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Fighting Back! – Season 1 – Episode 31

Using a leg, he lifted the centre table from it’s
side, moved it, using it to wedge her between
the longest sofa . ‘I am serious Hester.’ His look
was nothing like what she had seen before.
She froze.
‘Dialogue is over, go get her! ‘
Two stepped forward to carry to out the order
but Osagie was before them.
They looked at their boss for further instruction.
‘She is not going anywhere, she is not leaving
this place!’ Osagie meant every word because
he knew once she left, a thousand and one
could happen to her before he find, that is if he
ever did.
‘Please Osaz, please dear, do let me go.’ Her
palms were opened before her. ‘I beg you.’
‘I will be furious if you leave that place, don’t
make me angry.’ He was already angry, angry
that she was distracting and opposing him.
Didn’t she know the implication of going with

Her spirit sank lower.

‘I now see how serious you are.’ His look was
baleful. ‘Unfortunately, I don’t have time. ‘ He
cocked the gun and then the shot.
‘Jesus! ‘ For a split second, her heart beat
stopped and her mind black out.
The sound echoed.
She leapt over the table straight to his side, she
knelt and ease his head to her lap, ‘Jesus Christ!
‘ She screamed with tears rolling down her face.
A look at the bullet wound on the left side of his
chest confirmed her fear …it was not a matter
of ambulance, paramedics, emergency Ward,
major surgery, it had hit a major artery.
Knowledge …she knew it too well but she
wasn’t to give up. She folded her shawl and
place it over the wound.
‘Oh God please …Osaz please, I am sorry …’ she
rocked him as she wept. ‘Oh God please …

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please …please …help him …help me …please. ‘
Hester raised him up and sobbed. Her body
knotted in pain.
‘Hess …Hester?’
Her eyes flickered opened, she look down at
him with blurred vision.
He reached up to touch her face and wiped her
‘Yes dearie …’ Her lips trembled.
‘Take care of y …you.’
‘I will Sweetie, it’s not all about me, it is about
you. Oh Osaz please …’

He touched her lips. ‘I … I love …’ His hand
Hester let out a heart piercing scream. ‘No! No
…darling …no! ‘ She wailed heart broken.
‘Go get her.’ He had enough of the emotional
One stepped forward, he hadn’t be touched. He
bent to pull her up. She sent her fist flying and
it landed on his jaw.
He staggered back bent over, when he
eventually lifted his face, they saw blood.
She eased him to the floor, closed his eyes and
placed him in a supine position. She pecked
him on the cheek and her tears fell on his face.
She wiped it off and gave him a final lingering
They watched her and said nothing. Their
leader decided to wait for her.
She went back to her room, one followed,
changed her cloth, gather some of her
important items in a mini suitcase. She wrote a
note for Ethel amidst sobbing, by the time she
was done, the paper was soaked with tears.
When she came out, she stooped beside him to
take a parting memory, he was gone never to
be like before again. One realisation made her
heart glow amidst the darkness that now engulf
her, their PRAYERS.

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May you find peace in the b0s0m of our Maker,
she wiped her tears, stood and head for the
door without a word to them.
They followed her immediately.

They had come in two cars. She sat at the back
seat of the leading alongside their leader.

The other followed suit.
‘You woudnt believe how it all went?’ He closed
the door behind him. ‘Hello every…’ The
package he was holding slip off his hand? a????
shattered into a million pieces. In utter shock,
his palm came over his mouth, his gaze was
Strength completely left him as he slumped
down on his knees, his silent tears flowed. ‘
Osagie…’ It barely escape his throat, tears sting
his eyes.
Right on his kneels, he approached what was
before him hoping that by the time he got
beside him, this obvious reality might become
his worst imagination.
‘Osagie, what happened?’ Ethel muttered as he
reached out a?? touched the face that was
now.deathly cold. ‘Lord almighty!’ He
exclaimed.ohh…? He exhaled a??????? sobbed “ohh
my …my brother, ?? thought was going to die
before you…’ His tears flowed. ‘What happen to
our simultaneous dreams, what happens to the
wedding we intend to have on same day…?’ His
eyes closed in agony. ‘Is this the meaning of
life…is this…lord, is this…? My osagie is
gone…you are gone…ha! He wept as he bent
over his body. His whole body shook.
And then,
He head shot up as he suddenly remembered.
‘Hester!’ He called. He stood a??????? took three
strides forward then realisation dawn on him,
he turned back to look at his best friend that
was never to be like before again. He noticed
his proper body positioning, hs eyes were
closed, his hand were placed well, the
shawl …the shawl to prevent him from lying in
his own pool of blood.
‘Hester?’.He was on his feet, he swirled a???????

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practically ran into her room.

He noticed the difference from the last time he
entered, then he saw the note which was now
softened a??????? faint.
He got the message though short a??????? simple,
hook, line a??????? sinker.
He brought his mobile phone as he got
brainstormed a??????? dialled a number.
“C E O, G a??????? C helicopters, who am ?? on to?”
‘Hi pal, its Ethelbert Franklin.’
”Hey d?n, what’s up?”
He was going to avoid a messy publicity of his
bf death as much as he could.
When he was done with calls, he retrieved the
cartridge of the camera in the sitting room.
Hester stared out of the window of the speedily
moving vehicle. It passed through the cars,
people, places, building, forests, vegetations,
a??????? so on but she didn’t see them.
Her mind was busy…it was still a shock to her
that her bright yesterday turned out to be a
black day.

It was still a shock to her that she was under
the captivity of her most dreaded admirer.
Ohh ethelbert…how must he be feeling now?
Dear lord…did ?? do anything that disqualifies
me from being in your will?
She sneezed.

Her eyes closed and she drifted.

They had made it a 2days journey as their boss
had instructed to breach some level of security.

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