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Featherlight Heart – Season 1 – Episode 32

They were in the hospital a few days later when they got the call, they rushed down there..

”You can go see him now, he is stable, it’s a miracle! He is coherent, he would have to go into therapy once he is discharged but other than that, everything is okay. He would have to exercise to get his body functions back to normal, but he is out of danger and you can speak with him” the doctor tells them smiling as they thank him.

Emeka and his mother enter, Ambross stares at them.. ”, ” he says as they walk in ”,”‘ he manages ”For..give me!!” he breaths
Mercy goes to seat on the bed and takes his hands ”There is nothing more to forgive, we forgave you, we forgive you and that is all that matters, you will be fine, we would all be fine”

She stares at Emeka who nods, his father’s eyes reaches his

”…I…sw..ea.r,…hurt you..again, never hurt..your again!!” he tears up, Mercy leans in and cleans his eyes.
Emeka comes closer, he places his hand over his father’s in his mother hands ”that’s in the past, today is all that matters father, today, we all are here, that is all that matters, another day to start all over again”
Ambross cries again.
Mercy hold his hands, Emeka places his hand on his father’s shoulders.
Ýes, today henceforth, all would be fine. Emeka thinks to himself. All would be just fine.
There is a God somewhere.


”And I pronounce you man and wife, you may kiss the bride” the officiating Pastor ends.

”Come here baby” Emeka pulls her to him, Tayo his best man laughs, Grace who is her chief bride’s maid tells Junior to close his eyes from across the room, everyone laughs.
Mercy is seated next to Ambross who is on a wheelchair, the doctors says they need to take it one step at a time. They are smiling at the happy couple. Tammy is cheering them, everyone who was family was there, it was like no one wanted to miss Odinaka Uchendu wedding.

Hearty cheers and whistles filled the room as the couple kissed till their heart’s content. They usher the bride and groom outside as they all head to the reception.
It was beautiful, it was amazing and he couldn’t keep his eyes off her.

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”Congratulations handsome” he turns to see Olive standing there, his face breaks out in a smile.

”I didn’t think you would show”
”I wouldn’t miss it for the world” she says coming to him and kissing his cheeks ”Diana would make you a beautiful wife, but just in case she messes up, I am one call away” she winks

He laughs ”Oh Olive!!” he hugs her tight ”You are one funny woman” She laughs.

”’Hey, that’s my man!!” Diana says coming behind, Olive smiles turning after winking at Emeka

”Who told you he is your man?”‘
Diana’s face changes
”Ha!! Got you!!” she points at Diana and laughs, so did Emeka, Diana lets out a breathe
”No games this time, he is my man sister” she dangles her ring finger
”Sadly he is, too bad I couldn’t whisk him away, you should give me the potion you used Diana, there is this new bloke I want to charm”

Diana laughs ”Don’t worry, he would be stupid not to see how great of a woman you are” Diana says, Olive Smiles. ”Thank you Olive, for everything” Diana looks at Emeka
”Eh! pfft!!! He isn’t my type anyways ” she winks at Emeka and then smiles at Diana ”You kids run out of here before I change my mind and take him with me” she tells them, she kisses Emeka’s cheeks, touches Diana’s hands and walks away.
”You know, she can be your second wife, I actually kinda like her a bit more today”‘
”Shut and come here wife!! I do not know how to share my heart woman, kiss me… or i will go kiss someone else” she laughs as he pulls her to him.
”Oh! Don’t you dare husband, that’s my lips, and this is my butt” she grabs his bottom, he laughs raising her face up to kiss her.

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As they kiss, Mercy wheels Ambross to them, Diana bends smiling down at him as they talk, Emeka hugs and kisses his mother, soon Tayo and Grace joins them as they laugh and talk and hug..

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It was a happy family, a happy ending.
The beginning of their lives began as they lived in peace, in love, in unity, in family.


”So I remember a certain man telling me he was going to make mad love to me, I wonder if he will keep to his words” Diana climbs the bed to Emeka who was checking some things on his phone, they are in a hotel overlooking the beach, their honeymoon suite outside the country.

”Hmm, yes, I know that man” Emeka touches his jaw
She takes the phone away from him ”No working while on honeymoon, Agnes can handle things, Tayo is there, Grace seems to happy with him these days, and your father is better, his divorce is finalised with Belinda, he is making steps to get with your mother, old love, and you and your father bad blood, and yet I am the only one not getting some good loving , and worse on her wedding night, you are not nice” she says pouting
He smiles at her ”I am not nice, tell me, how do I make it up to you?”
”By finishing what you started that night you proposed to me, else I am going to rape you!!”
He laughs pulling her over him ”you don’t need to do that my love, but if you want, I will gladly offer myself to be raped by you” he laughs kissing her. She pushes him down to his back and straddles him, bending to kiss him.

”In that case let me begin” she nibbles his earlobe. He smiles closing his eyes.
He wraps his hands around her caressing her back, touching her thighs and trailing the silky nighty she has on ”hmm, before that I better make do of my promise, you know I am a man of my word” he smiles rolling her over and lying on top of her in one quick move.
”Tonight I would love you the way I have always loved you…my wife, my life, my everything, I love you Dee”

”I love you too Emeka, now don’t keep torturing me with those words, I can’t stand the wait …” she pulls his head down to her lips and begins to kiss him.
He kisses her back, while his arms roams over her nighty, from her arms, to her chest, to her tummy and her thighs, he ran his hands beneath her and sq££zes her bottom as they kiss.

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He found pleasures in her b—m as he sU-Ckled on one perkiness to another, tracing his tongue over the folds of her b—m over her silky nighty that sends shivers down her body, she is holding him tight.

He kisses her, he savours and drinks from her lips, trailing kisses down her neck, her chest, to her tummy, when he got to her thighs he kisses her there, trailing tongue over smoothness and softness, his hands walks their way between her thighs and peels away her [email protected] exposing naked flesh… he kisses her legs as he peels the [email protected] away and drops it on the chair next to the bed… he pushes her nighty upwards, then he goes down staring at her as he kisses her centre, the lips between her thighs, she aches m0an!ng.

He wanted to please her like he had never pleasured a woman before, and he did..
Ever caress, every tongue flicking, every finger touching and flicking her labia he hears her m0an, she sq££zes her toes together, calling his name, squirming in helpless delight. He kissed her lower lips a he would kiss her upper lips, letting his tongue reach pleasures that course s£nsat!on to run through her body, she m0ans louder.
He would kiss, flick, replace finger with tongue, watch her explode again and again as he sent her over the top until she couldn’t bear it anymore, she grabs his face as she pulls him towards her, she kisses him, tasting herself from his lips, she holds him tight to her as she could blend herself to him, wanting more, seeking more… can’t wait to get more..
He peels her nightwear off her shoulders, over her head, he takes it away and buries his face between her b—m while his finger continues to stroke between her thighs causing her to ache towards him, she bites her

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