.’ Tobi, in case of anything, call the
Doctor and let me know. I have told Vanessa
already, the word -excuse left my dictionary
yesterday. ‘
‘Yes Sir.’
He took a final lingering look at her then left the
A doctor had come to see her the day she
arrived evening and administered some
medication because she had kept sneezing and
eventually threw up.

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