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Fighting Back! – Season 1 – Episode 16

Hester gave him a wary look. ‘I thought you
wanted to shop.’
‘I did. Honour is given according to priority. ‘
Osaz stated simply.
‘Well said. ‘ Her sun glasses was fixed. ‘I don’t
have time.’ She continued her strides.
‘I am really sorry, I understand, an impromptu
occasion could be annoying but please, I know
you can also make time. ‘ He walked with her
side by side.
Hester stopped to regard him for a moment
before looking at the flower adjoining where
they were standing. ‘If you want to do lunch
with me, you have to win it for yourself.’
He nodded expectantly.
‘I was so mesmerized by the pattern of the
flower lawn that I used my feet to take
measurement of the space in between. As an
expert, how many feet will you estimate that
space in between the flower lawn to be? ‘
‘Woah! ‘ He couldn’t help but give her a
lingering gaze before settling them in between
the lawn. He rarely got a lady who challenged
him and for that he respected her. ‘It should be
about ten …eleven, ‘ He moved closer. ‘or
twelve feet. ‘
Hester became blank.

He faced her, his heart beat quickened. ‘My
heart is about to fail me.’ He laughed easily. ‘I
don’t know …I don’t want to believe …tell me I
didn’t kinda screw up.’ He hugged himself and
shivered dramatically.
‘That is actually litotes.’ She exhaled feigning
‘I’m hiking to panic button.’
‘Read in between the line Mr Perfect engineer. I
was hoping the schedule remained, you going
for your shopping, I heading to my destination.
It was actually eleven feet. Hmmm …great guy!
‘ Hester hailed.
‘Oh. ‘ He heaved and cooed like an under 5 year
old child.

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Hester couldn’t help but rolled her eyes before
‘Shall we? ‘ Osaz extended a hand.
She stared into space.
‘Hello …’ He waved a palm in front of her face.
‘Do I start a stop watch? ‘
She.blinked severally, sighed and her fingers
rested briefly on her forehead.
‘Oh dear.’ He said having watched her every
movement. ‘I’m sorry am sort of pressurizing
you, it’s just that …’
‘I cannot believe this Osagie. ‘ Hester
interrupted him calmly and glared at him.
‘Don’t tell me you’ve not run of words to
convince me with. ‘
‘I am a stand up guy.’ Osagie Osahon could
have smiled at his self compliment except that
he knew his companion was bothered.
‘I am actually convinced against my wish and
will.’ She told him calmly.
‘I understand Hess but it’s logical and based on
the points you have brought forward, you could
have stayed unconvinced. Right in there, your
wish and will knows that area is not a security
guaranteed one.’
Hester nodded slowly.
‘The major problem is with me right? ‘ He
watched her keenly.

She met his gaze. ‘Are you going to misbehave?

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Are you going to ruin the mind set I have of
‘I cross my heart and hope to lose it all, if the
answer to those questions becomes positive. ‘
‘I’ll will personally see to that, I will aim at your
mouth, it is a promise. ‘ She did not bath an

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‘All right. ‘ He believed her. ‘Are you hungry
now? ‘
‘I won’t eat Osagie, stop worrying about me.’
She picked her tumbler of strawberry flavored
milk shake and took a sip.
‘Since you are footing my bill, if you eat, I can
foot yours. ‘ Osagie hoped she will change her
‘Osagie …’ Hester took her time. ‘You are
insulting me indirectly using a smart but
expensive manner. ‘
‘How do you mean? ‘ Did he dare? He admired
her calmness and she way she observed the
littlest things.

‘I will explain if that is what you want.’ She
looked across him to notice a couple that just
entered the restaurant. ‘I told you the condition
on which we will do lunch today is me footing
the bill, since I decided not to eat, you’re
thinking am considering my pocket. ‘
‘You are actually hitting the hammer on the nail
too hard. I want you to eat. This food is
delicious. ‘ He took a scoop into his mouth and
‘A good food could also be judged by its
presentation. Stop worrying about me. ‘ She
‘Since you are saying that for the third time
today, I will stop. Can I give a toast? ‘
‘Sure, after you, I will like to too.’ She raise her
He raise his tumbler and then cleared his voice.
It was three weeks after their first lunch. Hester
had agreed to go live in his bungalow.
Osagie sharpened his pencil whistling in tune
with the music playing from the sound system.
Hester look at the layout before her, closely
studying every part.
He began to put his tools away and he glanced
at her.
‘Hess, that smile can lighten a dark tunnel. ‘
Hester beamed, eyes not leaving the layout.

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She began to trace through with a well
manicured finger.
‘That, as a matter of fact can lighten Kenya.’
‘I don’t.want to laugh. ‘ Hester chuckled.
‘Should we bet with your dinner turkey that I
can’t make you laugh. ‘ He closed the lid of his
instruments set.
‘Yeah right! ‘ Hester muttered. ‘I understand
you are a stand up comedian. Who am I to dare
you. ‘
‘Ehen -hen.’ He closed her eyes , while tapping
his chest, he swing his head to the rhythm.
‘Lalala …hey! ‘
‘When you’re through around there, could you
please come over. ‘
‘In two minutes darling. ‘ He stood and tidied
his study desk.
15 days had passed and still counting. So far,
Osagie had been true to his words.

To her, he had been an answered prayer to her
unchecked solitude that sent her thinking and
making her feel betrayed.
‘This reminds me of so much.’ Her gaze swept
through the layout. Her eyes glittered.
‘Reminds you of milk, cheese and chocolates. ‘
Osaz joked before he went to seat opposite her.
‘What does my layout remind you of? ‘

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