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Fighting Back! – Season 1 – Episode 13

Few minutes later, he rested on the warm car
roof. ‘No …no …it is too dangerous …she mean
so much to me and I can’t risk it, I hope you
understand someday. ‘ Chris wiped his teary
eyes with his index finger, he reached in his
pocket for his car keys. ‘Oh no …’ He muttered

‘Sir are you leaving already? ‘ Mary the
youngest cleaner asked. She was passing by.
‘Yes Mary.’ He smiled, ‘I forget my car keys. can
you please help me with it? ‘
‘I will.’ She began to leave .
‘Mary? ‘ He called at an afterthought. ‘I’ll get it
myself. Thank you.’
‘Okay Sir.’ She smiled before leaving.
He began pacing and jammed his fist at
interval. He eventually went back into the

He met her lying on the ground, eyes shut, face
stained with tears and her breath dragged.
‘I’m sorry Hester …I didn’t mean to do this to
She didn’t stir.
‘I am here because I have changed my mind,
please forgive me.’ Chris lifted her off the
ground ‘I am sorry.’
She flipped through a pictorial story book.
The door swing open and she looked towards
the door.
‘Agbekemi, Sweetheart, I have missed you.’ He
grinned. ‘I have been longing to see you. why
do you keep rejecting those invitations? ‘
Hester blinked severally to ensure she was not
seeing things.
‘Are you just going to sit there? ‘ Oladimeji
opened his arms, ‘Come here let me feel the
warmth of your body and the softness of your
lips.’ His voice was alluring.
‘So you can’t wait to see me Unclad ehen?
Common courtesy you don’t even possess, how
dare you barge into my privacy? ‘
‘This day is too pleasant to waste on that note.’
He beckoned. ‘Come to me love. ‘
Hester stood on the bed, ‘what are you doing
here? ‘
‘Hey, your dress is beautiful and it …’ He
dropped his hands and laughed. ‘Why am here
is obvious. ‘
‘I prefer specifics Oladimeji. ‘ Her expression was

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He turned around like he was on a runaway.
‘Sweetheart I am here to see and talk to you.’
‘We will talk outside.’ She stated simply.
‘Blow off the principle dear, I am comfortable
here.’ He move about the room leisurely, at the
same time glancing around.
‘I don’t care about your comfort President son.’
She tilted her head to a side. ‘leave my room!’
‘What if I don’t? He stopped to look up at her
with a charming smile.

She gave a short laugh. ‘ Very, very funny. ‘
She drawled as both palms descended on her
waist. ‘If you were smart, you will make
maximum use of the little time you have to see
my face. Soon,I will be busy.’

He left the room with his pride wounded, he
was disappointed. He hit a clenched fist on the

Hester came out to the corridor shortly after.
She maintained distance.
‘You have to respect me Sweetheart, I am your
fiance. ‘ He was sad.
‘Huh? Seriously? ‘ She raised her left palm over
her head to give Oladimeji a better view. She
swing the palm from side to side, looking up to
inspect it too. ‘I don’t know if I need glasses but
I was wondering where you got that idea from?
‘ She dropped her hand and peered at him.

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In a flash, he covered the distance between
them and shook her. ‘How do you expect me to
propose when you won’t come out! Stop
making things difficult for me, stop hurting me!

‘Hurrah! Hester you rock! So I could actually
make the president son hurt.’ She giggled.

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His hands slipped down her arms, knowing he
had exposed his weakness wrongly. ‘Damn it
Hester,you are stubborn! ‘
‘Being who I am, I have seen lot of things, there
is nothing that irritates me compared to how
you do, I see you, I develop nausea. ‘

Stunned, his mouth dropped. ‘Are you crazy?
Do you realise you are going to be my wife.’
‘I do, who would forget when it is a week away?
You know what Ola, you should get a horse
whip, so when the deed is done, you can thrash
me thoroughly first all have said and done that
hurt you.’ She smiled.
He looked at her and analysed his feelings, he
analysed her courage, Which he hadn’t gotten
from any woman. Instead of her attitude to
appal him, he felt more attracted. He shrugged,
nothing good comes easy, he consoled himself
with those words.
‘I don’t need to get a horse whip for you to
swallow your words. ‘ He chuckled, ‘Sweetheart,
you’re leaving with me. It is you and I for the
rest of the day.’
‘I am going no where.’
‘Why are you so much of an extremist Hester?
His anger surfaced. ‘Why did you keep denying
me? ‘
‘It is only a week away Oladimeji, be patient,
you will get tired of me.’
He beamed. ‘Only a fool will get tired of you
Sweetie. You are mine and am never going to
get tired of you. Never! ‘
‘Thanks for the compliment. ‘
‘Some of my family members abroad are
already home, they will love to meet you.’
‘I don’t have that time. ‘
‘What! ‘ His voice rose like he had been stung.
‘Do you realise the enormity of the offense you
just committed? ‘ He glared at her. ‘Do you
realise the class, calibre and social status of the
people am talking about ? In fact, you should
be down on your knees apologizing! ‘
With pursed lips and a grimace, she listened.
‘The major reason you keep going over that is
that you don’t know the littlest things about
me. It is only with a few Oladimeji Adeniyi
Gbolahan, that I find my class.’

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He advanced towards her and Hester knew he
had intention to slap her.
‘You better think straight Oladimeji, remember
the last time. ‘ Hester said calmly.
‘What stopped me from beating you into reality
was because we are in public.’ He informed her.
‘This is my house fighter. ‘ She tilted her head
to a side.
‘This is private Hester and a lot of things are
obtainable,like me slapping you for a start, you
crying, me petting you and you melting in my
embrace and then me kissing away the tears
and …’ His smile was mischievous.
‘Keep dreaming dreamer.’ She turned and
made to leave.
‘Don’t walk out on me again, never ever! ‘
She turned to look at him, ‘I do have something
to say to you but I want to be sweetheart now, I
don’t want you to be hurt , I want your heart to
be in perfect condition on your wedding day.
Right now, you have maximised your time, See
you at the wedding. ‘ She winked, entered her
room and locked the door.
Oladimeji stood rooted in shock like a statue in
the middle of an ever flowing river.

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