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Fighting Back! – Season 1 – Episode 29

‘Challenges are part of life, they sometimes
come in packages that we least expect. Our
attitude towards it matter, fears bring about
doubt, loss of self, but standing tall to it, brings
faith, boost your energy and gives you victory.
Oladimeji, can’t have you because he does not
have the will of doing things in the proper
manner. His every exhibition is of cowardice. “I
am the president’s son, what can you do to
me?” Don’t worry darling, things will work out
for good. Weeping may endure for a night but
joy cometh in the morning… ‘
He couldn’t believe his ears, his best friend was
waxing like we never knew he could and he was
so serious that he was touched personally.

Osagie looked at her. ‘Your joy will come, you
will rise and shine come what may.’
‘It is gonna be all right okay? It will be just fine.’
She nodded.
He looked at Ethel. ‘What are you doing there,
won’t you back my assurance? ‘
Ethel stood and walked over to them. He
stooped. ‘Hester we both know the kind of
person Oladimeji is.’ He was referring to himself
and Osagie. ‘He can’t do more than he already
did. Cast all your worries aside and boost your
faith in everything being well okay? ‘
She nodded.
‘I believe you will be fine Hester, I believe more
than Osaz does.
‘I believe far more than, I mean far, far more
than that you will be fine.’ Osagie smile, ‘Ha-
han! Won’t you smile for us? ‘
‘Yeah, smile for us.’
She wiped her tears and then smiled. ‘I …I feel
lifted. ‘ She took Osaz hand and then Ethel’s.
‘Thank you very much.’
‘You know, there are some gratitude you
receive and then you feel like you are the most
preferred guy on earth.’ Osagie stood and
swirled. ‘Yupee! I am a superstar.’
Hester beamed.
Ethel stood. ‘I will readily sleep without food for
a week provided I will take that charming smile
with me.’
She chuckled.

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‘Now that you are happy, we are happy! Time
for your dinner. ‘
‘No Osaz, am fine. ‘
‘I don’t consider a person with an empty
stomach fine, you are eating even if it means
me sweeping you off your feet straight to the
dinning room and feed you.’
She frowned pondering.
‘Hester, Osaz is not joking. ‘
She hopped down.
Osagie took her hand in his.
‘Break it down! Break it down !’ That he did
with outstretched arms and he moved his body
to the left, then right and then to the right, he
twirled on a feet.
She swayed from side to side, her body
wriggled up and down while lifting a feet up
and down. She did a semi turn and and
snapped her fingers.

Ethel watched seated with a smile on his lips.
Hester beamed at Osagie next dance move as
he shook his waist in the igbo style then she
joined him laughing.
Ethel laughed.

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The music continued blasting from the sound
‘I told you.’ Osagie stopped to catch his breath.
‘You did o, who would have thought the
preferred construction engineer could also be
the preferred dance partner. ‘ Hester said in
between quick breaths.
‘Can’t get the link, medicine, surgery and dance
but anyway darl, you are great.’
‘Thanks. ‘ Hester said sweetly and blew him a
kiss. She dance towards their spectator. ‘It’s
your turn.’
‘In as much as I will love to dance, I can’t. ‘
Ethel told her.
‘You are kidding me! ‘
‘No he is not. ‘ Osagie slumped on a sofa. ‘He
will just end stepping on your lovely feet. He is
Hester burst into bouts of laughter. ‘Osagie …!’
‘Okay o.’ Ethel resolved.
‘I will like to be a judge of that. ‘ Hester
eventually said.
‘Hester …’ Osagie began.
‘Shhhhh …’ She directed a stern look at him.
Osagie held his lips.
‘He is saying the truth Hester.’ Ethel’s voice was
‘Do I have to shut you up too? ‘ She extended
her hand. ‘I believe every one can dance even
those without feet. I wouldn’t mind teaching
He stood.

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Talking in tune with the music playing, she
began demonstrating. ‘Tap, tap, tap …step
forward, step to the back, turn around slowly,
swing to the left then to the right …to the right.
Swing to the left and sway, swing to the right
and sway …swaaay …’
He followed her lead.
‘Wow Ethel! You didn’t do bad at all.’ She
beamed, because Osagie had a mock smile, she
toss a pillow at him. ‘Big mouth, he swings
better than you do.’
‘Small mouth, Thank you.’ Osagie face now had
a grim.
‘Could you pease give us that music, we are
doing the Indian dance? ‘
‘I won’t. ‘ Osagie sat back sulkily.
‘I will.’ Ethel picked the remote.
Osagie yawned. ‘Could we hear something
better please? ‘
‘Osaz don’t be like that, history could be fun.’
‘Are you listening to him, what does he know?
let us continue jare, in 1807,…’
‘Nobody is continuing anything, ha-han! I am
bored for goodness sake! ‘ He stood from the
rug and sat on the sofa.
‘Osagie Osahon, how much is your fish? ‘
‘Excuse me! ‘ He shot Ethel a warning look.
Because she understood, she had to bit her
lower lips, to prevent laughter.
‘You are selling fish and you don’t know its cost,
amazing isn’t it ? ‘
‘And what is that suppose to mean? ‘ His voice
rose and his look daring.
‘He is trying to say you are selfish. ‘Hester

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Osagie stood chargingly.
Ethel stood. ‘Are you going to have my head for
saying the truth? ‘
‘I will do more than that, I will surely …’
Hester stood and was between them. ‘If there is
anymore fight in this house, I cross my heart
and I hope to get fairer, no more fruit juice and
you two should get ready for 0 1 0 feeding for
the next couple of days.’
Huh? They directed their attention to her
She narrowed her brows and nodded.
‘Okay. ‘ Osagie resolved and gave his friend,-you
are a lucky look. ‘Who has got the best names? ‘
‘I ‘Ethel’s fingers were up in the air.
‘Says who? ‘ Osagie opposed.
‘I do, my name is Ethelbert Franklin
Onyemakazie. I am noble, bright and I am …the
finest.’ He drawled.
‘Duh! I am Osagie Osahon. I mean God answers
prayers and I am sent by God. You know na, I
am the best.’
‘I am Hester Douglas Tobechukwu. I represent a
star and I also represent continual praising of
God. You can’t be a successful star if not
endorsed by God.’ Having buttressed her point,
she sat.
Osagie got trimmed papers and pen. They
agreed on ideas. They wrote their first name
four times on different papers and then folded
it. They were tossed and the picked twice with
eyes closed. From the six papers, Osagie name
occurred most.

He shrieked for Joy.

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