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Fighting Back! – Season 1 – Episode 14

‘Mary in my room today! Hey, this is breaking
the world news o! ‘ Hester expressed all in
Ha, Auntie Hester please don’t talk like that. ‘
Mary beamed.
She arranged the books in her library, ‘Why
won’t I, it’s be three years. ‘ She laughed her
own exaggeration.
‘Ha-han! ‘ Mary burst into laughter. ‘I have been
busy Auntie. ‘
‘I understand, nobody has my time anymore. ‘
Hester returned jokingly.
‘I cherish moment with you …what will I have
done without. I’m sorry …’ She loved her, one
wouldn’t believe she was sister with Agatha
since they had opposite attitude.
Hester had encouraged her to go back to school
and when she got admission, she opened an
account for her and paid in money monthly.

Hence she was able to start a per time course
on computer science.
‘Don’t mind me Mary,’ Hester cut her short. ‘I
know Mummy has been breathing down your
neck in preparation for the wedding. ‘ Hester
touched her cheek.
‘Thank you. ‘ She exclaimed happily.
‘Won’t you sit? ‘ Hester sat on a sofa.
‘No, emmm …Auntie Hester, your Daddy is
calling you.’ She became sad. ‘I think you’re in
Hester stood and placed an arm around her
shoulder. ‘These days, I have been in and out of
trouble, it is like a normal procedure. Worry less
about me, just pray, Pray that my name doesn’t
change to trouble. ‘
Mary burst into laughter.
‘I’m serious o.’ They walked out together.
‘I like you Auntie. ‘ She looked up at her. ‘When
am free in the evening, I will come and stay
with you.’
‘Looking forward dear. I have more principles
based on the topic we treated last time. ‘
‘Wow! Be expecting me. ‘
‘See ya! ‘ They part ways and she brace herself.
‘We don’t need an usher, since we are all
seated, why don’t you seat.’ Douglas said.
‘I’m comfortable Dad, you sent for me.’
Her mother, sister and Oladimeji were present.
‘Honey, Oladimeji will be your husband in a
week. You should treat him with respect, talk to
him in a proper manner, he deserves all that
and more. ‘ Empress advised.
‘I’ve heard you Mum. ‘ She said calmly.
‘Do more than hearing me Hester, Oladimeji is
upset about something you said to him.’
‘I am sorry. ‘ She said and went down on her
knees surprising them all.’ Oladimeji, I am sorry.
‘It is okay Sweetheart. ‘ He felt fulfilled. ‘Please
She obeyed. ‘Thank you.’
‘I am proud of you.’ Empress was happy.
‘Now that you have settled things between you
and your husband. He wants you to meet his
family. ‘
‘He told me that already and I told him I can’t
come with him.’
‘How could you say that Hester, you should
jump at the opportunity of meeting your new
family. ‘ His expression was serious. ‘Since I
can’t see what you’re doing at home, you’re
going with him.’
‘My decision remains. ‘
‘Your decision does not hold water, whether you
like it or not, you will go with him!’ His voice
Empress nodded her head in agreement .
‘If that is the case, you have to do more than
talking. You have to convert me to a robot, get
a remote control and take charge till I get back
home. ‘
‘Honey! You shouldn’t gone to that extent.’
Empress chided.
‘I didn’t want to but that explains my stand
better.’ She pursed.
‘Let her be.’ Oladimeji said preferring to leave
with the memory of her apology than
something else.
.. *..
Hester stood on a heel and swing the fur ball, it
went beyond her target and she smiled.

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When extraordinary things are used to practice
in imperfect conditions or challenging
situations, the result becomes peculiar but in
ordinary condition, precision or extraordinary
Hopefully, her life is saved. Better she died
trying, she resolved than live a life of less than
Nothing seem new to her as she took few
observations that were crucial. She walked
down the aisle, side by side her father. As the
organ played and the congregation all on their
feet sang. Hester didn’t feel anything near

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There he was dashingly handsome, almost
bursting with happiness. She was going to be
his to cherish and love and be his and his alone
for life. She was indeed beautiful, glowing like a
star. He glanced at some of his friends and saw
their jealousy and their -men you’re lucky
expression, Pride welled in him, the woman of
this dreams was becoming his finaling .
She saw him and almost changed her mind, he
was so Fine and fly, he was brimming with
happiness and didn’t bother to hide it. ‘You look
exquisite. ‘ He had whispered to her.’
She smiled genuinely.

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Just because you’re good enough for him
doesn’t mean he is good enough for her. The
waters has to be tested.

Oladimeji waters didn’t taste good.
She wanted a man that had prepared himself
for marriage and not the wedding, She wanted
a man who knew his onions, she wanted a man
who shared value system with her, she wanted
a man she could trust, she wanted a man that
feared who will above all,ensure she and her
children get to heaven.
As she face the priest, she said a prayer in her
mind and confidence surged through her

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