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Fighting Back! – Season 1 – Episode 35

Precious typed on the system a???????

with a frown creeping into his countenance.
‘Sir, its tight.’
Ethelbert buried his face in his palm
momentarily. Then he looked up, a?? glanced
at the building that was on display on all the
computer system in his control room.
‘Guys, listen up.’ Ethel eventually spoke up.
They all looked at him.
He was seated in their midst, he was more calm
than ever before a?? his countenance was
blank. ‘?? don’t believe that building with its
contituent a???? classic construction just have an
exit.’ He looked at one of his men who was
nearest to the projector. ‘Kalu,project the
He got to his feet immediately a??????? set to work.
Ethel stood a??????? took slow strides to the large
screen. ‘Let’s forget the whole of the elephant
a??????? go for its parts.’

He worked via the electronic mouse, some
circular notation appeared on some of the
building part.
‘This is A B C… to J, based on your sitting
arrangement a part belongs to you. Dig it all
out, we’very got five minutes. Precious work on
the major a?? minor roads. Kalu, security,and
all the possibilities… ‘ He began instructing.

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Typings began.

Supporting himself with his arms, he lowered
himself to a chair and sipped water. His eyes
not leaving the screen of Precious.
‘Precious is that a major or minor? ‘
‘Minor Sir.’
‘Sir?’ His personal assistant called.
Ethel looked in his direction.
‘I have found an indication of an entrance, I
have tried all access, it has been denied. ‘
Ethel wheeled his chair close. :That is part D
right? ‘
‘Yes Sir.’
‘Zoom it.’
He did that.
They both looked at it closely but Ethel’s brows
creased thoughtfully.
‘It is a standardized symbol and I can’t fathom
it’s meaning. ‘ Wale said.
‘I have seen that before. ‘ He narrowed his
brows and reached for the keyboard, minimized
what was on the screen, did few typing and
click and four similar symbols to the earlier.

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Ethel smiled.
‘Sir, they are almost the same. ‘ He observed
and looked at him with trust .
‘Wale, that is an underground. It is coded, get
me my laptop, we will find a way around this.’

‘Yes Sir. ‘ He stood and hurried out.
Ethel stood and sat on the seat Wale vacated.

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From the elevator he saw her got out of the car
and look around. Oladimeji face glowed and he
laughed. ‘My baby is home!’
The Welcome smiles, the warmth they gave her
as she passed them was more of utter

‘My sweetheart! ‘ His joy knew no bound has he
helped her up the elevation. He took her in his
Appalled, Hester hope didn’t throw up.
That was the closest they had ever been.
Oladimeji touched her face. ‘How are you doing?
‘ He asked concerned. ‘Was the journey too
stressful? ‘
She gave him the benefit of a momentary look
but made no attempt to respond.

‘I know how you feel sweetheart, the journey
was long and exhausting. You look drained.’
‘I will be looking better if your boys didn’t
smoke and drink in the car. I was sneezing and
coughing ,I attempted to jump out of the
moving car because I was suffocating.

‘What! ‘ Every display of happiness vanished as
he turned to her escorts with a fierce look.
‘Emmmm …Boss …we …we can explain. ‘ Their
leader attempted and took a step backward.
‘Explain? ‘ He scoffed. ‘Scorpion, So it is true,
you good for nothing fish? How dare you! I
entrusted my jewel in your care for just two
days and she is not forgetting your habit. What
does she look like to you. You want to
contaminate my wife! ‘ Oladimeji stretched his
hand and slapped him.
The rest shuddered.
‘I’m sorry boss.’ Scorpion gave a low bow.
‘Sorry? ‘ He glared at him.’If you don’t get out of
my sight now, I will take off your head in such a
way that the vultures will be so sorry for your
corpse that won’t near it.’
Hester sneezed twice.
Oladimeji directed his attention back to her. ‘Oh
baby, I am so sorry.’ He helped her to a seat.
‘Are you alright? ‘
‘I’m fine.’ She attempted a faint smile.
They left knowing there was trouble looming for
‘Are you sure? ‘ He moved a chair close.
‘Yes. ‘

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