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Featherlight Heart – Season 1 – Episode 33 [Completed]

Her lips .

”Emeka” she m0ans ”Please, please..” she begs as her fingers are raised, she pushes his briefs down… searching for what she knew would give her an unimaginable explode of pleasure.

He kisses her still, taking his time, he didn’t want to rush it, he wanted to imprint the woman Diana in his head and heart and his senses the way he imprinted the girl Diana, and he did. Savouring and kissing and touching and sulking as he trials every contour of her body giving her into pleasures she had never felt until he too couldn’t hold back the throbbing between his legs as it began to glisten, he take his finger away and replaces himself at the entrance of her core, staring into her eyes, kissing her, he whispers sweet nothing’s into her mouth and ears as she m0ans out his name, telling him he was torturing her holding out..

And when he was finally ready, slowly he parts her flower as he thrusts slowly and deeply within her, entering her core and filling it, she sq££zes him tight, pushing him further within her as she spreads her legs and held him there. They kiss, they kiss more as he begins to move in slow – gentle t—-t after t—-t, body and soul in sync as he made love to her, to the woman he loved.
Enjoying the pleasures he gave his wife and enjoying that which she is giving to him. They entwine in a loving embrace drinking and savouring and sinking into each other, satisfying each other till all they could feel is excitement, building up till they reach their top, she holds tight to him as he fills her walls constricting…and her m0an!ng going a pitch higher, he closes his eyes as he gets to her, tipping her over they go over the top, reaching the 7th heaven , tap into bliss and falling, falling until they shatter together, spent, happy, satisfied.
They lay in bed, Diana in his arms, falling in love with each other again and again during the night.
”I love you Dee”
”I love you too”‘ she lays on his chest,
And for the first time since all this started, he sleeps, not like a troubled man, but a fulfilled man with his wife by his side, his family safe, and all was right in his world.

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Ambross was given back his company, but the house remained in Mercy’s name after he told them the house belongs to Mercy. He became a better man for his son, and an even better man for Mercy as they walk towards renewing their marriage and getting back into the folds of a family. After the wedding, they moved back into the Ibekwe’s residence.
Emeka and Diana welcomed their twins a year later, Mercy was able to hold her grandchildren and loved them and Mama Tito dotted on them, Tayo was a happy friend-Uncle, and Ambross was given another chance to show love from the start, he loved Emeka’s boys like his own.

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Grace and Tayo got engaged, Tayo adopts her son junior after they get married.

Olive finally found someone who loved her as much a she loved him. She never stopped loving Emeka, but she had to let herself be loved by someone who made her forget him. And she was happy.

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They got married soon after Diana and Emeka welcomed their third child.

And every christmass, they all came tighter to celebrate life, love, and family!
Because in the end, Love forgives all and covers all sins, forgiveness is the best revenge, Love the greatest weapon and family is all that matters.

*** THE END****

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