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Fighting Back! – Season 1 – Episode 18

‘If you don’t stop laughing Osaz, you will spill
the remaining of the icecream on that
designers shirt.’ Hester smiled as they strolled
to the car park.
‘How …how can I? ‘ Osaz chuckled. ‘How can I
when you are so funny.
‘Mister, your girlfriend is cute.’
‘Sorry, I didn’t get you.’ He stopped instantly
and they turned in the direction of the voice.
‘I said, Sir, your girlfriend is beautiful. ‘He
repeated comprehensively looking up at them.

Osaz stooped and touched him on the shoulder.

He was about eleven. ‘Did you hear that darling,
he said you are beautiful? ‘ He looked up at his

‘Wonderful compliment dear, thank you.’ Hester
beamed. ‘What is your lovely name? ‘
He smiled. ‘My name is Favor. ‘
‘I said it, didn’t I? Your name is lovely indeed.

Lord may we be divinely favored today.’.She
touched his cheek.
Favor lowered his eyes and blushed. ‘Thank you
Auntie. ‘
‘Tell me Favor, are we sharing this? ‘ He
gestured to the nylon he was holding.
‘It is for my Mum and I .’ Favor replied.
‘Oh …you are a considerate guy too. I suppose
they are hamburgers, how come you are not
making them complete with icecream or
drinks? ‘
‘I’ll love to because I love icecream but I wanted
to surprise and make my Mummy happy. ‘ He
smiled. ‘I have been saving most of my bus fare
and her favorite snack is how far I can get. ‘
Osaz stood impressed. ‘I am offering to buy
icecream for you and your Mum. ‘
‘No, Thank you Sir.’
‘Come on Favour, I wouldn’t mind helping you
complete your surprise. ‘ He fetched his wallet.
‘Mum will know there is no way I could afford all
that with just my bus fare. Besides I don’t know
you.’ Favor stated simply.

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Hester watched in awe, she decided not to
interrupt but allow Osaz handle it all.

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‘I understand now. We are no longer strangers,
despite that, I won’t force you to do what you
don’t want to. It is a good thing your Mum
taught you.’ He patted him on the back.
‘Dear let me see your teeth.’ She tipped his face
upward gently.

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Favor obeyed.

She observed them closely.

‘Auntie, I know what you are going to say, the
students in my school haven’t stopped telling
me my braces are now bad.’
‘That is true Sweetie, you should have seen
your orthodontist. ‘

Favor looked at his feet. ‘We can’t afford him
anymore. ‘
‘It is okay if you can’t afford him anymore, it is
nothing to the ashamed of. ‘ Hester bent to be
in same level with him. ‘Do you consider us to
be people you want your Mum to meet
someday ?’
‘You want to meet my Mum? ‘ His eyes sparkled.
‘Yes. ‘
‘I … I don’t know how …’
‘Can you give me your address? ‘
‘Yes.’ She handed her icecream to Osaz who
had been watching them. She brought her
phone and gave it to Favor who typed the

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He handed it back to her. ‘I like your phone. ‘
‘Thanks Fave . When is your Mum normally
home? ‘
‘Sunday, after service, from one pm. ‘
‘Thanks darling. ‘
‘Can I come with her? ‘ Osagie pouted with a
face like a child who has been forgotten.
‘Yes you can.’ He chuckled
‘Tell your Mum about us and that we will visit
next week.’ Hester finalized.
‘Take care of your Mum. ‘ Osaz said.
‘I will, I want to be responsible. ‘ He said
proudly. ‘Bye.’
‘Bye.’ They chorused
He turned and began running.

They head for his car.
‘He is intelligent. ‘Hester took her icecream back
and gave her phone to him. ‘Check that out.’
‘Yes darling. ‘ He looked back at her. He opened
the door for her when they got to the car. ‘That
got me wondering. ‘

She slide into the car, he had read her mind.

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