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Fighting Back! – Season 1 – Episode 10

Oh my angel, Oh dear! ‘ He shook his head. ‘I
know you well, for you to be like this, you’ve
been wounded. Starving is not an option, it’s not
sending any message to them rather it drains
you. For you to have gone this far and Daddy is
not moved, you need to change your approach.

You need energy Hess, you need food.’
‘I am not happy boyfriend. ‘
‘I am here for you dear. You have to make
yourself happy, have all the fun you can within
your limitation, eat well, that way you can think
well and stand to this situation. We both know
this is not the worst that has happened. ‘
‘Yeah.’ She muttered and the tears came rolling

‘No my sweetness no …’ Chris fetched a hanky
from his pocket and dab her tears. ‘Aunty Joy
met me on her way up, she said if I don’t talk
you into eating, I will visit you next in the
hospital. ‘ His countenance became serious. ‘ My
angel, for the sake of us that truly care, eat
please. ‘
Hester eyes closed.

‘You can Hester, my baby said I should tell you
that if you don’t start eating, he will stop eating.’
Her eyes opened and it sparkled, ‘Uncle Chris,
my baby can’t talk yet. ‘
‘Emmmm … hmmmmm …mmmmh …’ He
stammered and scratched his head.
Hester laughed. ‘I will eat.’
He removed napkin on the basket he had come
in with and brought out its content. Oranges,
apples, a ball of water melon and a food flask. ‘All
this courtesy of wife. ‘
‘So Nice …’ She beamed.
He had gotten plates and cutleries on his way
up. ‘I will take it that you have fasted for the
growth of this country. ‘ He winked at her.
She nodded and then chuckled.

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He lifted her off the bed to a sofa, he pulled a
side table close and placed the placed of sliced
apples on it. He got water from the mini fridge.

He gave her water first and then the apples.

‘Oh Uncle Chris, you will over feed me o! ‘ She
complained after few minutes.
‘Her voice is ringing already yet she is doing
shakara.’ He laughed mockingly.
‘I love you too.’ She retorted pouting.
They both burst into bouts of laughter.

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Keep on with the force don’t stop, don’t stop till
you get enough …..The music blasted from the
home theatre.
Hester tried to do the break dance in the MJ
Way . ‘Wow.’ She laughed at herself and as the
sweat broke out, She slumped on the bed and
laughed hard.
The brass knocker sounded.
‘Come in.’
‘Good afternoon darling. ‘ Douglas said with a
‘Good afternoon Dad.’ She turned down the
music and switched on the TV.
‘I see you’re getting better. ‘ He was still on his
‘I aint getting better. ‘She quipped in foreign
accent. ‘I -am -better, with no thanks to you.’
‘Princess I thought we gone pass this.’ He
‘Definitely not.’ She picked the remote once
more and begin to change channels.
‘We are going for a dinner party today. ‘
Hester sat up. ‘Who am I seeing there? ‘
‘The first lady will be there and even the
president. ‘
‘Really? ‘ She perceived he skipped the most
tangible information, the presence of their son.
‘Yes darling. ‘ He affirmed.
‘What time? ‘
‘6pm darling. ‘
‘Excuse me for few seconds, let me check my
schedule. ‘ She picked her tablet and check
through. ‘Oh shocks! ‘There movie that I have
to see by 5, it will for 2 hours, after I have to
read chapters of my Bible,’ She look up at him
and beamed, ‘I am trying to finish the Bible this
year, I read at least three chapters everyday, I
am now in John, afterwards I will Pray. My time
with God cannot be negotiated for a party. Her
face was straight. ‘Just before I retire to bed,
there is there is dancing instructions show I will
love to watch. I am upgrading my dancing
steps.’ She laughed self satisfied.
Colour drained from Douglas’ face as he stared
at his daughter, he couldn’t believe his ears.
Worst still he couldn’t remember when a
situation had made him tongue tied as he was
Hester increased the volume of the music and
swirled thrice. ‘Ooooops! ‘ She chuckled as she
caught herself and took smooth steps
backward. She continued dancing completely
ignoring her father.

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Eventually without another word, he stepped
out quietly.
‘I’m so happy! ‘ Hester squealed

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