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Fighting Back! – Season 1 – Episode 21

‘God.’ Hannah exhaled. ‘He loved me very much
and I …love him dearly. His death was a
bombshell, it was …Oh this life has deprived
me.’ She muttered. ‘I can never find the right
words, the right adjectives to qualify that
moment of my life, I … I lost me. Divine Favor
was only a baby, he was 5 months old. I was
devastated. I didn’t know how to go about
moving on. He had a career that could support
us, he never approved me working. ‘

Hester watched and listened intently, though
there were no tears, little shakiness in the voice,
based on her experience, she saw the long time
wound, she saw the scar.

He ensured when he was alive that he made
provision for insurance, life assurance,
investment …’ Hannah nodded slowly. ‘It was
okay, it was fine until the crisis, the opposition,
the bomb, the fire, it ended it all in a swift.
Hester looked up at the largest portrait in the
room, it was taken on their wedding day.

The background, their appearances, their smile
gave her much information of their happiness.

It flashed back her memories which she shut

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Osaz closed his eyes briefly.
‘Every heart has a memory of that event. Ours
is kind of better. I have seen a lot and that is
my assurance. ‘
‘You are strong woman, for you to go through
all those and still have faith. ‘ Osagie
‘I admire you a lot, your resolution in spite all.
You ensured your son have the best.

His manners can’t be pass up, he is intelligent and brilliant. ‘ Hester added.
‘Hannah beamed. ‘I will do anything for him,
thank you very much.’
Hester nudged Favor close. ‘After his
exceptional qualities, the second thing that
attracted me to him was his braces.’
‘Yes.’ She became sad. ‘I am working myself to
my bones to save for that. Things are pretty
difficult, after meeting our basic needs, there
are hardly anything left to save. I am very
worried …’ She exhaled. ‘ Before Favor used to
tell me of how the kids in school make jest and
insult him based on that, it breaks my heart
everytime. Knowing the extent of our
helplessness, he now keep those to himself and
bares responsibility.

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Osaz smiled remembering Favor ‘s responsibility

Favor looked like his mother taken aback by her
statement of truth.
‘I am here to help. After everything we have
shared, I am more willing to help Favor and
relief you of your worries. ‘ Hester opened her
her hand bag and fetched a cheque.
Osaz looked at her with little of expectation
mixed with bewilderment. She had in no way
made her intentions known to him.
‘No way, I won’t accept it, no way.’ Hannah
shook her head, giving them no iota of unbelief.
Hester shifted to the edge of the sofa.
Hester shifted to the edge of the sofa.
‘Don’t try to say any convincing words, it won’t
work. ‘ Her voice was calm but emphatic. ‘I
have been praying to God and I believe soon
and very soon, things will change for good, isn’t
it Sweetie? ‘
‘Yes Mummy. ‘
‘I join my faith with Favor ‘s, can i at least talk
based on that? ‘ Her smile was charming.
Hannah was resolute but she nodded an
‘I once read a book that displayed a personal
diary, I got a point that says, most times, we do
not realise we already have answers to our
prayers, we just keep hoping and praying when
all we need to do is to claim them. Another says
-Most incident that happen to us is for a
purpose, they are not mere occurrence. ‘

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Osaz nodded thoughtfully while Favor listened
‘If Favor has just walked past us, we will would
have only seen him… ‘ She glanced at her
companion. ‘He gave the first compliment,
hence we got talking then I noticed his braces.

If the answered prayers are not claimed, it
would have no recipient, eventually, there is
disappointment. We will Never be here if we
were not attracted to him. ‘ Her expression
became imploring. ‘I am a medical doctor,
amidst cases Where I see the need to help, if I
have the needed finance I help.

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