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Fierce – Season 1 – Episode 3



Its been two days since Ada has been in Mexico. She had no idea where she was. They were picked from the airport by some group of men who led them to a warehouse where they excreted all the wraps of cocaine they had earlier ingested and smuggled into the country. When it was dark,another group of men drove them to a house and she was given a room and asked not to come out. Her meals were eaten in the room too. The room was bare of furniture except a bed at the corner of the room. There was only one window but it was high up,she couldn’t look through it. Her eyes were red and they hurt from too much crying. She kept wondering what she had gotten herself to. Moses did not follow them to the warehouse nor did he come to see her at the house. She wondered if she had been trafficked. She heard a lot of programmes on radio about trafficking but she hadn’t really paid attention to such programs,she wondered if she will be forced into prostitution like the other ladies they talked about on the show or maybe she will be forced in labour and do tedious tasks.

Earlier, while they were at the airport in Nigeria,she had asked Moses why they were going to Mexico instead of the United States and he had told her he wanted to get something and drop the other men off and she had believed him. Looking back at everything that has happened it became obvious to her that she had been used. She could see now that Moses had used her innocence,curiosity and obsession against her and she had fallen right into his trap. If only she had told someone of their plans maybe they would have reported the police and they will track and take her back to her mother. How she missed her mother and wished that she had never embarked on this foolish journey. She wondered how her mother was faring,was she missing her? Or has she forgotten about her so soon? This were questions she was sure she will never get the answers to.

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She heard footsteps approaching and she quickly wiped her face with her palm and adjusted her clothes. She wanted to pretend like she was sleeping but she decided against it and just stared at the door. The door was opened and a Mexican man she had never been before stepped in,he picked her box and motioned for her to follow him. She immediately got up and followed him outside. They got into a pickup truck and he drove for hours.

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He parked the car in front of a warehouse and stepped out and she followed him inside the warehouse.

The warehouse was dark,she couldn’t really see anything but she could hear voices in the background. The strange man led her to a door and motion for her to enter which she did. As she stepped into the small room which looked like and office her eyes locked with a scaring looking man who was sitting behind a desk and had his hands crossed across his chest,he didn’t say anything to her and turned his gaze to someone else that was in the room and when turned around to see the person,she discovered it was Moses.
He was leaning on the wall with a cigarette between his lips “There you are,hope your trip was okay?” He asked.

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She ignored him and stared at her feet. The other man in the room seem to watch her keenly and then he spoke
“She really is as beautiful as you said she is but I still don’t understand why you brought her along?”

“She is twelve years old?” He said.
The other man looked surprised and starred at her again “Are you sure” he asked
“Am certain about her age, she is just very tall that’s all” Moses continued “at first I thought we could use her for our operations but she is too beautiful for her own good even at the airport we almost ran into some troubles because some male staffs kept delaying her so they could ogle as much as they wanted and that won’t be good for business because it will make her stand out and at such recognisable”

The other man nodded his head in agreement and turned to look at her again “yes… you are right,while she might serve as a good distraction she is too much a risk. So what do you intend to do with her now?”

“Well we have a new deal with Jefe and its not secret he likes little girls, I say we give her to him as a token of appreciation for letting us use his route”

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“True but its also an open secret that Jefe is cruel to those little girls” he cautioned
“She can handle it” Moses shrugged and addressing her for the first time he said “Can’t you Ada?”

She did not reply him instead she continued to stare at her feet

“You are right. She has guts. I’m sure she will cope just fine—” the scaring looking man got up and walked round the table and sat on the edge and then he used his middle finger to raise her chin up “Don’t worry beautiful Ada,all you have to do is endure for like three or so years,Jefe would get tired of you when you start developing womanly features. At that time my dear,should be when you should be bothered because he gets extremely cruel. He can give you to his men to take turns or he could sell you to a brothel. It all depends on your attitude to him. I will give you this advice. You see this your attitude… hide it around Jefe or you will have only yourself to blame”he stood up and walked back to his chair and sat down and rubbing his chin,he continued ” I guess we will have to pay our friend a visit this evening”.

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