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Fighting Back! – Season 1 – Episode 12

‘You better be more concerned with your life
than mine, ain’t you twenty seven, three years
older than I am, is it not your mate that are
getting married. You keep running from pillar to
post in the name of parties, clubs etc. ‘Hester
held her gaze.

Agatha tried to free her arm but the hold was
‘You and Oladimeji fit each other, you too are ill
mannered and proud. I have respected you as
an elder sister and swallowed your insult but
the next time, you barge into my room, I will
slap you. ‘ With that,Hester grabbed her arm
and pulled out stunned Agatha out of her room
and shut the door.
‘I wouldn’t have believed this could occur as my
worst night mare.’
‘This is absurd, unbelievable! I can’t believe my
brother with all his education and exposure
could be doing this.’ Chris drummed his fingers
visibly irritated.

Hester raise her right hand towards heaven.
‘God in heaven know I cannot and will not
marry him, not after I have remain chaste for
this long. ‘ Her eyes were clouded. ‘I can never,
ever go into a forced marriage. I can never
marry Oladimeji! ‘

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‘Calm down Hess.’ Chris lowered his eyes
‘There is no time to calm down, no, not
anymore. ‘ She began pacing the room. ‘The
invitation cards have been distributed, it’s on
the newspapers and what have you. The
wedding gown, shoes and all accessories are
set, they are all ready. The wedding is only a
month and a couple of weeks away.’
Chris shook his head. ‘They can’t do this to you.

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That promiscuous boy, an embodiment of
irresponsibility! No … they can’t do this to you.’
He fought back his tears.
‘I told myself that so many times but it didn’t
work, the wedding presents have began
arriving.’ She backed him,’ I … I agreed to my
father request. ‘ A tear dropped.
‘You did what! ‘ He was on his feet.
‘I did.’ She swallowed and tears came down
freely. ‘I have made to understand it’s Oladimeji
whether I liked it or not. I have been made to
realise no escapism. I resolved to brain storming
and I realise there is only one way to make
myself clear to my family, the presidential
family and the world.’

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He made her to face him. ‘What are talking
about? Do you have a solution? ‘ He was

She knelt before him with tears flowing down
her cheek. ‘Please help me. Uncle Chris please
… please. ‘
‘I can’t my sweetness, I can’t do something that
will be detrimental to you.’ His countenance
was sad.
‘Please …please, ‘ Hester let out a shaky breath,
if you don’t help, no one else will.’
‘Hester, I’m sure you don’t understand the
consequence of that action. The people
attending the wedding will be creme de la
creme of Nigeria and beyond, you can imagine
the security. ‘ Chris paused momentarily. ‘it
may cost your life.’
‘Let it be on me then. It would be more
disastrous if I don’t try at all.’
‘Ha Hester …’ He heaved and shook his head, I
can’t do this, I can’t stand it.’
‘Please you’re my only hope, it is that part
you’re doing, I will handle the rest. Please help
me …’ Her palms were opened before her.
His heart was hurting, it was tearing apart, he
could not take her display of emotions anymore,
‘Hester I …I have to leave, I will call your
later.’He jolted out of the sofa and left for the

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If only she could muster strength, she would
have jumped and threw herself down. She lifted
her cold hands to her face and wept. Her hope
was dashed.

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