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Fighting Back! – Season 1 – Episode 2

That was a date not an outing. ‘ Empress tried not to frown.

Hester pointed to the screen. ‘When am done with that, I will use a
dictionary. ‘ She sat back. ‘The outing was platonic and that’s just
that. ‘
‘Honey, do you hate him already? ‘ Her expression remained as she
studied her daughter.

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Hester buried her face in her palms and suppressed a groan. ‘I
can’t create, just make, who am I to hate the Almighty creature? ‘
‘Well said Darling. ‘ Empress was delighted. ‘You have to free your
mind, open your heart, make sure you …’
Oh no! She wasn’t going to go through this again. She stood and
turned her back.
Her mother was taken aback. ‘You’ve not changed your mind to
your father’s request?’
She shook her head.
Empress exhaled relieved. She wanted to talk to her daughter
some more but she knew better. She touch her shoulder. ‘There’s
a fashion show tonight, will you like to come with Agatha and I? ‘
‘ Thanks Mum but I’ll be busy.’ Hester gave her a quick smile
before heading to her earlier seat.
Empress was disappointed as she head out but stopped at an after
thought. ‘Honey what will you like for lunch so I could tell the
cooks on my way out.’
She gave her a sincere smile. ‘You’re indeed caring Mum, I’ll come
downstairs to fix something for myself. Thank you.’
By the time the door closed, she was drawing from the screen.
Empress head for the garden. After pacing for about five minutes,
she sat troubled and remembered a dialogue she had heard with
Hester when she was in her early teens.
“I thought I told you never to enter that kitchen and most
especially not to interact with those people as if they are of your
social status.”
“We are all created by one God, isn’t it? ”
“Spare me that Hester! I told you not to defy my order.”
“But I love to learn Mum, I want to be independent. ”
“Independence breeds destruction my dear child. ”
“That’s heavy Mum, it will be more enjoyable if I can prepare what
I eat.”
“That is no excuse! ‘
“I can’t help you then. Anytime am free, if you don’t find me in the
room, look in the kitchen next.”
“You can as well forget picnic on sundays.”
“With all pleasure Mum.”
Empress mouth was agaped as she watched her daughter leave.
Come Sunday even when she had come to get her for the picnic,
she had politely refused.
Back to reality, she sighed. She wouldn’t give up on her, even if
she wanted to, there was no choice.

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