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Fighting Back! – Season 1 – Episode 30

I am not going to take another messy publicity,
I know that Douglas girl is good looking and all
but son, there many fishes in the ocean. She
has done you more harm than good, let her go.’
Adeniyi Gbolahan adjusted his cap. He was on
the phone with his son.

‘Dad, I love her, I can’t let her go. It is okay if
you don’t support me marrying her anymore. ‘
‘Your mother is very worried about you. ‘
‘Nobody should worry about me, I will take full
responsibility of my actions from now
henceforth. ‘
‘Oladimeji Adeniyi Gbolahan.’
‘Yes Dad.’ Oladimeji frowned.
‘Be careful. ‘ With that he ended the call.
He was on his knees with his head bowed, his
eyes were closed, his lips were moving.
She was seated, her palms were closed before
her, her bowed and lips were moving.
They had just listened to a live Gospel telecast.
Eventually, they were through with their
‘Communication with God is the best because it
gives you …’ Osagie began.

‘Peace that passeth all understanding. ‘ Osagie
and Hester chorused .
‘Hey! How did you know that is what I am going
to say?’ He questioned with a smile.
‘I feel Same too, besides, I read my Bible dear.’
‘Okay then, complete this for me, the …’ He was
interrupted by a knock on the door.
They exchange looks taken aback.
He stood and head for the door. It was Mwihaki
day off. He opened it and they came in.
Osagie was shocked.
They were dangerously looking, properly
dressed, they were three out of the mob
Hester stood instantly and her heart sank.
The one that took the lead into the room
produced a gun. Even before he did, she knew
they were all armed.
Osagie was shocked.They were dangerously
looking, properly dressed, they were three out
of the mob outside.Hester stood instantly and
her heart sank.The one that took the lead into
the room produced a gun. Evenbefore he did,
she knew they were all armed.
‘Good morning …’ He had taken in the room as
soon as he stepped in. He looked at the wall
clock ahead of him. ‘I am sorry, good afternoon.
‘ He smiled.
Dangerous ones who exhibited self control and
humor are those who took decision
spontaneously without remorse. Oh God … she
wished she could do something more than just
standing rooted. She look around in a swift.
‘Good afternoon, how may I help you? ‘ Osagie
met his gaze. If he did have any fear, it wasn’t
physically expressed.

‘I like you bro, cutting to the chase. We are
here for her …and her alone. ‘
His eyes was squinted when he glanced back at
her Hester, he saw the plea in her eyes and how
she trembled. He got the link.
Hester got hers when they entered, she knew
they were Nigerians.
‘You are here for her, Why? ‘
‘She is a missing treasure, she needs to be
returned to her base.
‘That is not possible, absolutely impossible! ‘
She saw smirk on the faces of his companies.
‘Os… Osagie, please let me go.’ She stepped
forward foreseeing trouble.
‘No Hester, you are not going anywhere!’ His
voice was authoritative as he pushed her

Oh God please… she prayed in her mind. She
was already sweating .
‘Mister, you shouldn’t say that because she is
coming with us. We are not leaving without
‘I wish I could ask you guys to take seat but you
will be waiting to no avail. ‘
He looked down at the gun he was holding and
pat it fondly.’You are joking with an authority
you cannot stand face to face with. ‘
‘And whose is that? ‘ Osagie tilted his head.
‘Unfortunately, I am not here to exchange
words like two market women. ‘ He sighed and
glanced at the wall clock.
‘Osaz please …please let me go.’ She spoke, she
moved forward.
Using a leg, he lifted the centre table from it’s
side, moved it, using it to wedge her between
the longest sofa . ‘I am serious Hester.’ His look
was nothing like what she had seen before.
She froze.

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