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Fighting Back! – Season 1 – Episode 17

It takes me back in time, ‘She lifted her head to
look at her.’It reminds me of mathematical set,
T square, set square, French curves and the
likes. ‘
‘Don’t tell me that Hester had something to do
with construction once upon a time. ‘Osaz

‘I did.’ She grinned, ‘Back in high school, I was
good in technical drawing. ‘
‘Really? ‘
‘Yes, very good.’
‘Osagie narrowed his brows thoughtfully. ‘Hey
Hester, that is not possible! ‘
‘Dummy.’ She gave a short laugh because she
understood. ‘Engineering, medicine and some
others in high school are grouped into the
umbrella -science. ‘
‘Oh! Oh! ‘ He said in remembrance. ‘I’m sorry,
could you check if am having grey head?’ He
bent his head.
Hester pushed his head to position. ‘Lot of them
o, little wonder you forgot! ‘

Osaz chuckled. ‘I was also good with technical
drawing, in fact, it was my best. I school in
South Africa, Pretoria specifically. I was so good
that I bested even in an inter school
competition and then competed with other
students in SA. After which, there was a
competition involving major manufacturing
countries in Africa. I won,’ He wiped an
imaginary sweat.’It wasn’t easy though and
because of that, I took my first trip to Japan for
two months all expenses paid trip, alongside

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‘That is huge! Can you speak Japanese? ‘ She
was inquisitive.
‘I can.’ He beamed. ‘During my stay, I met a
Japanese girl and she made me develop interest
in the language, she taught me and
encouraged me with other learning aides.
Hence, the knowledge. ‘
‘Interesting! I can say ten English words in
Japanese and I can write four words. That is
because one of my professors was a Japanese
and I was close to him, so close that I took my
only visit to Japan with him to meet his family. ‘
‘Wow! ‘
‘Will you teach me? ‘
‘Get your cheque ready.’
‘No problem.’ Hester sat back. ‘I was second
best in my grade, second to a guy, best female.
I don’t think I can be compared to you.’ Hester
touched his arm. ‘ I was generally hope with
diagrams especially when it is biology. ‘
‘Oh no.’ He groaned knowing he was weak in
the subject.
‘Biology is my passionate subject. Even if I was
rivalled by my best friend, I couldn’t be
conquered and we were unbeatable.

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I so represented my school and won so many
awards that I popularly became H.B for short
and HBD in full, Head of Biology or Head of
Biology Don. It was Hester Biology Douglas at
first before someone came up with a better
meaning for the abbreviation. ‘ Hester smiled.

Osagie laughed. ‘You must be good then. She is
Hospitable Beautiful and a Darling. ‘
Hester blushed outrightly. ‘Ah-ha! Here we go
again. ‘ She burst into a hearty laughter.
‘She is Hearty Brainy and Daring.’ He warmed
up. ‘She is Hot …’
‘Thank you very much. I am also aware you are
a stand up guy in creativity. You can stop now,
thank you.’ Hester said swiftly.

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Osagie burst into laughter.

‘Can I have the opportunity of seeing this
bridge in reality? ‘ She referred to the layout.
His face light up. ‘You want to come to the site?
‘ He was happy, she was interested in his
‘Sure. I will like to know how much more you
worth. ‘She lifted and hung it on the wall.
‘I’ll be much obliged, saturday is the day.’
Hester head for the door. ‘You wouldn’t mind
some snacks, would you? ‘
‘Definitely not.’ A phone rang in the study and
he stood to pick it. ‘Osagie Osahon, who am I on
to? ‘
‘Aren’t you giving me a wrong version of your
name? Isn’t it Osahon Osagie? ‘
‘Hey! What’s up Don?’ Osagie burst into
laughter at the familiarity.

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