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Fighting Back! – Season 1 – Episode 28

In no time, he came back and sat beside
Ethel.’Tell me pal, do you think it is okay for her
to be like that? ‘
He forgave him and gave him full attention. ‘I
don’t know. Maybe the ladies stuff. ‘
‘This is beyond ladies stuff.’ His look was
Ethel raised his brows. ‘So what do think is
wrong with her?’
‘I wish I knew Ethel, I don’t know. I am worried. ‘
‘There is only one way to find out, go talk to her.’
Ethel suggested.
‘Go talk to her? ‘ He appeared unsure as he
‘Hahan! ‘ Ethel glared at him incredulously. ‘I
said you should go talk of her or you want me to
say it in Japanese? ‘
Osagie took few steps forward and turned to look
at Ethel. ‘Let us go together. ‘
Ethel burst into laughter as he stood.
With shaky hands, she wiped her tears. ‘Come
They entered with Osagie leading, just one look
at her confirmed him a genius.
‘Hester? ‘ He called concerned. He lift a chair
and place it close to her bed and sat down.
She looked down at her entwined palms.
‘Hess, what happened? What is wrong? ‘
Ethel sat at a distance and watched them.
She shook her head slowly.
‘Nothing? Come off it Hess, you can talk to me,
you know you can please. ‘
She closed her eyes briefly ‘No …nothing Osaz, I
am okay. ‘ Hester forced some conviction into
her voice but when she opened her eyes, her
tears came down in torrents.

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Osagie brows creased in worry. ‘Darling, what is
it na, Why are you crying? ‘
‘No …no …I am not crying anymore. ‘ She
wiped her face.
Osagie reached into his pocket and gave her a
folded hanky.
‘Thank you.’ She accepted it.
He looked at her palms and took them in his.
‘Hester, hardly does anyone cry for nothing. I
am your friend, I care about you, Ethel is here
too because he care about you. If we can’t
profer a solution which I think is most unlikely,
when you talk and you share, you feel better. It
becomes easier. Darling please …’
‘Osaz, I am devastated, I …don’t know what to
think ,how to feel of this whole madness rocking
my entire life. ‘ She exhaled. ‘The pain and
betrayal my family have given me is so much
that I don’t know Where to start from. ‘ Her
tears trickled. ‘I have never know that … that
…’ She swallowed. ‘that Oladimeji from Adam
and all of a sudden, I am getting married to
him. A man who slapped me the second time I
was out with him because I wanted to know the
extent his father has contributed.
‘Geez! ‘ Ethel muttered before shaking his head.
He glanced at his friend. ‘That guy is
mannerless. ‘
‘Since nobody want to plea my case, I took it up
myself, I made it clear and plain to him and the
world. I wasn’t interested in the most important
aura he possessed.’ She paused momentarily.
‘I have been receiving threatening calls from
him- that he is going to have me back come
what may. I am pissed off, really and indeed, I
am. This whole thing is clouding my sense. I
don’t know what to think of, I don’t know what
to do …’ Hester sobered. ‘I …I couldn’t mourn
my best friend properly, I was still trying to get
back to my feet when this happened. Now, I am
in a foreign land and because I am unsure of
what I will get,I don’t want to …I am scared of
going back to my own country. ‘ She cried. ‘Oh
Osaz! I feel awful .’

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